US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) Blames the Apple & The iPad for “Eliminating 1000′s of American Jobs”


Take a good look into the minds yet again of liberals … innovation is to blame for the loss of jobs, not Obama’s liberal agenda.

Us Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) says on the House floor that Apple inc and the iPad is responsible for eliminating thousands of US jobs. So the iPad is to blame for the loss of jobs and the present unemployment rate in the United States? Watch the VIDEO at Real Clear PoliticsWHAT, ARE YOU LIBERALS INANE? Take a good look into the mind of Democrats and why they hate business and innovation.

iPad: take a good look at the latest thing to blame by Democrats for the poor economy

“A few short weeks ago I came to the House floor after having purchased an iPad and said that I happened to believe, Mr. Speaker, that at some point in time this new device, which is now probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs. Now Borders is closing stores because, why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do you need to go to Barnes & Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your book, download your magazine,” Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL, Chicago) said on the House floor Friday afternoon.

No wonder these fools are so obsessed with funding trains as transportation, they want to bring up back to the 19th century.  However, Jesse Jackson is just a perfect example of how hypocritical the Democrats truly are. Not only does Jesse Jackson own an iPad, he also just earlier this month promoting Apple, Inc., the iPad and Amazon.

“Let me be clear about a few things,” Jackson said, brandishing both an Apple iPad and an Amazon Kindle on the House floor. “These devices are revolutionizing our country — and they will fundamentally alter how we will educate our children.”

The Left Coast Rebel is 100% correct in their analysis of what was left in Congress following the 2010 shellacking of the Democrats … the remaining Democrats are crazier than ever. Far be it from the liberal, misguided aganda of Barack Obama and the Democrats that government spending can create jobs and lead the US from a recession. 

Wasn’t it Barack Obama that was embracing the internet, social networking and the innovations of communicatuion that allowed Obama to reach out to many new voters and win an election? Just the other day Obama stated that he wanted a more “cool phone” in the Oval Office that was in step for the times of the 21st century. If this is the case, I guess as Sister Toldja states, Obama is respionsible for the job mess in the United States in more ways than one.

I guess we can on wait for the next thing that the Democrats blame for the loss of jobs in America like the invention of the assembly line, automobiles, mobile phones and the cotton gin.

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    3 Responses to “US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) Blames the Apple & The iPad for “Eliminating 1000′s of American Jobs””

    1. its the dem way on April 17th, 2011 8:44 am

      Think about it. If Dems had their way, taxpayers would be subsidizing a dozen or more buggy whip manufacturers in order to save jobs.

      They don’t understand free markets and never will.

    2. NGBoston on April 18th, 2011 12:00 am

      How can it be, that a man who worked closely with the late MLK could end up being such a tool?

      Big Mouthed
      Anti American
      Race BAITER who just really despises Caucasians, still talks about Slavery (HELLLLLLLLLLO—-how many hundreds of years ago, did a WHITE MAN, PRESIDENT LINCOLN FREE END AND ABOLISH SLAVERY???)

      Upon reading articles like this..makes one really wonder if good Ol’ Jesse was actually paying attention when he was working directly with Martin Luther King during his historical CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

      Jesse Jackson, GET A CLUE. You are an embarrassment to all the monumental and historical progress, years of dedication and grinding groundwork Dr. King accomplished in the late 50′s and 60′s.

      Every time Jackson and Sharpton open their mouths, it just makes me want to cringe, and NOT because they are African American, because of the reverse racist BS they spew. MLK would be rolling in his grave if he heard even half of the slanted, BIASED banter and bogus BS they are constantly slinging.

    3. NGBoston on April 18th, 2011 12:05 am

      …oops…sorry…didn’t catch @ first read this was Jesse’s Son. Doesn’t matter, the apple obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree…does it?

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