Coming Soon to America … Joran Van der Sloot’s Extradition to the United States on Extortion Charges … Justice for Natalee Holloway


Not only is extradition inevitable, so is justice … Joran Van der Sloot upset over the prospects of finally facing justice in the United States.

It would seem that it will not be too much longer before Joran van der Sloot will be coming to America. According to Van der Sloot’s Peruvian attorney  Maximo Altez, the extradition of the “little sporter” to the United States on wire fraud and extortion charges could be occurring later this summer. Joran Van der Sloot is being charged in Alabama with extortion and wire fraud.

The extradition of Joran van der Sloot to the U.S. on charges of wire fraud and extortion in connection with the death of Natalee Holloway will likely take place this summer, his lawyer told ABC News today.

“The power of the United States will assure that Joran has to face a U.S. judge and I think the extradition will happen probably in two or three months,” Maximo Altez  said in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

Altez spoke to ABC News after van der Sloot appeared in a jailhouse courtroom at Piedras Gordas prison, about two hours north of Lima.

The irony of  Joran’s defense attorney argument against extradition is that Van der Sloot could not receive a fair trial in the United States. Hmm, much like the fair investigation and justice that Natalee Holloway and the Holloway family received in Aruba? As per attorney Altez, Joran Van der Sloot is “very upset” with the prospects of being extradited to the US. Image that, most people are upset when they know the gig is up.

Altz spoke with ABC News after the court appearance and said van der Sloot was “very upset with the prospect of being extradited to the U.S. I haven’t seen Joran so down, so depressed since I took on his defense almost two years ago.”

Why such a sad face Joran? You were so quick to come to America to spew your lies on American TV over and over again? However, this time you do not want an all expense paid trip courtesy of the United States justice system? Do you know what that sound is Joran? It is the sound of inevitability and the walls of justice closing in on you … Justice for Natalee.

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    26 Responses to “Coming Soon to America … Joran Van der Sloot’s Extradition to the United States on Extortion Charges … Justice for Natalee Holloway”

    1. NGBoston on May 9th, 2012 10:02 am

      Honestly, after all this time has passed since the Cover-Up in Aruba over Natalee’s Death- don’t think there is a single soul in America who really cares what Van Der Sloot’s frame of mind or emotional well being is.

      Meaning, of course, it is good to hear he is even further depressed than he could already be knowing he won’t get out of prison until he’s in his 50′s.

      Still, this does not seem a fair penalty since he took the lives of 2 young Women. As sadistic as it sounds, I hope he doesn’t even make it in to his 50′s.

      Happy Mother’s Day (Not!)to one of the WORST Mother’s in denial in the World- Anita Van Der Sloot. She denied, denied, denied about both her late Husband and Son UNTIL he killed for a second time and God took Paulus away of a heart attack.

      She has now lost a Husband, and one Son. It took complete humiliation and repetition of a henious Crime for this “Mom” to finally face the music and turn her back on her Son. Funny, but if she had paid more attention when she was raising him and not played dumb to Paulus’ enabling, perhaps 2 lives would have been saved.

      Joran, YOU SUCK! Anita- you suck, too! Hope your Mother’s Day is painful as there are 2 young females not able to tell either of their Mothers how appreciated they are this Sunday.


      Justice for Natalee Ann Holloway- Never Forget

    2. flutter1 on May 9th, 2012 2:17 pm

      Hey, sport, welcome to the USA — Land of the free and home of the brave, except you are neither free nor brave.

    3. Carpe on May 9th, 2012 5:03 pm

      One of my favorite pics of Joran. He is looking like his smug arrogant self with his cell phone
      ear bud in. A normal person would be having a
      conversation with it in. Not Joran — in his head, he has a movie playing out, in which HE IS THE STAR.

      To him, that ear bud makes him look VERRRRRY IMPORTANT. Like a secret agent man or something.
      He believes he is the second coming of Fonzie.

      A good cure for that is to cup your hand just enough to make a decent air pocket… and then with your strong hand/arm smack the living crap
      out of him right in the ear!!! It will change
      the air pressure in his head and make his eyeballs
      roll around like a casino slot machine if you do it with a lot of power. The street slang for it
      is called “Pimp Slap”… and it is highly effective.

    4. Carpe on May 9th, 2012 5:36 pm

      P.S. God Bless Natalee & family.

      Not one day goes by that I do not think of you in prayers. FACT: Justice for Natalee will be had in the end. I hate how much time it takes, though.

      Joran will die by 1,000 paper cuts. His life is pure hell on earth and this makes me a very happy guy. His unending pain, is like me having a birthday party every day! Who wants more cake?

    5. barbreee on May 9th, 2012 7:19 pm

      While they are at it, might as well try him for murder, as he admits to the crime to steal money from a grieving, family to return their daughter to them.

      Turn him loose in a prison full of fine Americans who have mothers and wives and daughters.

    6. crossbow on May 9th, 2012 8:32 pm
    7. super dave on May 10th, 2012 10:27 am

      he will be welcomed by the democrats. they are equal as criminals.

    8. NGBoston on May 10th, 2012 4:46 pm

      Thank you, Crossbow. Good to see you again. I used to look forward to your insightful posts and inside info on the Natalee Holloway Case.

      We will never forget her or her Family.

    9. brie on May 10th, 2012 7:06 pm

      Joran will never tell the Holloways what happened to Natalee, that is his personal hell revenge for them pursuing the issue of why Natalee was missing. Actually, the story of Natalee being left on the beach never surfaced until Anita returned from Holland. I think is was her made up story. Joran never expected the Holloways to come to Aruba and resented it. Makes you wonder how many more American girls are missing…Paulus had friends that could gain control because of his silence and dirty deeds…!!!!! The Sloots were very aware of Joran’s actions and never did anything about it but cover-up. Why have Joran’s friends and relatives left Aruba?

    10. Dolf on May 11th, 2012 7:41 am

      @9…why? well if you had nothing to do with it, but were harrased by the media….wouldn’t you go?

      NGBoston…first there is no sadism in your post.
      second….Is that the treatment you would give the mother of any murderer?

    11. crossbow on May 11th, 2012 8:50 am

      NG Boston:
      I am convinced that Joran struck Natalee in a fit of anger. Whether it was sufficient to kill her then or she died later; only Joran and Deepak know.
      In so far as where Natalee’s remains may be????
      Find a link between Karle Wever, Yolanda Wever, Paulus van der Sloot and Rene van Hygiene and I believe we will find her. Acacia Cemetery.

    12. crossbow on May 11th, 2012 9:02 am

      Remember May 30th, 2012
      Seven long years with no answers.

      Carpe: do you have any deaths recorded from Memtomori prior to May 31st???
      Or for that matter from The Olive Tree???

    13. NGBoston on May 11th, 2012 10:06 am

      #10- Dolf. Listen up, I know you are from the NL. Nothing, repeat NOTHING you can ever post here or say or do will convince ANY of us on this Website that Paulus and Joran VDS were not RESPONSIBLE for the death and disappearance of Natalee Ann Holloway.

      Look at, HOW JORAN, up until he finally got caught MURDERING Stephany Flores brought YEARS of PAIN AND TORTURE to Beth Holloway and the family.

      I usually wish no ill will towards any other human. That is the key and operative Noun for you there Dolf, I said HUMAN.

      What Joran Van Der Sloot is –is NOT A HUMAN. He is evil, and the CORRUPTION in Aruba and LE covered this up to help save their precious income from AMERICAN TOURIST DOLLARS. Plain and Simple.

      Paulus aided and abetted in covering up Joran’s dirty acts, and also the Kalpoe Brothers raped this Girl, I am convinced of it and probably Deepak Kalpoe beat her as well. They suck, I have no sympathy for ANY OF THOSE PIECES OF BEETLE DUNG.

      I am sorry, but I would have had a lot more respect for Anita Van Der Sloot back in the Summer of 2005, had she not also lied about Paulus and Joran and played dumb. That is called ENABLING.

      And ENABLING of CRIMINALS and MURDERERS, well those people just plain piss me off. I understand that, as parents, some Off Spring just go wrong and that does not make them horrible parents (if, they in fact, were not and did everything in their power to raise their children correctly). I get that. I do.

      But, I believe, Anita COULD HAVE and SHOULD have done more.

      If I knew, for a fact, my own Son took someone else’s life as a MURDERER, not in an act of justifiable Self-Defense, I am here to tell you I would not hide the truth and lie for him. As much as I love my own flesh and blood- if he were to have committed a terrible act- I would turn him in. I would visit him in jail, and pray for him- but I would NOT stand by and watch others suffer.

      Anita did ALL OF THESE THINGS. This is why I posted what I did about her.


      And, finally- when JVDS does get extradited here- I am going to enjoy watching him get more years tacked on to his imprisonment. He still gets three meals a day and a place to sleep. What did Natalee Holloway, THE VICTIM GET? Her life taken away from her. The Holloway family has not seen justice yet, and as UN-Christian as this sounds- I do hope Anita has many hours of reflection and continues to ask herself “Where did I go Wrong?”.

      Because she did, go very very wrong, Dolf.

    14. NGBoston on May 11th, 2012 4:41 pm

      #12- Crossbow. I agree. You have maintained that all along, either that- or buried at Sea.

      But, interestingly, you point out the VERY individuals closely linked to, and ACCESSORIES to Murder/Manslaughter of this Crime.

      The 2 Wevers, yes—-Human Trafficking and other VICTIMS, both young male and female on that rotten, corrupt, Island.

      Paulus went to the grave with his secrets, but Karl, Yolanda, the Kalpoe Brothers and other corrupt OFFICIALS back in 2005 on that Island know. Yes, they know.

      How I would love to see the remains of Natalee one day recovered so that Beth and Dave Holloway could finally, mercifully have some closure.

      I honeymooned in Aruba in 2004 and truthfully, loved it there. Since the scandal, I have never returned.

      Thanks again for your input.

      New Girl – Boston, MA

    15. NGBoston on May 11th, 2012 4:51 pm

      Acacia Cemetery in Oranjestad, Aruba:

      Crossbow: My only question with this- is why bury Natalees remains in an unmarked (or mismarked) grave on the Island? If she had been killed, would they be stupid enough to one day want someone to find her? That is the only thing I question.

      You could very well be correct, but I believe she was thrown out of the boat at Sea. Remember, there were a few eyewitnesses afraid to come forward right after. One especially, a Gardener by trade on the Island, who saw Paulus and Joran walking down a “certain road” in the early morning a.m. and both had wet clothing, almost up to their waists. Then, Paulus went back to his home and lied to Beth Holloway about where Joran had been and what time he had come home that evening.

      Wever’s Son also helped with the boating and made arrangements to assist Joran.

      Those people will all rot in hell. When Paulus finally left this planet, I am certain he did not cross over to the other side and end up anywhere good.

      SM: The burial grounds in Aruba are mostly above ground crypts. Natalee wouldn’t be in an unmarked crypt, her body would be in with someone elses body. You really couldn’t use a cadaver dog in a cemetery because you would expect bodies there and nobody is likely to allow a crypt or grave to be disturbed. (klaasend)

    16. Carpe on May 12th, 2012 2:47 am

      7 years time changes so much! In 2012 we are literally hyper-warping into anarchy and chaos.
      The American system that was launched so many
      years ago is in retrograde. Street atrocities
      happen everyday now. All who CAN SEE know
      how this will break down. A giant global supercomputer executes the new scripts everyday.
      You know every bit of this, as I do.
      Scary times ahead. It will be
      WAR. “War pigs” Black Sabbath rings in my ears
      around the clock – as I prepare for the HELL
      ready to be unleashed. The dripping doom flowing
      from sea to once shining sea. This will be America’s Darkest Days of ALL TIME. Armed to the teeth and pure rage to be poured out onto the land. I am ready to die, yet hope to survive. I want to make it there to stare you two feral pigs down, Deepak/Satish I want to ask you: HOW COULD YOU TORTURE NATALEE’S FAMILY THE WAY YOU HAVE FOR 7 WHOLE YEARS — YET STILL HAVE YOUR OWN FAMILY TO GIVE YOU COMFORT? How does one square that? You call yourself men, yet possess the brains of delinquent little boys drenched in a toxic psychosis.

      Oh, how you need to come.
      Oh, I will be there for the transaction.
      Bring some extra diapers, it’ll be a bumpy ride.

    17. NGBoston on May 12th, 2012 8:48 am

      @Klaas-Yes, I understand. Then, what is depressing about that is- again- the Holloways are robbed of their dignity to give Natalee a proper burial in her home town.

      Also, which crypt where Nat’s remains placed in? Who really knows?

      Again, only my opinion but I am of the school of thought that the call for the boat had a purpose- to throw poor Nat in the Ocean. Remember, when Joran was videotaped saying, “She will never be found”.

      If she is indeed on that rotten Island, there is till a remote chance her location would one day be revealed and she could be found.

      Even after all these years, this case still saddens me so.


    18. Carpe on May 13th, 2012 6:34 pm

      Hi Crossbow!

      “Carpe: do you have any deaths recorded from Memtomori prior to May 31st???
      Or for that matter from The Olive Tree???”

      I had Mentomori records for every death during the year 2005. I don’t have access to these graphics now, but I believe Klaas has copies of them retained
      in her database???

      I never built one for Olive Tree, that one I didn’t know about.

    19. crossbow on May 15th, 2012 2:48 pm

      That is so very true. Even if you could identify the crypt where Natalee was buried you would need the permission first of the family that owns the crypt. Secondly you would need the permission of the owner of “The Block and Hammer”.
      We all know who that is.
      A cadaver dog could find the remains of someone in the cemetery who was not embalmed.
      Even up to ten years below water a dog could sniff out the human remains.
      Thanks. Klassend supplied me that info. I just found it so strange that now I seem to think Natalee is with another body; that only May 31st was posted. Nothing earlier.
      I would think it would have been someone who died around May 28th that was to be buried May 31st.
      BTW Carpe; The Olive Tree when it was in Paradera had the crematorium. It moved to San Nicolas. Yolanda used to live at the Olive Tree when it was in Paradera. I do not know where she is now living.

      GO HERE:

      See who’s who.

      In so far as Jossy Mansur: He knows everything that happened. IMHO he was the mole.

    20. crossbow on May 15th, 2012 2:50 pm

      Were you surprised to see Yolanda Wever?
      I wonder if Leo replaced Rene?????

    21. NGBoston on May 16th, 2012 10:51 pm

      Crossbow: Wow wow wow and double wow.

      Jossy Mansur the Mole. OMG, that could actually be a truth. Wasn’t there a long standing battle and bad blood between his family and….another prominent and corrupt but very powerful family on the One, Unhappy Island.

      Jossy Mansur does know it all. But he was one of the only reporters/journalists on the Island continually reporting on the American News and Mansur stated from the beginning he was certain Joran and Paulus and the Kalpoe’s were all the Perps.

      Jossy WAS the mole. It makes perfect sense.

    22. NGBoston on May 16th, 2012 10:52 pm

      HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING & other young males and females raped, murdered on

      One very, very, very Corrupt and Dirty little Island.


    23. Keepthefaith on May 17th, 2012 12:59 am

      We’ve had many discussions about Jossy on Natalee’s thread. Me personally, I believe Jossy knows the truth. His fingers reach to the deepest, darkest depths of Danger Island. Jossy knows.

    24. crossbow on May 17th, 2012 9:25 am

      That is the cemetery that I believe Natalee resides with another body in a crypt.
      The Acacia Cemetery is a Masonic Cemetery.

      You know “The Block and Hammer”.

    25. crossbow on May 17th, 2012 9:29 am

      That is the cemetery I believe Natalee resides with another body in a coffin in an above ground crypt.
      You know “The Block and Hammer”.
      Remember; Karle Wever was the Grand Master in 2005.
      He could be related to Yolanda or run the Zepp Wever Funeral Home.

    26. Peru’s Supreme Court OK’s Joran Vander Sloot’s Extradition to US for Extortion in Connection with the Death of Natalee Holloway | Scared Monkeys on June 2nd, 2012 4:32 pm

      [...] with the death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005 by attempting to extort Beth Holloway. It was long suspected that Peru’s court would approve the extradition.  Peru’s top court stipulated, however, that Joran Van der Sloot can only be [...]

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