Casey / Caylee Anthony Case: Star Prosecution Witness – Gramma Plesea


Shirley Plesea, Grandmother of tot mom Casey Anthony, and Mother of Cindy Anthony has provided some of the most damning evidence to the prosecutions case against Casey.

She had a little nudge from Cindy’s brother Rick:

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    4 Responses to “Casey / Caylee Anthony Case: Star Prosecution Witness – Gramma Plesea”

    1. cimberly on March 24th, 2009 3:13 am

      hello have a uniquie show.on caesy and the anthonys.first the news was so critical about the watch your shows.once it happened everyone died down. which is right be caylee.there are always more with this case.picking back at george and cindy again now is hypocritical./ the courts and police will do there jobs.these people need a chance to recover.they could say pink and the news would report they sais red. then they would go on and on. eveyone needs to take their part. they were good grandparents.caseys in jail.we can let it take its coarse.look at the haleigh family.if there wes abuse,the boy immediately neede to be removed.thats bull crap to swy or think it takes the focus off the one will stop looking.if something happened to the boy/the mother would be accused for not helping is not taking any focus off the search.talking about it and allowing the allogations to be thrown under the bus abd not be addressed because haleigh’s missing ,allows abusers to do what they do.blame others.there is one child whom needs to still have his life lived and not only lived in the surroundings of a missing sister.he needs a childhood too. come on.abusers should not be protected.missing child or not. the teen age wife?is it legal to marry at this age?doesn’t this show bad can do as he pleases and the mom is protecting the other child and still looking fir haleigh. reallly. back off. look into this new bride.something just isn’t right.the cousin could have had a friend? how about any neighbors?did someone smoke pot with her maybe?they need to stop smokinhg all over and dresss appropriatly. they present them selves as troubled. the dad 25 with a 17 year daughter is 17. she wouldn’t be living with s msn 8 years her senior.wheres protcective care lookinh in to this? if people think the children were abused,and come fourth,it sure ties into the whole scene.the step mom was 16 when she started dating the dad.come on they haven’t known each other a year?how come they couldn’t date and she live at home?not good scenen for the appears they both have family that could have been helping them. also his crimminal background,the dad/ it has to be combed threw.were they all drug tested right in the beginning?if the minor wife had drugs in her she should be charged with juvenile charges or adult now. it would make sense why she is so out thete.she has no business raising the kids at her age.why is the show promoting this?the real mom ,it could be true that the father made it nasty so she couldn’t get to court. what if she needed a ride and he used this to his advantage to say////she didn’t show up. knowing she couldn’t get there. think of the bot now.if there are complaints he should go to the mother while they investigate the complaints.also he is detouring from the search getting married. the mom has priorities for both kids.she is not to blame for the child missing.wht does your show need to be so mean?i watch it turn into a very attacking verses fact besed show.i pray you all turn it around. you all have a part in this .the kiddnapper could be in front of you all. look into the dad and will find the truth.

    2. Charlee on March 24th, 2009 6:21 pm

      The more that gets released the more we find out about Casey Anthony. It’s obvious Casey Anthony is a “ME” person. Someday there will be justice for Caylee.
      Thank goodness for Grandma Plesea and Rick. They are willing to speak the truth and not cover up. Bravo for them. They do Caylee justice.

    3. Sue on March 25th, 2009 6:13 pm

      Questions I would like to ask?
      Can Cindy, George, and Lee be charged with child neglect and endangerment on Caylee Anthony, due to the overwhelming evidence that Casey Anthony was not the great mother that Cindy claims she was. How do you cover up all the lies and stolen money, and believe your daughter is a great mother. Cindy allowed Casey to lie about everything and never held her accountable on nothing , even the care of Caylee Anthony. Cindy, George, and Lee allowed Casey to say she was leaving to go to work knowing that she has a history of lying and she did not have a job ( they all knew she did not have a job, they were capable of investigating Caylee’s disappearance but never inquired why she stole from them $45,000 they knew she did not have a job but allowed Casey to live in her own world) they let her take Caylee everyday and never tried to protect her from the lies and deceit that Casey did. The family is still trying to cover up Casey’s crimes. The grief that George shows is guilt for not protecting Caylee from Casey knowing all the things that have happened, it is too late now to protect her, but stand up for Caylee now! Who will stand up for all the injustice that this family has caused this child, I hope that after the Trial of Casey Anthony and all the testimonies come out that the family will be held responsible for endangering Caylee Anthony.

    4. linda of california on April 30th, 2009 7:19 pm

      please, check on an arch shape white front door. Whoever lives there has something to do with Caylee’s murder and disappearance. I am psychic but I do it privately. I saw it in my vision before where Caylee’s remains was but I was hesitant to tell anyone except my husband and relatives. I had another vision of what could have happened. Please, check on whoever owns this door.

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