The MSM Double Standard on High Gas Prices for Obama … Remember When it was a Negative for Bush?



When Barack Obama became President of the United States gas prices were at a national average of $1.84 a gallon. Flash forward to present day and the national gas average is $3.89.  However, what was a negative news story for George W. Bush and the increasing gas prices is not even close to the same story spewed by the liberal MSM. Go figure.

Hot Air points out the continues and obvious bias media coverage of high gas prices under President Obama and former President GWB. Isn’t amazing that under GWB the media stated that the high gas prices were going to affect him and the GOP in the 2006 midterms. Guess what, they did. However, gas prices are at all time highs for this time of the year and that same bias MSM states that Obama cannot affect the gas prices and its not his fault. It gets worse, the MSM is actually portraying high gas prices as a positive. The truth of the matter is high gas prices will affect the 2012 elections for Obama and all Democrats.

Tim Graham outlined the differences between media coverage of high gas prices under George W. Bush and gas prices under Barack Obama. Bet you can guess which president received more leniency!

This really isn’t a hard or complicated issue to understand. A wide variety of factors contribute to the price of gas. The president doesn’t have control over all of them — but he does have significant control over energy policy in the United States and energy policy is one of the factors that contributes to the price of gas …

NewsBusters has the full transcript:

TIM GRAHAM: Certainly in 2006, George W. Bush got a much harsher press. It was really kind of funny because they were saying that things were going to go really badly for Bush in the midterm elections, which of course they did. But when gas prices went down in the fall of 2006, then Katie Couric did story where she basically said, “Is this an oil industry plot to drop the gas prices before the elections?” They just assume whatever spin that they can find. Yeah. The front page of New York Times this morning? “U.S. Inches Towards Goal of Energy Independence.”


GRAHAM: Well, there is lot of emphasis, now, on how it is not the President’s fault. There is nothing he can do about it. I mean, and the Washington Post went out and did a poll. Is the President, you know, can he do anything about this? What was funny was, then they put the two numbers side-by-side. So, six years ago, 73 percent of the Democrats said the President can do something about gas prices. Now they say, 33 percent of them say, the President can do something about gas prices. That is a 40-point double standard gap. That’s where the media lives.

Obama vs. Bush on gas prices and oil exploration from the Heritage Foundation. Do not for one second believe that Barack Obama does not have an energy policy, he does. Obama’s agenda is working exactly as he and his Secretary of Energy Chu wanted, higher has prices to force Americans to his boondoggle green energy. Do not for one second believe they are for low gas prices and “drill, baby drill”, they have more than shown that they despise fossil fuels. It is only Obama’s political rhetoric that high gas prices just are occurring during a reelection year that he is worried about.

A question to the in the tank Obama media, if high gas prices are a positive for Obama, when did the media’s darling President shift is position on the Keystone XL Pipeline? One week he was actively lobbying Democrats in the US Senate to “KILL THE BILL” and next thing you know Obama is pulling a John Kerry and saying he was for the pipeline before he was against it. PLEASE!!!

The fact of the matter is that the MSM will willfully and purposely lie for President Obama. Is it any wonder why these folks have little to no credibility anymore? The MSM is all in for this President and it has become obvious to most. What was bad for Bush, should also be bad for Obama. However, if the MSM ever took an even keeled approach to reporting the news and the impact of Obama’s policies on “We the People”, his approval rating would be in the 30′s. Instead, they set the bar lower for Obama and change the narrative altogether.

I wonder how Peggy Joseph feels these days about her comments she made in 2008 about now that Obama is the President she will not have to worry about putting gas in her car. Peggy, just a reminder for you that gas prices are presently $3.89, they were $1.84 when you made your comments. Hey Peggy, how’s that “Hopey-Changey” Obama will pay for your gas working out for you?

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    2 Responses to “The MSM Double Standard on High Gas Prices for Obama … Remember When it was a Negative for Bush?”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on March 25th, 2012 7:06 pm

      Peggy was not talking about anything except all the freebies she would get if Obummer were to be elected. She is the poster child for the welfare class. “He’s going to pay my rent, buy my food, and pay for my gas” was esentially her statement.

      NO ONE will be able to take the price of gas down until the EPA and the DOE are shut down so the free market can operate.

    2. Obama Minions Launch Political Ad Campaign Trying to Disatnce the President from High Gas Prices | Scared Monkeys on April 2nd, 2012 10:00 am

      [...] smarter with gas prices, hardly. This is what happens when the MSM shills for a Democrat and has a double standard when it comes to issues that are damning to Democrats and their all-in candidate [...]

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