U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller Dismisses Ridiculous PETA Lawsuit Claiming Sea World Whales Are Slaves


Leave it to PETA to come up with a ridiculous claim that whales at Sea World are slaves … CASE DISMISSED!

A lawsuit brought by PETA claiming that the Orcas at Sea World were slaves and were entitled to protection under the 13 amendment has been dismissed. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller dismissed the case and the latest publicity attempt by PETA stating that  ‘slavery’ and ‘involuntary servitude’ are uniquely human activities, and should not be applied to non-humans. PETA billed it as a landmark case, the rest of us just refer to it as dismissed.

A federal judge in San Diego dismissed an unprecedented lawsuit seeking to grant constitutional protection against slavery to a group of orcas that perform at SeaWorld parks, saying the 13th amendment applies only to humans.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller stopped the case from proceeding two days after he became the first judge in U.S. history to listen to arguments in court over the possibility of granting constitutional rights for members of an animal species.

“As ‘slavery’ and ‘involuntary servitude’ are uniquely human activities, as those terms have been historically and contemporaneously applied, there is simply no basis to construe the Thirteenth Amendment as applying to non-humans,” Miller wrote in his ruling.

Next up for PETA … stopping flea circuses.

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    2 Responses to “U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller Dismisses Ridiculous PETA Lawsuit Claiming Sea World Whales Are Slaves”

    1. flippy on February 10th, 2012 2:14 pm

      I wonder how many of these PETA folks fostered their (over-zealous) love for animals while visiting zoos and marine parks as children.

      I would guess that there would be far fewer adults that would give a crap about the plight of dolphins if they didn’t have an association with dolphins/whales from marine parks and zoos growing up.

      Bottom line: We “save” dolphins in the wild because they are awesome…and we know they are awesome because we saw them jump through rings of fire as kids.

      Remove the zoos->remove the empathy->remove the dolphins.

    2. rightknight on February 10th, 2012 2:41 pm

      Judge Miller is the kind of guy that
      we need to help insure that the quest for
      Royalty on the part of the Obama Regime
      never evolves into the Mastery of Human
      Slaves (We the People).

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