Barack Obama, It is Great to be Back in Texas, eh … Kansas … Idiot Moment, Job Losses Blamed on Technology


Barack Obama … further Lost in Smallness …

Barack Obama, ever wonder how dangerous one man could be? Obama wants us to go back to the days before computers, ATM’s and smart phones. Obama will not be happy until everyone is working as a bank teller or a telephone switchboard operator. No one should ever wonder why the economy is in the state it is … Obama is clueless, worse, he is dangerous.

As reported at Powerline, while campaigning in Kansas yesterday, “President Obama momentarily forgot which of the 57 states he was in.” More from the smartest President ever …

This was supposed to be a joke of sorts and slip of the tongue. Sorry Barack, we forgot to laugh. We the People tend to do this when the economy is in the tank and millions are without jobs. The real 99% can’t go on 17 day vacations to Hawaii.

However, that was not the eye opener that made America scratch their collective head. The “WTF” moment of complete ignorance came from Obama when he blamed job losses on technology. Huh? I guess Obama blames Al Gore, who claims to have invented the Internet, responsible for job loss.

“Layoffs too often became permanent, not part of the business cycle. And these changes didn’t just affect blue collar workers. If you were a bank teller or a phone operator or a travel agent, you saw many in your profession replaced by ATMs and the internet,” President Obama said at a campaign event in Kansas.

What king of complete and total bufoon is this guy? Seriously, and the Left called Bush stupid? Has Obama no understanding that making things more efficient that the economy becomes more productive? Does Obama not comprehend how many jobs have been created by the Internet? Does he them also blame Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs for technology innovation? Are they to blame as well for the loss of jobs. How ignorant could one person really be? In this case because the individual is the president of the United Stated, how dangerous could one man possibly be?

Please rid the United States of this President in 2012 and help get America back to success and prosperity.

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    One Response to “Barack Obama, It is Great to be Back in Texas, eh … Kansas … Idiot Moment, Job Losses Blamed on Technology”

    1. Babybear on December 7th, 2011 1:37 pm

      I respect the office of President of the United States, but I have lost all respect for the present holder of that position. This man is an idiot. I’d like to see him take an IQ test to prove he’s the smartest President ever. (I don’t know who designated him to be the smartest President ever, but whoever did is also an idiot. Sounds like some denizen of MSNBC, though.) If he had not surrounded himself with Socialists and Communists, maybe someone would have the good common sense to tell him to shut up and go away, but he is a useful tool for them in their plans for one world government and the destruction of the economy of the US. They are well on their way to world domination, using this fool.

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