Autopsy Shows Trayvon Martin Had Injuries to his Knuckles When He Died … Court Records Show George Zimmerman Had Black Eyes, Fractured Nose & Cuts to the Back of his Head … MSM Continues to Keep hate Alive


Things that make you go Hmm … sad story starts to take a different turn when the facts of the case are reviewed .

WFTV is reporting that autopsy results of  Trayvon Martin, the 17 year old youth who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, show that Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died. George Zimmerman and his defense attorney have claimed that there was a scuffle between Zimmerman and Martin prior to the shooting. This forensic evidence would tend to support that assertion.

WFTV has confirmed that autopsy results show 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died.

The information could support George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him.

The autopsy results come as Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara continues to go over other evidence in the case.

O’Mara wouldn’t comment on the autopsy evidence, but WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it’s better for the defense than it is for the prosecution.

WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

As per court records, George Zimmerman had multiple injuries to this body. As reported by ABC News, Zimmerman had a pair of black eyes, a broken nose and abrasions on the back of his head (picture). So, we have one individual being charged with second degree murder in Zimmerman with multiple injuries, we have a dead individual in Trayvon Martin with injuries to his knuckles. One would have to question just who was defending who here?  As stated at, the Trayvon Martin autopsy results and the George Zimmerman medical records lead to the logical conclusion is that Martin was beating up Zimmerman severely before Zimmerman shot him. And this is called “REASONABLE DOUBT”.

Court records show George Zimmerman had a pair of black eyes, a nose fracture and two cuts to the back of his head after the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The medical records were part of evidence released Tuesday that prosecutors have in the second-degree murder case against Zimmerman. He has entered a plea of not guilty and claims self-defense in the Feb. 26 shooting. A message left Tuesday evening with Zimmerman’s attorney was not immediately returned.

Zimmerman was treated Feb. 27 at Altamonte Family Practice.

As the Gateway Pundit opines, Al Sharpton was unavailable for comment.

UPDATE I: Keeping Hate Alive at The New York Times.

How very sad that the MSM cannot admit their mistake and worse, their purpose;y false reporting on the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin case. At the head of the list, the NY Times, what a surprise. The news of the day yesterday was the autopsy results of Trayvon Martin stating that he had bloodied knuckles and the medical reports of George Zimmerman that showed he had got the crap kicked out of him. A reasonable person and news outlet would have taken pause and said, hmm … this is interesting and against what had been emotionally reported in the media. Not the NY Times, they doubled down and instead reported, ‘Trayvon Martin Case Shadowed by Series of Police Missteps’. Actually, one would think that if they wanted to be honest, fair and balanced they would be writing about the MSM’s, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson’s and the NBPP’s purposeful missteps.

The NY Times can’t quite bring itself to report on the latest news in the Zimmerman case – Zimmerman’s medical file shows he was banged up and Martin’s autopsy showed bloody knuckles – so they hand the mike to the Ben Crump, the Martin family attorney, and rehash every possible mistake made by the Sanford PD.

Presumably their goal is to pretend that, however ludicrous the current situation, the media and the prosecutor acted in good faith in bringing us here.

The Conservative Hide Out  makes a comparison that we have been making for quite some time … this reeks of the Duke LAX case in NC. Yes it does.

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    24 Responses to “Autopsy Shows Trayvon Martin Had Injuries to his Knuckles When He Died … Court Records Show George Zimmerman Had Black Eyes, Fractured Nose & Cuts to the Back of his Head … MSM Continues to Keep hate Alive”

    1. NGBoston on May 16th, 2012 12:27 pm

      I still maintain now that the Feds are looking into whether or not to charge Zimmerman with a “hate crime”

      that this poor Man is not going to be able to get a fair trial.

      I don’t care what any legal expert says, I think that GZ should never have been charged with MURDER.

      It was an accident gone very wrong,it is clear that Zimmerman was physically attacked but what is also clear to me is that this whole thing did NOT have to happen.

      Zimmerman took his job too seriously, and nowhere in his CONTRACT as the Barney Fife Neighborhood Watchdog did it say he was required to carry a gun.

      Under his Constitutional RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, GZ is and was allowed to carry if he had a Permit to do so, which he did.

      This is BS. I do not like nor am an advocate of the Stand Your Ground Laws, and I do not believe that Trayvon Martin was a threat to GZ’s life but here is the key. WE WERE NOT THERE. No one but GZ and TM Martin really know what actually transpired. How are Martin’s attorneys going to prove, that perhaps GZ was not in fear of his life during the struggle and maybe mistook Martin’s physical actions and thought that Martin was going to reach for his gun? If, by the Law, Zimmerman feared for his life at any point and time, he had a right to defend himself.

      From the start, it has been my contention that GZ DID, in fact, Profile the teenager. NOT RACIALLY PROFILE, just profile him in general.

      If GZ had stayed in the car until LE arrived, none of this wouldn’t have happened.

      That does NOT make him a murderer. The MSM has helped already, to convict this Man before he even goes to trial. It is a sad and unfortunate case, but this is no hate Crime.

      This teen did not have to die, but he did. And, the last time I checked, in THIS COUNTRY- a Man is innocent BEFORE proven Guilty in a Court of Law.

      If a jury as uneducated or persuaded as The Casey Anthony jury returns a verdict of Guilty, I am going to completely lose faith in our Criminal Justice System once and for all.

      The key for GZ will become the ever prevalent “beyond a reasonable doubt”. How can any Juror sit there and not have reasonable doubt???? Only 2 people again know what truly happened that day.

      There are few eyewitnesses and their accounts of what they observed have often been contradictory.

      The Martin’s better have good Attorneys bc I do not think they have a strong case.

    2. NGBoston on May 16th, 2012 12:32 pm

      Also, MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE has to prove- a premeditated act and intent, to kill another person.

      I cannot understand why GZ was not charged with Accidental Homicide or Manslaughter.

      When GZ set foot out of his door that fateful afternoon, I am 100% certain he did not have any intentions or PRE-MEDITATED thoughts and say to himself, “Gee, I think I am going to go out today and murder a Teenager in a Hoodie”

      PLEASE! This case makes me so upset. How is Zimmerman EVER GOING TO GET A FAIR TRIAL???

    3. A Texas Grandfather on May 16th, 2012 3:02 pm

      It now appears that the prosecutor has grossly overcharged Mr. Zimmerman in this case. Mostly because a group of racists in the black community have loud voices.

      Injuries to Mr. Zimmerman could not have happened unless Trayvon attacked first. The fatal bullet wound would have prevented those injuries from being created.

      The jury will have to find for the truth when the case comes to trial. Hopefully, the media will realize that they have contributed to the filing of second degree murder charges by manipulating the story and not reporting the truth.

    4. rightknight on May 16th, 2012 3:16 pm

      George Zimmerman is said to be part black
      since his maternal grandfather was said to
      be black. I think this event was crime (neighborhood
      watch) motivated as opposed to anything racial.

    5. super dave on May 16th, 2012 4:38 pm

      Zimmerman will be found guilty because Sharpton and Jr jackson demand it. they will provoke riots and crime and some else will be killed bacause of their racism and hatred toward white people.
      it’s a shame that some groups that call themselves a militia are arrested on suspicion of a race war when the black panther punks openly declare to kill white people and even children. of course they have their whipping boy Eric Holder holding their bottle to suck.

    6. NGBoston on May 16th, 2012 5:08 pm

      #3-ATG- Even if the MSM does realize the error of their sensationalism ways—how still does it prevent impressions and the General Public’s point of view or state of mind?

      Even with a fully vetted jury, the trained Attorneys who go through the entire process to vet and find unprejudiced Jurors are trained and know exactly what to look for in their selection.

      No matter how many times while being selected a potentional juror denies hearing anything about the story in the media- because of the lapse of time until the Trial begins and unless you live in a cave- how could one who goes on the internet or turns on their TV or Radio deny NOT hearing anything about the case?

      I agree with everything you have posted, ATG, I am just so frightened that GZ will be convicted of Murder. If he does get a fair trial and is not convicted- then again, the MSM will have a field day, Jackson and Sharpton will permeate our airwaves again and yell about Racisim and incite riots similar to what we witnessed during and after the Rodney King beating and trial.

      It’s a recipe for disaster.

    7. A Texas Grandfather on May 16th, 2012 8:10 pm

      You are correct NGBoston. This special prosecutor is known for overcharging a case. The media were so determined to make something of this case for its potential sensationalism and the revenue that a major network doctored the 911 tapes.

      The State of Florida is about to make a terrible mistake by bringing in this prosecutor.

      My take is that Zimmerman was following Trayvon because they had multiple robberies in the community. This is suposed to be a gated community. Unfortunately, it is only half gated. The back entrance to the community does not have a gate.

      A 911 operator suggested that Zimmerman break off from following Trayvon. The 911 tape indicates that he followed the suggestion. A 911 operator is not a licensed officer and cannot give a legal order. Therefore, it was only a suggestion. Trayvon had already run from Zimmerman and his location was not known by Zimmerman as indicated on the tape.

      Zimmerman had walked to the end of the street to pick up an address to relay to the officers that were responding to his call. Following that, he started back to his truck.

      Zimmerman has a conclead carry permit. Those permits are not handed out like tickets to a raffle. There is classroom and firing range work required to obtain a permit. Anyone that believes that Zimmerman was chasing Trayvon with a drawn weapon is indulging in fantasy.

      If I were a judge sitting for this case and a prosecutor brought charges for second degree murder, he or she would need to present a lot more evidence than we know or I would deny the charges and throw the case out.

      If I were Zimmerman’s attorney, I would file a motion for dismissal.

    8. A Texas Grandfather on May 16th, 2012 8:18 pm

      NGBoston your number six post is so on the mark.

      The scarry thing is that the jury is often so affected by emotions, that they do not return good and true verdicts. Attorneys want to win sometimes so much that they loose sight of the truth.

    9. Carpe on May 17th, 2012 1:03 am

      What a cluster bonk this thing is. It is like a root canal 24/7. The hate crime aspect makes it a cartoon. They will never be able to prove that… but as the Ravi/Tyler case proved… it is easy to find 12 morons in America to convict 15 hate counts of nothing.

      Oh my goodness, squirrel boy jumped off a bridge! Hang Ravi, he’s a beast. Catch him before he records somebody. He is a serial tape-ist.

      You pound my beak… I’ll Zimmerman ya. No confusion on this end.

    10. NGBoston on May 17th, 2012 5:06 am

      #8-ATG- I actually blog sometimes on SM’s Sister site Blink on Crime or another called The Hinky Meter. A Legal Assistant there actually posted the legal definition of MURDER of the FIRST, and SECOND Degree.

      As far as I could tell from reading, the biggest difference between Manslaughter and Murder charges seems to be Pre-Meditated actions, acts, thoughts or INTENTIONS.

      From what I read, I still cannot believe that the State’s Prosecutor’s went for Murder charges.

      What you describe in post #7 is also spot on. I agree with everything you said.

      However—WHO, and HOW are TM’s Attorneys going to attempt and prove Zimmerman is a “Murderer”? With the testimony from the individuals on the scene who did not witness the ACTUAL shooting- just the physical battle? From TM’s girlfriend who was on the phone with Trayvon PRIOR to the actual shooting? Regardless of her testimony about Trayvon telling her he was being followed, she has been quoted as saying the phone line disconnected BEFORE the gunshots.

      So, from what I piece together- it still comes down to in the actual moments of the ACTUAL seconds when the gun was fired- so far- only witnesses living in the complex HEARD the shots. No one to date that I am aware of can testify the SAW the actual SHOOTING with their own two eyes. So, this again, means to me that the defense’s case will be pieced together with HERESAY. Not actual eyewitness testimony.

      My heart does go out to Trayvon Martin’s parents for losing a Son in this manner, it is a sad and tragic case.

      What angers me is that although Zimmerman did make a mistake in my opinion only of persuing this Teenager- this Man is OWED, under his Constitutional Rights- a FAIR TRIAL.

      If the MSM doesn’t knock of the BS (which of course they won’t- they have already doctored Audio/Video and edited it’s true content)—then is George convicted in the eyes of the American Public already? I think that Trayvon’s Mother has made more sense than Sharpton or Jackson, and I continue to be amazed with her dignity and grace.

      As a Mother, I my heart just goes out to her. It truly does. I cannot even possibly begin to fathom the gaping hole in soul now, and her mission is clearly NOT to incite racial rioting- she just wants justice and compensation for the life of her Son being taken from her so soon. The only problem I have is, she, too – is calling it Murder.

      Does she have the courage to ask God to continue giving her the strength to carry on and accept this as a horrible tragic accident? Apparently not, or she and Trayvon’s Dad would not be persuing this case. Again, I want to put out how impressed I am with the Martin’s appearances in the Media. I see sadness, not anger. My prayer for them is that somehow, someway they can find closure and peace through their pain.

      My prayer for George Zimmerman is that the American Justice System does not fail this Man and he end up with LWOP, or worse. Zimmerman should not be ostracized or encarcerated for Life for this bad accident. I do believe, however, that as the AGGRESSOR of the Crime- and since, Trayvon was shot and accidentally killed- that Zimmerman should at least be charged with the lesser crime of Manslaughter, and be treated accordingly within the confines of the Law. I understand not everyone agrees with what I just posted, it is all only just my personal opinion.

    11. A Texas Grandfather on May 17th, 2012 12:29 pm


      I knew that you commented or read on the Blink site. How else would you know my shortend I.D.

      We don’t know if George Zimmerman was carrying any type of identification related to the Neighborhood Watch program. He should have been carrying a sign on his truck and a personal I.D. badge or lanyard around his neck.

      Following an unknown person in a subdivision as a part of the neighborhood watch program is standard proceedure. That is not being aggressive.

      I really think that Trayvon was in the process of casing the neighborhood for the purpose of stealing something. George had lost sight of Trayvon and I think Trayvon sliped up behind George and began the assault. If that is true, the stand your ground law should be invoked.

      This case should create fear in all of those involved in Neighborhood watch programs. It will probably destroy some in Florida.

    12. Carpe on May 17th, 2012 4:44 pm

      Trayvon had THC in his system the night he died… and I think they found traces of lead, too.

    13. NGBoston on May 17th, 2012 7:24 pm

      #11-ATG- Understood-in relation to the true definition of GZ’s duties as Neighborhood Watchman.

      In essence, it is true that part of the scope of that job is to profile any unfamiliar persons on the property.

      I don’t agree that Martin was casing the neighborhood, he was on the way to go visit his Father at his Fiance’s house. That is a known fact. Has Zimmerman stated (on the 911 call when he contact the Dispatcher) that Martin displayed any odd behavior (i.e, looking in windows, roaming around entrances to seek possible entry, exits locations). He was simply walking around in the complex on his way to a certain Condo/Apt. Isn’t that what Visitors are allowed to do if they are visiting? I can’t remember the specific facts about the Complex—is it a Gated Community? If so, how did he gain entrance on foot if he did not have to check in with a Guard, or have a Tenant allow him access? IIRC, he was on foot and access was easily attainable to the Complex by foot.

      Just curious, but what makes you think he may have been casing the place to steal something in the future? Kid got suspended from School, I know. He had a few days home from School, left his Mom’s and decided to visit his Dad is what his Family/Council is stating.

      In so far as the story in the MSM today about THC being found in his system- to be honest—so what? OK, smoking weed is illegal, but in this day and age- it is an extremely common experience among Teenagers, is it not? In the 80′s when I was a Teenager- tons of kids experimented with Weed and other drugs and I was born and brought up in an extremely wealthy, predominately CAUCASIAN suburb North of Boston. It has changed today, of course, but back in the 80′s, there were 2 black families, 1 Asian, 1 Indian and Zero Hispanic.

      Point being, it was mainly White and there were plenty of yuppies and spoiled little White Teens getting stoned, getting drunk, trying drugs.

      Guess I would have been more alarmed had the report been released today that there were other Class Substances of Narcotics, then it would give me something to ponder. A lot of 17 year olds experiment with Cannabis.

    14. NGBoston on May 17th, 2012 7:28 pm

      #12-Carpe- Traces of Lead? Did he chew on window sills or something? Sorry to be a dumbass about Toxicity tests—but what can traces of Lead in someone’s system be an indicator of?
      SM: Bullet (klaasend)

    15. A Texas Grandfather on May 17th, 2012 9:11 pm


      You do not have enough experience with people of other cultures.

      I have lived with black people all my life. Many are good people and behave themselves in society. However, IMO about sixty percent choose to live a life of misery by not getting an education and getting involved in drugs which leads to stealing and other crimes. Statistics show that over eighty percent of black teenagers have been or will be arrested for theft, assault and other crimes. Not a good record.

      They are not African-Americans any more than I am English-French-Irish-American. They are Black Americans as I am a White American. It is time for all the PC behavior to end.

    16. NGBoston on May 18th, 2012 10:16 am

      #15-ATG. I beg to differ. I own Investment Properties in the City of Boston (Proper). I have plenty of experience with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Dominicans, El Salvadorians, Ugandans, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Bulgurians, Indians, Middle Eastern Muslims, etc. etc. the list goes on and on.

      I cannot be a Racist and make a profit over managing large Apartment buildings if I am.

      Sorry to disagree, ATG- but I do have deep experience with all walks of a life, and have to do business with those from lower Socio-Economic Classes. I have seen it all. Hard Core, too but I do understand what you post. Many hard-working families catch the rap for all the scumbags out there who ruin it for everyone else, too.

      To my surprise, when first purchasing the properties over 10 years ago- some of the worst offenders of being scumbags are what I refer to as “White Trash”. I do have to say, however, that as far as Blacks go- we have had to watch the YOUNG, black Males the closest for any indication of gang and drug activity. They kill each other in the streets daily for a pair of Air Jordans, legit. I know the mind set of which you speak and it is sad. Bill Cosby has a lock on it and does a nice job of telling it like it is when it comes to young black males and life on the “streets”.

      It is called, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and relying on yourself and a good family unit to come out on the other side while still facing all the challenges that life faces. Not taking the easy way out because your black Father isn’t around, your Mother is a crack fiend, and it is easier for you- you think- to deal crack cocaine to other youths on your street corner. I know the drill, but some good family morals and values and above all, faith in God will help pull these young Men and women through if they have strong mentors, EDUCATION, and support from their communities.

      Thank you

    17. NGBoston on May 18th, 2012 10:20 am

      #14-Klaas. Bullet, meaning if it was in his system…he had contact with ammunition? Sorry again, but does touching ammo make lead show up in a tox test?

      Interesting. If it does, then perhaps Trayvon was the Choir boy the MSM is attempting to make him out to be. What 17 year old Teen needs to have Ammo if he cannot even legally have a license to carry?

      Things that make you go Hhhmnnnn……

    18. Water boy on May 19th, 2012 6:38 am

      Do you have a right to question someone you see in your neighborhood?

      Of course you do.

      Do you have the right to shoot someone who has you on the ground, attacked you because you asked the some questions?

      For Davy Crockett sure!

    19. Waterboy on May 19th, 2012 6:47 am

      I personally don’t like trouble-making, low-life, drug-using kids, who don’t respect other people.
      What does that have to do with the color of their skin?

    20. Waterboy on May 19th, 2012 6:49 am

      Oh, I see. Enough said.

    21. Waterboy on May 19th, 2012 7:30 pm

      Since it is nearing the end of the post, I’m going to make an off the wall post.

      Lone Star Beer is one of the most underrated beers in the world. It beats the heck out of all the imports, never bitter, or flat.

      I don’t drink much, but if I did, I’d drink Lone Star. Those Boys (caps on purpose) in San Antonio sure know how to brew beer, or someone pulled a fast one one me.

      Guess where my wife and I went this weekend?


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      [...] It is simply amazing how the public opinion has shifted in this case once actual facts came out in the case as opposed to the liberal MSM bias agenda. The calls of racism and racial profiling have been pretty much debunked by the autopsy reports of Trayvon Martin that stated he had bruised knuckles and the medical reports and pics that show that George Zimmerman had two black eyes, a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head. [...]

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      [...] what would have happened if there was no [...]

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