Casey Anthony … It was the Seizures that Made Her Do it … So Says Cindy & George Anthony


Latest excuse for murder … it was the seizures that made her do it.

Good grief, now it was grand mal seizures that Casey Anthony suffered from that was responsible for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. According to the chief enabler and fellow psychopath, Cindy Anthony stated on the Dr. Phil Show that Casey suffered from seizures and probably had one as Caylee drown in the pool.

They continue to game everyone and receive attention at the expense of little Caylee

George and Cindy Anthony continue to need their 15 minutes of shame, doing on the back on their murdered grand daughter Caylee. The entire family needs to be committed and removed from the public for our safety.

The episode featuring George and Cindy Anthony, the grandparents of tragic toddler Caylee, will be aired Monday and a Fox News source said that in it they claim Casey may have suffered a gran mal seizure while her daughter was dying.

Gran (or grand) mal seizures — also known as tonic-clonic seizures — involve a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. They can be caused by other health problems, such as low blood pressure or a stroke, but most often are caused by epilepsy.

During the taped appearance, Cindy Anthony apparently told the show’s host, psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, that her daughter’s former fiance Jesse Grund had told police during a 2008 interview that he had called 911 after Casey suffered such a seizure in 2005.

According to Cindy, it was the grand mal seizures that could have involve da loss of consciousness  as Caylee drown. When will these people stop? Their daughter got away with murder and they continue to perpetrate the lie that it was an accident. If such a situation took place, and there was a documented medical malady on the part of Casey, had she reported this the day it happened she would never have spent a day in jail, nor would she have ever been charged.  Spare us the nonsense. Grand mal seizures most often caused by epilepsy but can be triggered by other health problems such as low blood pressure or a stroke. We could be so lucky.

This is exactly the reason why no one wants to hear from Cindy, George, Jose Baez or the lead liar Casey Anthony. People have listened to enough lies, they certainly do not want to pay to hear more BS. As for Dr. Phil, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are nothing more than an opportunist who paid blood money to the Anthony’s under the guise of a
donation to Caylee’s Fund, a charity run by Cindy and George Anthony. Boy, these two bottom feeders continue to make money off the murder of their grand child. Does it really get much lower?

According to the source, Cindy Anthony pointed to the seizures as evidence Casey had “a mental health condition” that may have incapacitated her while Caylee was allegedly drowning “in the swimming pool incident,” and further suggests that the seizures may be symptomatic of a condition that at times makes it difficult “to sort fact from fiction,” or, as the source said, “maybe it is why she can’t tell the truth.”

For her part, Casey is said by the source to be “deeply upset that her parents continue to seek the spotlight,” and that, “Casey just wants her mom to be her mom.”

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    16 Responses to “Casey Anthony … It was the Seizures that Made Her Do it … So Says Cindy & George Anthony”

    1. hope on September 8th, 2011 6:11 pm

      Two little, too late!


      Bless the Children forever and ever…

    2. steve miller on September 8th, 2011 8:15 pm

      Official CaseyTrackers Facebook post: Breaking News! If you haven’t seen the new “National Enquirer” front page yet, It is all a hoax! We have the front page and all original photos from that day at the beach they say was in Mexico! It was not… Screw those “Nat. En.” Guys! CaseyTrackers are really on it!

    3. jen on September 8th, 2011 9:55 pm

      Ohhhhh so it all makes sense now……..poor Caylee. they are a pack of nut jobs

    4. Maye on September 8th, 2011 10:28 pm

      Why don’t they just be quiet and fade. Nothing they say is gonna help public opinion…so just stop digging those holes people!!!! Time away is the only thing that anyone can begin to heal…jut stop!!!! Lets face it Karma will get Casey sooner or later…no need to seek it out. as satisfying as it would be to see her suffer, i believe i don’t need to!!!

    5. Marty on September 8th, 2011 11:32 pm

      So KC tells Cindy this scenario or Cindy just makes up another lie out of the blue. This family have to be the biggest liars ever. Unless Cindy saw this happen how can she even imagine such a thing could have happened. I guess another seizure made her use duct tape, triple bag her child and throw her in a swamp. Unbelievable.

    6. southernsue on September 9th, 2011 4:56 am


    7. Wolfgang on September 9th, 2011 5:18 am

      Did helpful Mom have her daughter on seizure medication? I never heard anything about siezure meds and Casey, did anyone?

    8. NG Boston on September 9th, 2011 7:46 am

      Have already sent a letter in protest of having these two bottom feeders on to Dr. Phil’s Producers and some sponsers.

      What a crappy Programming choice and what crappy Parents/Grandparents.

      These 2 are almost just a disgusting as their Daughter who still, to this day, has never told the authorities what really happened to her child.

      I refuse to pay for, or support any sponsoring so these mongrels can have a paycheck.

      Caylee deserved better.

    9. Melissa on September 9th, 2011 2:18 pm

      This really ticks me off. How dare they spread more misinformation and lies by suggesting that epilepsy is a ‘mental health condition’ – its a neurological disorder and most people who have it are able to tell right from wrong. not only that, most people who have it don’t go on drinking binges. this is an insult to the thousands of people who have epilepsy and have to suffer with it every day. and this is just another excuse for the anthonys to suggest that their daughter is the victim, not caylee..

    10. Melissa on September 9th, 2011 2:23 pm

      Oh, i think that everyone here should write to the epilepsy foundation so they can step forward and clear up this lie that epilepsy is a ‘mental health condition’ that prevents people from knowing right from wrong. This is the most misunderstood condition in humanity and thousands of thousands of people have died or have been killed for having it because it is feared and at one time it was misunderstood as a mental disorder when in fact it is a neurological condition. All of us who have epilepsy should be insulted for this insinuation and lies that the anthonies are saying on TV

    11. Billie on September 9th, 2011 2:34 pm

      In response to the latest speculation by Mrs. Anthony of Casey possibly having had a Gran Mal seizure while watching Caylee; thus the possible cause for Caylee’s drowning, according to the Mayo Clinic persons that have Gran Mal seizures can’t do certain recreational activities alone; especially swimming. Wonder, since Cindy is a nurse, if she advised Casey of this fact and/or if they sort out a treatment program; such as, Casey taking medications; especially for Caylee’s own protection for when she was alone with Casey. Also, wonder how Casey’s drinking alcohol impacted the Gran Mal seizure condition?

    12. on September 9th, 2011 3:53 pm

      Yeah right. I think not. Just another Anthony family lie. What a waste of time and space. IF this were true, why didn’t they say so at the beginning? Why were they looking for Caylee for 6 months?

    13. susan on September 9th, 2011 5:27 pm

      What is wrong with these people.I have had eplisey since the age of 17 and was dieagoised with Grand-mal seizures.How dare they insult any one that has this disorder,another one of their lies.It makes me sick to my stomach.This disorder has not made me do things like murder my childeran or anything out of the ordinary.It is frightening to have a grand-mal seizure.You are not to drink when you are on seizure med and I have been on seizure med since 17 and am now 64.if your seizures are controlled you can do things like any one else does but if they aren’t controlled then you can’t partcipate in swimming or other actitives.

      Redo do self edit.

      SM: Apologies to Susan. the above comment was misread. Read “these” people as you people. Our apologies. That was why I was wondering what you were referring to.

      You would be correct. The Anthony’s have made a mockery out of a medical condition that many people suffer from, yet they do not seem to kill their children or are frozen as their child supposedly drowns. The A’s are a pathetic group that would do and say anything to get themselves on TV and make $’s.

      They should apologize to all with Epilepsy or who suffer from seizures as to use this as an excuse why Caylee died is despicable. You are correct Susan and my apologies.



    14. Elmer on September 10th, 2011 7:50 am

      Re #13: I don’t know what sort of link she included, but this lady is obviously stating what several others before her did: The Anthonys are making a mockery of epilepsy by saying that Casey’s seizures somehow led to the death of her daughter and her subsequent lies about it. How in the world can you make anything more out of Susan’s comments?
      SM: Actually Elmer is was a self-edit to the wrong post.

      Susan would be correct in her analysis and my apologies have been made, see above.

    15. Elmer on September 10th, 2011 9:06 am

      Re 13 & 14: Very classy move, Red! I’m proud of you!!!

    16. Another Injustice to Caylee Anthony, Check Book Journalism: Just Despicable … People Magazine Reports Dr. Phil Donated $600,000 in Blood Money to George & Cindy Anthony Charity for Interview … Did Some Pay for Casey Anthony’s Defense on July 3rd, 2012 8:16 am

      [...] George and Cindy Anthony went on the Dr. Phil Show in September 2011 where Cindy claimed it was the seizures that made Casey do it.  I am not quite sure how Dr. Phil looks himself in the mirror these days. Share This [...]

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