The Search & Investigation Continues for Missing Indiana University Student Lauren Spierer … Corey Rossman Claims Memory Loss


It has been one week since 20 year old Lauren Spierer went missing. Spierer was last seen  Friday, June 3, 2011 at 4:30 AM in Bloomington, IN. Sadly, she has not been seen or heard from since.

Searches have continued for the missing college coed to no avail.  Several of the people who Lauren Spierer was with before she  disappeared have been questioned. Some have been repeatedly questioned and some received polygraph tests. As stated at FOX 59, the police have finally gone on record that Spierer was in an altercation with Corey Rossman prior to her going missing.

Fox59 News had previously learned police have searched the car of Lauren’s friend, the man she was last seen with before she vanished. Officers have finally gone on record saying there was a fight in Lauren’s building involving that same friend and friends of Lauren’s boyfriend. Bloomington police have firmly said Lauren was not involved in the fight but would not say for certain whether she was there when her friend was punched in the face.

However, the individual, Corey Rossman, that Lauren Spierer was last seen with alive claims he is suffering from memory loss. Convenient, eh? Rossman’s attorney claims that his client was punched and suffered memory loss. Rossman claims the first memory he has is the next morning when he wakes up in his bed, and that’s corroborated by several people. Hmm.

Two hours before Spierer vanished, surveillance cameras captured her coming from Kilroy Sports Bar back to her apartment building with a friend, Corey Rossman.  The cameras captured a scuffle between Rossman and another young man at the Smallwood Plaza apartment building complex.

“He was punched in the face.  We don’t know who, why or what was said, but that punch or punches caused him a temporary memory loss,” said Carl Satzmann, Rossman’s attorney.

Spierer and Rossman left the apartment building and she escorted Rossman back to his apartment.  She was there for about an hour with Rossman and another young man.

Rossman doesn’t remember Spierer walking him back to his apartment and the first thing he remembers is waking up the next morning, his attorney said.  Police have searched Rossman’s car and cell phone

The Spierer family has offered a $100,00 reward for information of missing Lauren Spierer. The question remains, where is Lauren Spierer, what ahppened to her and who knows?

UPDATE I: Lake Search Continues for Missing Lauren Spierer.

Divers returned to a lake near the Indiana University campus yesterday as the hunt intensified for Lauren Spierer, the missing student from Westchester County who disappeared a week ago after drinking with friends at a bar.

Cops in Bloomington, Ind., said they were responding to “a very specific” but anonymous tip regarding Lake Monroe, a popular boating and fishing hole on the outskirts of town.

Divers went under for the second straight day as searches continued in and around the city for the popular 20-year-old sophomore.

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