NBC Poll: Barack Obama’s Approval Rating on Economy Hits New Low of 37%


What a “gutsy” 37% approval rating on the economy …

Barack Obama Bin Laden bump? Not when the economy is in the crapper. Obama will continue to “Wag the Bin Laden” as The One’s approval ratings for the economy have truly hit the skids. According to a recent NBC poll, only 37% approve of the president’s handling of the economy, while 58 percent disapprove. Read the full poll here (.pdf). Let’s see the LEFT call this poll a right-wing one.

The survey shows a mixed picture for Obama, whose overall job-approval rating was bumped higher by a modest three points after the al-Qaida leader’s death was announced late Sunday.

What has changed for the president since the raid at bin Laden’s compound: The number of respondents seeing Obama as a strong leader and a good commander in chief has spiked, and public opinion for his handling of the war in Afghanistan jumped to an all-time high.

But here’s what hasn’t changed: Just a third of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction; less than four in 10 approve of Obama’s handling of the U.S. economy; and nearly 70 percent think the economy will get worse or stay the same in the next year.

Obama can pretend all he wants that he is “gutsy” and some type of decisive leader. Even a broken clock tells the time correctly twice a day. However, Obama will not be judged in 2012 of his “overseas contingency operation”, it will be done so on how many people are employed,  can afford gas and even still have their home.  As Weasel  Zippers reminds Barack Obama, “ITS THE ECONOMY, STUPID”. Good luck getting reelected with a 37% job approval on the economy.

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    4 Responses to “NBC Poll: Barack Obama’s Approval Rating on Economy Hits New Low of 37%”

    1. Omar on May 10th, 2011 10:01 pm

      I was one of those Independent that voted and believed in Obama but not this time in 2012. I’m gonna give the Republicans another chance this time around to get us out of this Economic mess we are in. They seem to be on the right side this time.

    2. Waterboy on May 10th, 2011 10:48 pm

      I guess those asked in the poll only had one vote. They could’t vote 3 or 4 times, and there lies the difference.

      He sure as heck might get re-elected, if we don’t get some form of voter I.D. and put those in jail that do voter fraud.

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    4. What a Joke … AP Poll, Obama Has a Approval Rating of 60% … Sample Skewed to Democrats by 17% | Scared Monkeys on May 11th, 2011 4:56 pm

      [...] the economy, only 47% disapprove. What a joke, just recently NBC News poll has Obama at a low of  37% in handling the economy. But the AP poll has even more fabrications as seen at NRO: And on the economy, 52 percent approve [...]

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