Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Tied in Blue State of Michigan, Obama Holds Slim Lead 46.9% to 45.5%



With all due respect to The Hill, a state that Obama won in 2008 by 16% and Democrat Presidential candidates have won repeatedly won in past Presidential elections 2004, 2000, 1996, and 1992 is hardly considered a “swing state”. It should rightfully be called a “blue” state fed up with Obama.I think we can say officially that “Hope & Change” is a thing of the past.

However, as reported at The Hill, Poll: Obama and Romney statistically tied in swing-state Michigan. If states that Barack  Obama won in 2008 by 16% over John McCain are in play in 2012, Obama is in for a world of hurt in his reelection bid. The “blue” state of Michigan being called a “swing” state just shows how poor a job as President Obama has done and how badly he has handled the economy. This is the second poll  in a row that has showed Obama and Romney are in a virtual tie. Really, the union labor intense state of Michigan up for grabs in 2012? As Weasel Zippers states, “Barry’s world continues its epic collapse before our very eyes.” Obama must now defend another state that should have been considered solid blue.

Mitt Romney has caught President Obama in Michigan, according to a poll released Thursday.

Obama still holds a slight edge in the poll, 46.9 to 45.5, but that’s within the survey’s 2.3 percent margin of error. The poll was conducted by Michigan-based political consultants Foster, McCollum, White & Associates.

It’s the second straight poll to show Obama and Romney in a dead heat in the Wolverine State. Romney held a 1-point advantage in an EPIC-MRA poll released last week.

Even the undecided voters in Michigan are beginning to take Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s words to heart regarding the economy. Obama stated that if he did not fix the economy in 4 years that he would be a one term President. Clinton begged voters in 2010 to give Democrats 2 more years. It looks like Obama will get his wish, the economy is in the tank and he will be a one term wonder.

According to RCP, Obama had a double digit lead in Michigan a month ago. However, that was then. Much more at Hot Air including an interesting data nugget from the poll crosstabs that is a big plus for Mitt Romney.

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