SUPER TUESDAY Republican Primary: FOX NEWS Projects Ted Cruz Will Win Texas GOP Primary


With 32% of the vote in … FOX News is calling Texas for Sen. Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz had to win Texas and he did!

Though Mr. Cruz was viewed as the favorite on the Republican side, his campaign was concerned enough about the outcome to spend precious time campaigning here in recent days when it could have been chasing votes across the “Super Tuesday” map.

Still, the victory provided a needed lift to Mr. Cruz’s delegate count, and a powerful argument against the other Republicans chasing Mr. Trump: Mr. Cruz is the one who has actually beaten him — here and in Iowa. Earlier on Tuesday, Mr. Cruz sought to turn up the pressure on Senator Marco Rubio, whose own home state, Florida, votes March 15.

“There is no doubt that any candidate who cannot win his home state has real problems,” Mr. Cruz said.

GOP 2016 Super Tuesday_Texas2

It would appear that Ted Cruz will win Texas and out-perform the RCP average polling.

GOP 2016 Super Tuesday_Texas

UPDATE I: Ted Cruz is projected to pull out two big victories over Donald Trump

Ted Cruz picked up at least two big victories in the Super Tuesday contests, as he was projected to win the Texas and Oklahoma Republican primaries.

Cruz won the Republican presidential primary in his home state of Texas, multiple outlets and television networks projected. Shortly afterward, The Associated Press projected that Cruz would win Oklahoma’s primary.

The senator pulled out the victories over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, delivering the mogul his most significant setbacks of an otherwise strong night.

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    3 Responses to “SUPER TUESDAY Republican Primary: FOX NEWS Projects Ted Cruz Will Win Texas GOP Primary”

    1. Tamikosmom on March 1st, 2016 9:35 pm
    2. Daily Commentary – Wednesday, March 2, 2016 – As I Record This We Don’t Know the Super Tuesday Primary Results Yet | Scared Monkeys on March 2nd, 2016 8:15 am

      [...] UPDATE II: SUPER TUESDAY Republican Primary: FOX NEWS Projects Ted Cruz Will Win Texas GOP Primary [...]

    3. kashekamon on March 2nd, 2016 3:25 pm

      Cruz has used the last of the southern Baptists. He also lost the evangelical support in Alabama, it went to Trump.

      As far as Rubio goes, he’s only won 1 state out of 15 and it looks like Florida is Trump support. Florida doesn’t care much for Rubio. They’ve seen his behavior as a lousy senator.

      The Gop needs an attitude adjustment….we are their bosses, they are our public servants. The ridiculous support for Rubio’s remarks towards Trump is damaging the entire party. His comments and trying to plant seeds of doubt and his videos are going to be used by Hillary if Trump is the nominee. Rubio’s doing the dirty work for her.

      Rubio’s attacking his tax returns, Trump’s returns are very complex, they take a lot of time to be filed with accuracy, he’s a private sector, Rubio’s tax return, filing as a politician probably looks like the short form. In fact, Trump’s tax return information may not become public because of all the private information on them contained with names and negotiations with other businesses that he can’t and should not release.

      Both Cruz and Rubio jumped on the issue with the KKK. Well, they showed up unannounced, uninvited, managed to get by the police, the secret service, and the campaign team. They should of been stopped right then and there. Everyone was seated or standing in place when Trump came on stage. He didn’t know they were there; no one told him. Then they appeared somewhere behind him so they could get on camera. That was another chance for them to be removed but no one did. Most of those present didn’t even know they were there. So it all falls on Trump. He did disavow the KKK when he later found out what was going on. But if he had broadcasted it over the microphone and loud speakers to thousands of people that were there it very well could of become violent out of fear of not knowing how many were there and why they were there. Many people could of been injured. It could of caused quite a manic. He has a responsibility as a lead speaker and host not to incite trouble. Well, I bet they won’t get into another rally. This was not Donald’s fault.

      Hillary will use everything she’s got and more to get into the White House, we need to use everything we’ve got and more to keep her out!

      If Trump is the nominee Hillary will use Rubio’s every bad word or comments he’s ever said or videos he’s made, anything negative toward Trump. What Rubio is doing and has done will be replayed over and over again.

      Rubio’s actions due to desperation, immaturity and insecurity needs to be placed under damage control.

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