SUPER TUESDAY GOP PRIMARY/CAUCUS RESULTS … Romney Wins 6, Santorum 3, Gingrich 1 and Paul 0



The polls have closed in Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia and they are being called for Mitt Romney. As repoprted at CNN, so far this Super Tuesday evening, Romney has won 3 states, Santorum 2 and Gingrich 1 … Alaska. Idaho, South Dakota and the all important Ohio still to be decided.

UPDATE I: The state of Georgia is being called for Newt Gingrich.

UPDATE II: Oklahoma is being called for Rick Santorum and a surprising early call, Fox News projects Santorum will win the Volunteer state of Tennessee.

UPDATE III: All eyes are on the two man race in Ohio between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The up to date vote count can be seen HERE.  With 15% of the vote counted in Ohio, Romney has 38% – 67,097 votes and Santorum has 38% – 65,996.

UPDATE IV: FOX News projects that Romney will win the Idaho Caucus.

UPDATE V: Ohio Primary – Romney starting to pull away in OH.

  • 86% of the vote counted: Romney 390,810 and Santorum 388,973.

UPDATE VI: Imagine this, to the total amazement to no one, except Barack Obama and the liberal MSM, the Super Tuesday exits polls show that the economy and gas prices were the top issues. How could that be? As stated by Jammie Wearing Fool, you mean the top issue was not contraception and Rush Limbaugh?

Gas prices and the economy were the top issues on the minds of voters on Super Tuesday, according to exit polls.

Seven in 10 voters in the seven Super Tuesday states that hold primaries said the price of gas was an important topic in deciding who to vote for in the GOP presidential primary, according to CBS News. Southern states seemed to care most about gas prices: in Georgia, 81 percent said it was the top issue in deciding, while in Oklahoma, 79 percent said it was the most important. In Tennessee, 77 percent it was important.

The Associated Press found that the economy was also a top issue influencing voters as they went to the polls.

UPDATE VII: Mitt Romney wins Ohio by about 12.000 votes.

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