25 Year Old Summer Inman Missing Since March 22, 2011 from Logan, OH


25 year old mother of three Summer Inman has been missing since Tuesday, March 22, 2011.  The Logan, OH mom was abducted from an area behind the Century National Bank in downtown Logan, Ohio where she worked as part of the cleaning service. Summer was forced into a car by two men and has not been seen or heard from since.

Summer Inman


Summer Inman is descibed as follows:

  • 5-feet-3-inches tall
  • 120 pounds
  • brown hair
  • green eyes
  • She was wearing jeans and a dark T-shirt with white writing

  Bank Surveillance Images of Summer Inman

The FBI released surveillance photos on Friday afternoon showing Summer Inman working inside the bank before she was kidnapped on Tuesday.  Investigators said they wanted people to see the clothes she was wearing in case they find any discarded items on their property.

 Anyone with information on Summer Inman’s whereabouts to contact the Logan police department at 740-385-6868.

Summer Inman (top left), William Inman Jr. (top right), William Inman Sr. (bottom left) and Sandra Inman (bottom right).

UPDATE I: Three people have been charged in the case of missing mom Summer Inman.  They are Summer’s estranged husband, William Inman II, and his parents, William and Sandra Inman. All have been charged with first degree felony kidnapping. What did Summer’s former in-laws do to her? Did they really think they could get away with kidnapping and murder and not be the prime suspects?

The search continues for missing Summer Inman; however, investigators are considering the possibility that she will not be found alive.

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    4 Responses to “25 Year Old Summer Inman Missing Since March 22, 2011 from Logan, OH”

    1. WEBIII on March 27th, 2011 6:40 pm

      Thank you SM for posting this thread. My wife and I are falling this on our local news. All you can do is hope for the best but I would almost guarentee that this scum of the earth family has already killed her. It is really hard to believe that there is actually families like this out there.

    2. Michelle Smith on March 29th, 2011 12:56 pm

      These people look like a bunch of crack heads. I will not call them humans because they are monsters. What have they done to that poor girl? I pray they find her and that her children will not grow up without their mother.

      May they spend the rest of their lives behind bars if they are involved in her disappearance and what is probably a homicide.

      God Bless Summer Inman

    3. Tamikosmom on March 30th, 2011 3:24 pm

      [b]Re: Summer Inman, 25. Logan Ohio, kidnapped 3/22/11(Body Found)[/b]



      [b]Body of Missing Ohio Mother Found Inside Septic System
      Published March 30, 2011[/b]

      A suspect in the disappearance of a 25-year-old Ohio mother has led authorities to her body, police said Wednesday.

      The mother-in-law of Summer Inman led investigators to the young woman’s body, located in a septic system behind a church in Athens County, Ohio, Fox8.com reports.


    4. NGBoston on March 31st, 2011 6:53 am


      So, again we ask—What the hell is WRONG with people?

      Now 2 children are left without a Mother because of the Ex-Husband’s family. How sad. Hope all of those losers and MURDERERS are punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is just one of the thousands of stories that lead me to think more and more the DEATH PENALTY should be brought back in full force to each and every State.

      Why should it be ok to murder innocent people in crimes like these and then, we, as US Citizens have to pay an average of $36,000 per year to feed, house and keep these Vermin alive?

      It just doesn’t make any sense to me.


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