Dem Rep. Dennis Cardoza Tears Obama a News One, Calls him “Arrogant” & Says Obama Behaves “More Like a Professor” Than a President


When Democrats attack their own …

Democrat US Representative Dennis Cardoza from California calls it like he sees it. Cardoza stated that president Obama might prefer to be a university professor rather than do the job he holds today. Maybe he would do a better job being a professor. After all, professors can yap all they want, pontificate and not care about results. Sounds perfect for Obama.

After observing President Obama for the last three years, it has become obvious to me that the president might prefer to be a university professor rather than do the job he holds today. While he might not realize that he feels this way, the evidence is very clear to those who work with or watch him closely.

Let me be clear — I’m not trying to disparage professors. But anyone who wonders why the president is not crushing the weak Republican field only needs to examine how President Obama has behaved more like Professor Obama:

Early in his administration, President/Professor Obama repeatedly referred to “teaching moments.” He would admonish staff, members of Congress and the public, in speeches and in private, about what they could learn from him. Rather than the ideological or corrupt “I’m above the law” attitudes of some past administrations, President Obama projected an arrogant “I’m right, you’re wrong” demeanor that alienated many potential allies. Furthermore, the President concentrated power within the White House, leaving cabinet members with no other option but to dutifully carry out policies with which they had limited input in crafting and might very well disagree. From my experience, this was especially true in the environmental, resources, housing and employment areas. Not by coincidence, these areas have also been responsible for much of the President’s harshest critiques.

The NRO makes an astute point in discussing the issue of Obama being so-called likable.I would tend to agree. Personally, Obama lost any “likable” trait when he made fun of the “Special Olympic”. Sorry, the words, thoughts and actions are hardly the mark of a likable individual.

Last week I mentioned my continuing surprise at how many Americans insist Obama is likable, when it seems increasingly clear the president has some distinctly unlikable traits. His perpetual belief that he is here to teach everyone else the right way for everything, as Cordoza mentions above, would seem to be one of them.

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    3 Responses to “Dem Rep. Dennis Cardoza Tears Obama a News One, Calls him “Arrogant” & Says Obama Behaves “More Like a Professor” Than a President”

    1. rightknight on December 13th, 2011 11:30 pm

      ‘Professor’ Obama is typical of those wrapped up
      in fantasy and theory as opposed to experience
      in reality. He’s been brainwashed (in so many ways)
      regarding Marxist Utopianism by his mentors while
      growing up. Since it has NEVER worked in practice,
      it is truly fantasy. I’d call him a ‘Fantastic Professor’
      rather than a ‘Practical President’.

    2. SUPER DAVE on December 14th, 2011 7:58 am

      i doubt he could even be a professor being that his education was given to him. he refuses to produce school records so he must be lying about his education too.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on December 14th, 2011 8:41 am

      There are unfortunately more “Fantastic Professors” than there are Practical Professors in the world of our colleges and universities.

      It is too bad that society does not require at least six years of work in the real world before allowing anyone to make the transition to the academic world. This would make our schools from kindergarten through our universities much more attuned to the realities of life.

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