What a Joke … AP Poll, Obama Has a Approval Rating of 60% … Sample Skewed to Democrats by 17%



UNBELIEVABLE, and the truth of the matter is, it is unbelievable … But what should we expect from the liberal and bias media when it comes to President Barack Hussein Obama. Nice job AP, hacks!

What, you mean polls are not supposed to sample 100% Democrat sheeple?

A recent AP Poll, Barack Obama’s approval rating was up to 60% and 53% of respondents stated that  the Obamamessiah deserved reelection. See the pdf. detail  HERE. But wait, it gets better, or more comical as the case may be, 52% of the poll respondents stated that Barack Obama was doing a good job in handling the economy, only 47% disapprove. What a joke, just recently NBC News poll has Obama at a low of  37% in handling the economy. But the AP poll has even more fabrications as seen at NRO:

And on the economy, 52 percent approve of the way Obama’s handling it, and only 47 percent disapprove! He’s up 54–46 on approval of how he’s handling health care! On unemployment, 52 percent approval, 47 percent disapproval! 57 percent approval on handling Libya! Even on the deficit, he’s at 47 percent approval, 52 percent disapproval!

However, here is the big issue. The AP poll oversampled Democrats to Republics by 17%. The polling sample was as follows: 46% identified themselves as Democrat or leaning Democrat, 29% identified as Republican or leaning Republican, 4% identified as purely independent leaning towards neither party, and 20% answered, “I don’t know.” Obviously these clueless folks are Democrats as well. How could any one have a polling sample of 46% Dem and 29% GOP and honestly think this is a fair sampling?

It would appear that the AP has notices the criticism and forward an email to NRO trying to explain away their bias and misrepresentation of the American electorate. The AP is trying to say that the sampling is consistent with what they normally do. LOL, isn’t that the issue?

Weasel Zippers has found a real interesting polling nugget. In the same AP poll, George W. Bush has a 50% favorable rating. In a 17% skewed to Democrat poll. WOW, imagine what the results would look like in a fairly sampled poll. Had the AP actually provide an accurate view of the American electorate, George Bush would have had a higher approval rating than Obama. Say it ain’t so, BO.

This is hardly a positive for Obama’s reelection campaign when polling institutions have to fabricate a polling sample so to try and create news by making Americans think that Barack is more popular than he really is. Sorry, but housing prices are down,unemployment is at 9.0%, gas prices are up and more Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. It would appear that the sorry state of economic affairs in the US has not been lost on the Lonely Conservative either.  I just think that the liberal media just can’t believe that Obama has not received a bigger bounce from Bin Laden’s death. So what is a good state run media to do … make stuff up.

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    4 Responses to “What a Joke … AP Poll, Obama Has a Approval Rating of 60% … Sample Skewed to Democrats by 17%”

    1. laura lejeal on May 11th, 2011 6:51 pm

      joke????? I am never polled and everyone I know, I do my own poll, and I work with the public and see lots of people everyday. Obama is no way up. Everyone thinks he is an arrogant terrible president

    2. Moi on May 11th, 2011 8:25 pm

      Probably they polled his own White House staff.


      This is a perfect example of the real Obama. Check out the link!

    3. super dave on May 12th, 2011 6:59 am

      arrogant, ignorant of American policy and the needs of American people. he destroys everything he touches and has stolen billions of dollars from the American taxpayer. notice i said AMERICAN ! obama is not an American.

    4. flippy on May 12th, 2011 4:11 pm

      and 20% answered, “I don’t know.”
      That is an odd answer. They should include some basic knowledge questions on polls to help weed out the noise.

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