George Zimmerman Has Surrendered to Authorities and Back in Jail After Judge Revokes Bond … Seeks New Bond Hearing (VIDEO)


Back behind bars as bond revoked …

George Zimmerman surrendered himself on Sunday to Florida authorities and is back in a Seminole County jail after a judge had revoked his bail. Zimmerman returned ‘quiet and cooperative’.  Seminole County Sheriff Donald Eslinger said Zimmerman turned himself in to two sheriff’s office employees around 1:25 p.m. near the jail. He was then brought to the jail in a white minivan.  Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester had revoked George Zimerman’s bond in the second degree murder shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin because Zimmerman and his wife had mislead the court regarding their finances.

VIDEO of George Zimmerman arriving at Seminole County Jail

Wearing a button-down checkered shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, a handcuffed Zimmerman was escorted by two deputy sheriffs from a white minivan into the Seminole County jail Sunday afternoon. He did not answer shouted questions from reporters as he was led inside the jail to be booked, photographed and processed.

George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, is expected to file a motion Monday seeking a new bond hearing for Trayvon Martin.

“He is in custody now,” O’Mara said of Zimmerman, 28. “He’s going to remain there until we get back before Judge Lester if and when he grants us a bond hearing. It sounded like he might consider it. But that is going to be based upon the motion itself.”

O’Mara went on to say Sunday that he thinks the defense “explanation, or apology if it is, should go directly to the person who deserves it, in this case that is Judge Lester.”

“Again, (we are) just hoping that the judge will give us an audience so we can further explain away why what happened seems to have happened,” O’Mara said.

For more updates, read about the case, provide your opinions and read others, go to Scared Monkeys forum: George Zimmerman.

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    8 Responses to “George Zimmerman Has Surrendered to Authorities and Back in Jail After Judge Revokes Bond … Seeks New Bond Hearing (VIDEO)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 4th, 2012 10:50 am

      I think you need to edit the line about the new bond hearing. Trayvon is gone. It is Zimmerman who needs the bond hearing.

      That is a fancy “Sally Port” in the jail, but not very secure.

    2. Carpe on June 4th, 2012 8:30 pm

      It does make your eyes roll back in your head, though.

      In 2011 – The Anthony family defecated all over the Florida Court system. They used the place like it was their own personal clown show at the circus.

      In 2012 – George Zimmerman sneezes and he’ll be placed in solitary confinement.

      It is cartoon like. Doesn’t anybody want to know who is buying George slim jims, cheetos, and nacho cheese dip?

    3. NGBoston on June 4th, 2012 9:09 pm

      This was wrong from the beginning that GZ immediately solicited donations on the Internet for his “legal defense” as soon as he was arrested and charged.

      He already was employed, and he should be able to retain council based on his own Salary. I am glad his bond is revoked. Why does he need a high powered Attorney? To be frank, I do not see him getting a Fair Trial anyway-but why must the burden always fall on the American Taxpayer.

      I believe he was charged INCORRECTLY based upon the alleged crime he committed. This whole thing is so messed up, but he was not exactly honest in how he went about this.

      So again—WHO TO BELIEVE? I do think he was attacked, but I do not feel at any point was he in fear of his life. This entire case is ridiculous, but a Teenager is dead and that is why it is called AN ACCIDENT. A very sad and unfortunate one, I just don’t believe it was “MURDER 2″.

      George Zimmerman is innocent until proven Guilty, but this was not a good move to misrepresent any assets or income when appearing before a Judge for a bond hearing.

      George- whatever Attornies you hired never advised you of proper procedure? Really? I would fire them and hire another Attorney who understands the Criminal Justice System and the Law much better.

      D’OH, George.

    4. NGBoston on June 5th, 2012 10:43 am

      2. Carpe…Cartoon like? Honestly, this whole case is FUBAR.

      I believe GZ is going to attempt to do thet same with our Criminal Justice System, however.

      And you are right, this Man cannot even sneeze now without it being front page news.

      The MSM has already helped to convict a Man of an ALLEGED Murder.

      Still think he was a dumbass for the following:

      Getting out of his vehicle and not waiting for LE to get to the scene. He was told NOT to follow TM, but he ignored it and paid the price.

      Hiding assets at a Bond Hearing. Not a good move.

      He should be given his Rights to a Fair Trial based on the STG Laws in his State. Is this a Modern Day Witch Trial of a Bi-Racial Neighborhood WatchMan in the United States? Cuz it sure looks like one to me.


    5. A Texas Grandfather on June 5th, 2012 5:12 pm


      I am going to question your statement about Zimmerman continuing to follow Travon. We have no evidence that he did so.

      A 911 operator is not a police officer. Therefore, all they can do is make a suggestion. The 911 tape indicates that Zimmerman acknowledged the request to cease following Travon.

      This bond hearing is based on a taped conversation in the jail between Zimmerman and his wife. That conversation did not state anything about money in a trust fund set up for his defense.

      This is simply more ignorant posturing by the Special Prosecutor and the court buying into that posturing. It is using PR to make Zimmerman appear to be untrustworthy, thus a ruse to give the prosecution a leg up in the trial.

    6. A Texas Grandfather on June 5th, 2012 10:19 pm

      Newsmax is carrying an article as of 5:25 P.M. that Angela Corey contacted Harvard and threatened to sue Harvard and Alan Dershowitz for his comments regarding Corey’s improper filing of the case against Zimmerman.

      This woman is entirely out of controll. The Governor of Florida needs to have the State Attorney General remove her from the case. In addition, her law license needs to be suspended until an investigation is made into this behavior.

    7. NGBoston on June 8th, 2012 9:06 pm

      #5-ATG. Your points are duly noted. However, how then, did Zimmerman go from the inside of his vehicle, to where the altercation broke out behind the buildings on the walkway.

      Is there any evidence so far that TM approached Zimmerman in his vehicle and made him get out? I don’t believe so. Perhaps GZ just got out of his vehicle to see where TM had gone, and of course there is the possibility that TM knew he was being followed and approached GZ first. There are no eyewitnesses except for when the fight was almost over, the rest is pure speculation until any eyewitnesses who saw the actual moments GZ and TM first confronted one another.

      I agree with you regarding Angela Corey being completely over-zealous, and I wouldn’t want her job right now for all the Tea in China. She clearly has been under pressure from the start to set the wheels in motion to appease some of the Public outcry and the media attention from Trayvon Martin’s Parents.

      Have GZ’s rights to a Fair Trial and all the proceedings already been jeapordized at this point in the Legal Process? I believe so, but to a point. GZ did kill someone. And, how could he possibly have stood in front of a Judge, where any Defendant or Plaintiff is legally required to give an accurate and current Financial Statement and have withheld information?

      At this point in the Case, there is so much speculation about important details that it is hard to know what to believe.

      I do not think by any means that GZ is a Choir Boy, and certainly neither was Trayvon Martin.

      Guess we will have to wait until the trial until the rest of the FACTS come out.

      Zimmerman’s life is in the sh*tter either way, and I don’t believe that is fair to him.

      What about the Victim and his Family though? Don’t you think they deserve some answers instead of just being complacent with what they were initially told about the Incident?

      If it were my Son, I would have demanded a full investigation also and pushed the State’s DA Office to press charges as well. Not Murder charges, mind you- but at least Manslaughter.

      The burden is on the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that TM was murdered. While technically he was, the crux of the entire issue- is was it truly self-defense and did GZ fear for his life after he was assaulted.

      I don’t think so, but that’s just my lousy 2 cents worth.

    8. Trayvon Martin Murder Trial: Shellie Zimmerman, Wife of George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged with Perjury | Scared Monkeys on June 12th, 2012 10:33 pm

      [...] Really?  The Orlando courts are really going to do this when Florida and most all the the country was witness to George and Cindy Anthony’s testimony on the witness stand during the Casey Anthony murder trial? Seriously? Shellie Zimmerman was asked during George Zimmerman’s bond hearing about how much money they had received from donations in a Paypal account. It was later determined that both George and Shellie Zimmerman had deceived the court, George Zimmerman’s bond was revoked and he was sent back to jail. [...]

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