10 Month Old Lisa Irwin Still Missing in Kansas City, MO … Police Say Parents Not Cooperating, Searches End? (UPDATE: Mom Said to have Failed Lie Detector Test)


Lisa Irwin still missing … police claim that parents are no longer cooperating. Where is and what happened to 10 month old Lisa Irwin?

10 month old Lisa Irwin has been missing in Kansas City, MO since October 4, 2011; however, police are saying that the parents of the missing infant are no longer cooperating. A police spokesman, stated that Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have stopped talking to detectives, but did not provide a reason why. The police have also shut down the command post near the home of missing Lisa Irwin and have said that “had done everything possible as far as physical searches go”.

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The parents of Lisa Irwin have stopped cooperating with the investigation into the 10-month-old girl’s disappearance, Kansas City police said Thursday.

Capt. Steve Young, a police spokesman, didn’t say why Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin stopped talking to detectives on Thursday evening, but the development means that investigators have lost a key source of information.

“They live in the house. They intimately have information about what’s been going on. They know the child,” Young said.

A family member later issued a denial, saying the parents were continuing to assist police. She promised a statement today.

The family has denied that they have stopped coopering with police. As reported at ABC News, the family is upset with the tough tactic they are using to get information. WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS? RED FLAG. The mother of missing Lisa Irwin stated that the police accused her of the crime. No kidding, REALLY? states that the police  A family with a missing baby that was abducted from their home should only be concerned with find the child and the hell with how police are trying to do their job. That is unless they have something to hide? Any time a child/person goes missing from a home, of course those that live in the home are going to come under suspicion. Especially when the crime scene, the room of 10 month old Lisa Irwin, looked untouched with nothing out of place.

The parents of missing Missouri baby Lisa Irwin are upset with “tough tactics” used by the police to extract information from them about what happened to their 10-month old.

The couple was displeased with how they were treated on Thursday during a day-long interrogation. Tactics allegedly used by the police included trying to turn the parents against one another, directly accused the mother of having failed a polygraph test, and accusing her of having something to do with the disappearance of her baby girl.

The parents say they are cooperating with the investigation but a statement from the Kansas City police claims the couple “no longer want to talk to detectives.”

The family is supposed to release a statement on Friday. Let’s hope the next thing is not that the family lawyers up.

Police continued to urge anyone with any information to call police or 816-474-TIPS (8477).

UPDATE I: The mother of missing Lisa Irwin, Deborah Bradley, said to have failed a lie detector -  polygraph earlier this week.

The mother of a 10-month-old girl who disappeared from their Kansas City home says police told her she failed a lie detector test.

Twenty-five-year-old Deborah Bradley told The Associated Press Friday that she took the polygraph earlier this week after her baby, Lisa Irwin, went missing late Monday or early Tuesday.

For more updates and to provide your opinions and analysis, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Lisa Irwin.

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    16 Responses to “10 Month Old Lisa Irwin Still Missing in Kansas City, MO … Police Say Parents Not Cooperating, Searches End? (UPDATE: Mom Said to have Failed Lie Detector Test)”

    1. NGBoston on October 7th, 2011 6:39 am

      This child is still alive! Hope LE keeps the pressure on, regardless of the parents keeping quiet. Whether they are lawyering up or not…

      they know where she is! I think she was sold.

      =( Praying for you, baby Lisa!

    2. Tamikosmom on October 7th, 2011 7:36 am

      The mother of a 10-month-old girl who disappeared from their Kansas City home says police told her she failed a lie detector test.

      Posted October 7, 2011 by Scared Monkeys


      Police tell mom of missing Mo. baby: ‘You did it’
      Updated 06:34 a.m., Friday, October 7, 2011

      Irwin, 28, said he also offered to take a test but that police said that was not necessary.


    3. Mary on October 7th, 2011 9:27 am

      Well, I am not saying that the mother did it, and it certainly appears that the mother is extremely upset about her daughter’s disapearance; however, a not so too far distant memory of another mother comes to mind, Susan Edwards…who, when in front of the TV cameras pleaded in tears to the “persons of interest” who had her children to return them, only to find out later…it had all been an act. This is not to say the mother here of Lisa Irwin is not true, I am saying that police take past cases into mind…they have to…if they are going to proceed with this investigation…every lead has to be exhausted, even if that means stepping on the feelings of the mother and father of this little girl. The little girl is the victim here first and foremost. Yes, the parents are victims too of this terrible crime but they are not the tiny child in the arms of an alleged crazed killer either. Hopefully, it comes to light that some woman who wanted a child, took the child and is taking care of her. If not, one would have to unfortunately come up with a whole other list of terrible scenarios that I will not write here. I only pray that little baby girl is safe and sound somewhere in the arms of a woman who just wanted a child…and that she finally turn that baby over to the parents.

    4. NGBoston on October 8th, 2011 5:57 am

      Not good that Mom failed test, not good that for some reason LE still wants to search for Baby Lisa.

      I will be praying and thinking of this little one all weekend.

      Can’t bear looking at that precious little face knowing she is in danger…Please, Lord- bring this Child home and do not make her suffer.

    5. katablog.com on October 8th, 2011 10:33 am

      #3 that was Susan Smith, not Edwards. Edwards is the politician that denied paternity of his little girl with a mistress while his wife was dying.

      Yep, story sounds a little fishy. Especially with the 3 missing cell phones. They should still be able to get some type of GPS tracking off them.

      Anyway, there’s another side. Remember the police have botched cases and accused parents that were innocent. I think (you never know until you experience it) I would refuse a police held lie detector under any circumstances including a missing child. There’s too many times the law goes bad. Instead I would demand an independent lie detector.

      I also don’t blame the parents for lawyering up. Again, yes, it sounds suspicious to us – but then remember how many parents have been accused when the police get frustrated. Police are also able to actually LIE and tell a person they failed a lie detector even if they didn’t.

      Lie detectors detect stress. This mother – guilty or innocent – has to be under the worst kind of stress a parent can experience.

      My gut says the mother probably is involved with the disappearance of the little girl, but it isn’t because of the lie detector or getting a lawyer.

      I’d like to hear what the other two kids say about whether the baby cried a lot that day, mom was stressed, depressed, good mood, etc. There simply have to be some clues. Did mom usually go to bed at 10:30 pm? What’s the deal with the kitchen light and the missing cell phones – both make no sense.

    6. NGBoston on October 8th, 2011 10:54 am

      I’d also like to know EXACTLY what time the first 911 call was made.

      Exactly. This is a big indicator here as to why the delay in reporting to Authorities.

      Agree with your post, #5 Kata.

    7. Miklo on October 8th, 2011 5:08 pm

      Kitchen light was on?
      If Mr. Irwin worked all night shifts, this doesn’t seem too strange.

      I still say that LE need to rule out either of the parents’ ex-spouses.

      Police often get frustrated and blame the parents.
      Its easy to spot areas of instability when you put someone’s life under a magnifying glass.

    8. David on October 8th, 2011 8:03 pm

      Watching the news and reading the articles regarding this case, I do think she was sold/or even given away. However its a little more complex then just stating they both gave her up and our trying to cover it up. There is legal ways to do that, then try covering it up. I feel the investigation should be focused on the husband. The only reason they would try to cover this up is only if one of them is in on it. Mainly to hide it from their spouse. I think looking into any past articles regarding baby adoption posted by anyone in the area, anyone getting declined by local adoption agencies etc. Another note as to why I feel more attention should be on the husband is details like the dog not barking, screen set back into the window, lights turned on threw out the house, and a baby monitor that never got loud enough to distrub the sleeping mom. He would have had easy access to doing any of this, and also the three cell phones that were placed on the counter.. strange for this to occur. Seems like to much of a convenience, as if planned. I would look into why “they decided to always leave their cell phones out on the counter everyday”, find out if it was something one of them insisted on doing. Also see if they have seperate bank accounts, any jump in money lately. If one of them would say sell the child the money would be kept to only one of their knowledge. The husband seemed distant in all the videos of the couple, he also stood up for his wife a 100%, maybe he knows she didnt do anything, maybe just husbandly love. If all else fails I would even look into gambling addictions, gambling against the wrong people could lead to horrible consequences. But I hope the best of luck to the investigators on this case, it would truly be a frightening situation to be in.

    9. David on October 8th, 2011 8:14 pm

      Another thing I question is the window screen.. This is strange because they said it was placed back into the window, and it was indented inwards. They may have just placed it back in backwards, but otherwise it should have been pulled out so the indents should have been outwards, IF the window was closed. There would have been no way to push it inwards if the window was closed, so thats a question I would like to here, because that means if the door is always locked it was someone with access to the house that would have set it up to look like the window was broken into and put the screen back to draw attention to that window, when indeed it was not.

    10. NGBoston on October 9th, 2011 6:17 am

      The photo of baby Lisa in this newsclip pulls at my heartstrings—-I hope they remain intensified in their search for answers.


      Thinking of a beautiful baby, praying for a positive outcome even though each day that passes is a detriment. LE has to keep the pressure on and hoping family and friends and ANY acquaintences of this family, neighbors, ANYONE in the area can come forward with more clues or information.

      Cannot give up on this precious baby girl!

    11. kitty on October 9th, 2011 7:56 pm

      Dave, when I saw the mother crying and crying and the Father, stone cold faced no emotion I thought what’s up with that guy? Then, I read tonight on UKMail, that the Mother is MARRIED to another man and engaged to this guy?? and it’s her fiance’s and her baby’s??? what! Something’s up, no doubt and my suspicions are gut felt again and I won’t dismiss them now. After reading your post, you make very good points and I too, wondered about the screen, lights on, 3 cell phones taken. B.S. ~ failed lie detector test. You’re as sick as your secrets, as Dr. Phil says. Seems like there’s lots of secrets here…

    12. NGBoston on October 10th, 2011 8:07 am

      #11-Kitty–Good post. Also interesting, that one of these parents is not allowed, by the Courts to see their own biological children from previous relationship. To clarify, however- on the Father–he went for sole custody of his own children. That says something there.

      IMOO, I believe the Father here displays limited emotion because he has been taught to surpress. It seems as if he had the where with all to fight for Custody of his own children in the past—he at least stands up for the rights of CHILDREN. This story is getting more complex, and I too have been guilty of jumping to conclusions early on.

      Problem is, the more time that passes- the farther away or better hidden this infant will become. Someone has to talk- and I don’t appreciate them trying to zero in on a female’s “checkered past”.

      Unless she is a convicted felon (THINK ZAHRA BAKER’S TWISTED STEPMOM) with a really bad past-it’s not fair to judge someone who perhaps made some minor mistakes in their past. People are human! HOWEVER- this family is not telling all. Something is up. Could be the checkered past VERY WELL has something to do with this infant being abducted. The living arrangements alone were strange to say the least. They are not even married- and yet- this Man is working for, and helping to support an infant he knows is not his. Give him some credit for that.

      I certainly do not have the answers, but also one does not need to be Einstein to figure out this entire situation is hinky, indeed.

    13. kitty on October 11th, 2011 2:47 pm

      just in is that the LE are blocks away looking into an abandoned home’s well…(sigh) and they are about to arrest the baby’s Mother.

      IF, and I say, if that is the case ~ and if the baby was Fathered by another man…and IF she was engaged while still married ~ and IF she did this, oh, how awful she wouldn’t keep the baby and have gotten help ~ or give that baby back to the biological Father, or place her for adoption… instead of do something so horriffic…(IF she did)… I then would question if there were signs of her having Post Partam Depression, OCD, Psychosis? /IF that’s the case that she did it.. very sad, indeed that this child is missing,(or presumed deceased) such a beautiful baby… so many parents who wish to have a child and can’t would love a child as this to call their own. Breaks ones heart. We’ll soon find out what happened and in the mean time, praying…

    14. 10 Month Old Lisa Irwin Still Missing … Mom Says Her Arrest is Imminent; | Scared Monkeys on October 12th, 2011 9:23 am

      [...] and question the parents, one never knows what direction the case will take. Of course a failed lie detector test is never a good thing. But Capt. Steve Young, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, has [...]

    15. Gail on October 23rd, 2011 8:02 pm

      I am so sick & tired of Gods little angels being harmed, I don’t give a damn what any1 saids, the parents did something to that poor little child….but like that B!TCH, Casey Anthony!!!! those 2 are going to get away with it as well….they still haven’t found missing Haliegh Cummings from FL, which BTW has been missing since 2009….

    16. carolyn on March 8th, 2012 2:49 pm

      I feel that the mother should have to go to prison and all the doors should be shut. She should never be able to get out! If people don’t want their children, get fixed and don’t have any. Why wait and muder them because it was not something you wanted. I have noticed something in our soicity, wrong has become right, and right has become wrong. We the people who want to do the best we can are being inprisoned by those who can just kill and get away with it. We as a society need to take harsh measuresments and make the Judges accountable to put people in prison who commit these crimes. I feel that the parent who was home when Baby Lisa went missing in her care should be responsible for her. I don’t believe her husband committed the crime because it can be verified where he was. I hope someday that the mother will slip and say something and go to prison for it.

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