Jet Blue Pilot Clayton Osbon Goes Nuts on Plane Shouting to Passengers, “You’d better start praying right now.”


A JetBlue pilot freaks out on plane.

It was an airline passengers worth nightmare in a post 9-11 world, a pilot freaking out and spewing comments like, “You’d better start praying right now,” and according to accounts referencing Al Qaeda, a bomb, and threatening that the plane is going down. That is exactly what occurred during a flight from NYC to Las Vegas aboard a JetBlue plane.  Captain Clayton Osbon began acting erratically and was locked out of the cockpit by a fast thinking co-pilot. Osbon then began going nuts in front of the passengers before he was tackled by some heroic individuals on board.

VIDEO of pilot flipping out

The JetBlue pilot who was restrained Tuesday aboard a Las Vegas-bound flight had a panic attack, according to law enforcement sources, while the FAA called the incident a medical emergency.

Unruly captain Clayton Osbon, with 131 passengers and six crew members aboard flight 191, was subdued by at least five passengers after his co-pilot reportedly locked him out of the cockpit when he displayed potentially dangerous behavior. The flight from Kennedy Airport in New York was diverted to Amarillo, Texas.

Thankfully, there was an off duty JetBlue pilot traveling on the flight who helped land the plane.  Once on the ground, Osbon was taken off the plane in handcuffs and a wheelchair by Amarillo police and is now in FBI custody.

Who finds it a tad bit bizarre that of all the things that a pilot would say would be “bomb” and “Al Qaeda”?  According to news accounts pilots are required to have medical check ups, but not mental evaluations. The airlines might want to add those the the list after this bizarre event.

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