Michelle Malkin Hammers uber-Lib Tamara Holder on Hannity Discussing Fast & Furious and Executive Privilege: “No I’m Not Going to Let You Get Away With That Lie!”


Michelle Malkin … You Go Girl!!!

Michelle Malkin is on a roll this week. Gone are the days of Conservatives allowing the LEFT to get away with spreading their lies and BS.  We are sick and tired and are not going to take it anymore. Enter Michelle Malkin. Last night on Hannity, Malkin obliterated Tamara Holder for trying to spew misrepresentations and the typical liberal talking points regarding the Fast & Furious scandal and the Obama executive privilege. Michelle Malkin was not going to let the LEFT get away with their typical “blame Bush” nonsense.Watch and enjoy Michelle handing Tamara her lunch.

“No I’m Not Going to Let You Get Away With That Lie!”

 VIDEO Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

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    3 Responses to “Michelle Malkin Hammers uber-Lib Tamara Holder on Hannity Discussing Fast & Furious and Executive Privilege: “No I’m Not Going to Let You Get Away With That Lie!””

    1. Tamikosmom on June 21st, 2012 12:34 pm




      Election 2012. FOX is the ONLY major network that is affording conservatives a voice and … conservatives are rising up and taking full advantage to tell it how it is.

      I am anticipating a RED and HANNITY interview.

      Hopefully … Michelle has successfully convinced Mitt Romney to stop referring to Barack Obama as a “nice guy”.

      I am anticipating a RED and HANNITY interview.


      5:45 pm ET April 26, 2012
      Michelle Malkin to Mitt Romney: Stop Calling Barack Obama a “Nice Guy” If You Want to Get Elected

      Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin is getting a lot of feedback for recent comments addressed to Mitt Romney, basically saying that if the presumptive GOP presidential nominee wants to win in November, he needs to stop calling President Obama a “nice guy.”

      Romney’s repetitive use of the phrase to describe Obama may be reminiscent to some of Sen. John McCain’s own terminology for the then-senator, calling him “a decent person.” According to Malkin, if Romney plans to “sell himself to the American people beyond the Republican party, he needs to ‘de-program’ those words from his mouth.”

      “It’s not just the Republican base that has come to realize that Barack Obama is far from a nice man,” she said. “There have been many targets of the Obama administration who don’t have Rs by their names.”


    2. A Texas Grandfather on June 21st, 2012 10:26 pm

      I watched the whole think as it unfolded.

      Michelle sat quietly as Tamara gave her usual liberal spiel. Then when Michelle began to talk, Tamara did not have the decency, like most liberals, to wait her turn. She interrupted Michelle with her lie and then came the chop busting reply.

      One day these liberals will learn not to take on Michelle with their unfounded crap.

    3. PublicEnemy2u on June 22nd, 2012 12:00 pm

      What is going to come out of all of this , after the election, of course, is that there are greedy U.S. gun shop owners that WILL sell AR-15′s to drug cartels. The rest is NRA/Faux News spin. Maybe James O’Keefe, of Acorn busting fame, should go undercover in a Poncho Via costume in Mexico to find and retrieve these guns. I’ve been waiting years for a reason why Chaney wasn’t charged with hunting without a license when he shot his buddy in the face, get in line

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