Dennis Miller on The Factor … “I am Glad that Obama Did not Bow to the Party Crashers”


Barack Obama finally earns some Presidental points according to Dennis Miller on O’Reilly’s Factor … at least Obama do not bow to the couple.

Dennis Miller: “I want them to dispose her and get her to admit she’s 44 under oath… I’m just proud of our president when they showed him, it was nice to finally see him not bow to somebody, you know.

She is the peroxide czar

The reason why i think they snuck through teh front gate is I think he has the Secret Service so on top of keeping Biden far away from him, that they just walked right through.

From the Gateway Pundit, This is priceless and although I am not a “birther” either, this is damn funny.

BTW, why does the WH want to block testimony of The Wedding Crashers? Oh sorry, the Party Crashers. Wasn’t this supposed to be the most transparent Administration EVAH!

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    One Response to “Dennis Miller on The Factor … “I am Glad that Obama Did not Bow to the Party Crashers””

    1. St Stephen on December 4th, 2009 9:10 am

      He didn’t?

      Let’s just say we have no picture of it, at least.

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