Gallup Survey Paints Grim Picture for the Obama Administration for Jobs and Unemployment


The Hill reports that a Gallup survey shows ‘sharp deterioration in job market’ in February. What, you mean the economy is not as good as Obama, his minions and the MSM would like you to believe? Obamanomics is hardly the answer no matter how much it is spun. Eventually, it catches up to you. When a President never seriously focuses on jobs in any kind of non-socialist, government intrusive manner … the chickens come home to roost.

The survey firm said seasonal factors — including job loss by seasonal workers hired over the holidays — could be responsible for the dip.

Regardless of what the government reports, Gallup’s unemployment and underemployment measures show a sharp deterioration in job market conditions since mid-January,” the firm said in a statement accompanying the release of the data.

Gallup also found that 10 percent of American workers have part-time positions despite wanting full-time work.

“The mid-February reading means the percentage of Americans who can only find part-time work remains close to its high since Gallup began measuring employment status in January 2010,” the polling firm said.

See the Gallup poll data HERE.

Rising gas prices and even doctored unemployment numbers on the rise as well. All this while the MSM Obama sycophants have been droning on for days about how his chances are improving. Not so fast … $4 to 5$ a gallon gas and and job market that is not even close to being as strong as what Obama and the MSM claim has an uncanny knack of lowering an incumbent President’s job approval rating.

Oh yea, and then there is Obamacare. You remember when Obama promised that it would lower the cost of health insurance premiums. Guess what, it does not. As reported at Gallup, ‘Health Costs, Gov’t Regulations Curb Small Business Hiring’.

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    One Response to “Gallup Survey Paints Grim Picture for the Obama Administration for Jobs and Unemployment”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on February 22nd, 2012 11:39 am

      Barry Sobarkah (aka Barack Obama) has got to be the worst President the United States has ever elected. He is trying to take down our country and is stealing votes by using taxpayer money to do it. FDR was a piker when compared to this guy.

      The Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch have now found that he is funding the ACORN spin-off organizations through the Democrat party Attorney Generals by using funds from the 25 billion bank fund set aside to help people with foreclosures.

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