Los Angeles Based FBI Agent 35 Year Old Stephen Ivens Missing, Last Seen Thursday Evening May 10, 2012 … Belived Armed and Suicidal


35 year old Stephen Ivens, a Los Angeles based FBI agent specializing in national security, is missing and was last seen by his family late Thursday evening, May 10, 2012. Stephen Ivens is believed to be suicidal and possibly carrying a handgun. Ivens has been with the FBI 3 years.  There has been an extensive search and manhunt for the missing FBI agent. It is believed that foul play was not suspected and Ivens was not believed to pose a threat to others. There has been no reports as to why authorities consider Ivens’ despondent and suicidal.

Stephen Ivens, 35, a Los Angeles-based agent specializing in national security, was last seen Friday at his home in the 1700 block of Scott Road in Burbank. He may have headed into the rugged Verdugo Mountains, officials said. Also missing from the home he shared with his wife and 1-year-old son is his handgun, officials said.

Officials would not reveal why they believe Ivens may be suicidal.

“He’s been a valuable member of our office,” said FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez.

Missing: Stephen Ivens

Stephen Ivens description: He is white, 6 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds. He has receding brown hair and wears prescription glasses.

FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez said dogs had tracked Ivens’ scent toward the rugged Verdugo Mountains, but searchers spread out throughout Los Angeles County.

A 40-member search-and-rescue team from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department along with a dozen Burbank police officers were assisting about 100 FBI agents in the search, officials said.

It was the largest search in Burbank in 20 years, said Capt. Denis Cremins of the Burbank Police Department.

FBI hunting missing agent in California mountains

Law enforcement officers in Southern California have launched a massive search in rugged mountain terrain for a missing FBI agent who was said to be despondent and possibly suicidal.

FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez said dogs had tracked Ivens’ scent toward the rugged Verdugo Mountains, east of Burbank, but searchers were fanning out throughout Los Angeles County.

If anyone has any information on Ivens’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Burbank Police Department at (818) 238-3000

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    5 Responses to “Los Angeles Based FBI Agent 35 Year Old Stephen Ivens Missing, Last Seen Thursday Evening May 10, 2012 … Belived Armed and Suicidal”

    1. Carpe on May 13th, 2012 6:42 pm

      Sounds like a well loved highly intelligent agent.

      He must have snapped and had a flake out. A human can only take so much before “the switch flips.”

      I sure hope they find him safe and talk him down gently from the window ledge. He could find help in rehab…and continue on in life. I pray for him to be well again.

    2. Carpe on May 14th, 2012 1:18 am

      I’ve been thinking about this agent for some hours — I knew someone like him before. Dedicated, intelligent, extremely detail oriented, and very
      despondent. You don’t make FBI w/o having the gas in the tank to get the task at hand completed.
      Tom, Dick, and Larry off the street — nice guys
      and try hard… but the word TRY gets you cut.
      Try is a weak word.
      FBI only wants to hear DO, DID, DONE. The elite
      make the cut. Stephens Ivans is an elite. (FBI demands it)
      IMO From the moment he walked out his door –
      He was in operation mode and the mental debate
      Should I/or Shouldn’t I, that’s resolved.
      Or he wouldn’t have walked out that door. objective achieved? It was more probably than not — DONE —-

      It concerns me that an FBI Agent had a flake out.
      That is an agent that has been through a hurricane of vetting to get in. To make it through, your balls or lady parts are crafted
      of concrete. Solid, level-headed, unflappable.
      I guess it shows me — we are all human, even the elite super human.

      (I’ll always hold out for a miracle though, against my inner good sense — cuz I’m a sentimental old fool, I guess) God Bless that DEVASTATED family! I pray they find his body soon.

    3. Moi on May 14th, 2012 10:38 am

      Carp, there is never in a single instance ever in history someone simply “flips” and some magical switch goes from off to on.

      In every instance such an individual has been hiding their true feelings (anger, saddness, shame, whatever) for many years if not their entire lives. Then a traumatic incident occurs and they can no longer hold back and all those years of surpressed feelings come flooding out.

      Never, EVER something new…just something hidden. hard to believe, but always the fact.

    4. Carpe on May 14th, 2012 10:09 pm

      “Never, EVER something new…just something hidden. hard to believe, but always the fact.”

      Moi – you sure laid that one down!

      Thanks… It made me think from another view point.

    5. Lewis on June 3rd, 2012 4:34 pm

      This souds like somemne trying to cover up something. I did some routine surfing and found this: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=210277

      All I can say is “Run Stephen, run”. And try to find someone to listen and document what you know. Then, run some more until the truth can surface…if there is any to surface but, we all know the lengths our govenment will go to trying to cover up something they don’t want out. Like Obozo’s birth certificate, SS#, College documents…shall I continue?

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