UNREAL, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Sees Devastating Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster as an ‘Opportunity’ for Obama to Remind People He Was Born in Hawaii



Most likely 1000′s are dead, people are missing and too many to count are injured and without a home in the wake of the 8.9 magnitude earthquakein Japan and the tsunami that followed; however, for MSNBC’s liberal mouth piece, Chris Matthews looks to have President Barack Obama use it for his person opportunity. Even worse, after watching the carnage and devastation of buildings collapsing, a 30 foot wall of water wrecking havoc and people’s lives being ended, Matthews first though was how this could benefit Obama? This man truly has no heart or soul.

After watching the video below, is the first thing that comes to your mind that Obama should use the Japan disaster for his own gain and remind people that he grew up in Hawaii?


In the imortal and discable words of Rahm Emanuel, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” It would appear that Chris Matthews is following the same tact for Barack Obama when it comes to the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  From NewsBusters comes the following where Matthews poses the question and believes Barack Obama should use the earthquake as an opportunity, “Was this sort of a good opportunity for the president to remind everybody that he grew up in the United States and Hawaii?”

When it comes to the Leftist, in the tank liberal MSM, why is everything supposed to be about Barack Obama and getting him reelected? Why isn’t it about those that are affected by a natural disaster and the families of missing loved one’s and those who have perished?


“That’s the first thing I thought of,” Matthews insisted. “Such a large number of people believe he grew up in [Kenya], they’re buying this thing that’s coming from Huckabee,” Matthews insisted.

A somewhat visibly flustered Todd politely rejected Matthews’s argument:

TODD: Look, do I think they thought this was another chance? No. I mean, they called this press conference because they hadn’t had an opportunity to speak about gas prices…. This was a case where events crowded out the whole purpose of the press conference. That’s an interesting theory. It certainly did give him an opportunity to remind folks of where he grew up and the folks he grew up with.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, it’s pathetic he has to do that, but thank you so much, Chuck Todd.

MATTHEWS: Sorry to bring you into our intramural concerns here, but one of them is this strange critique of him from the right that he’s not really one of us that never seems to end. Thank you Chuck Todd for that great reporting on an unusual and very strange topic.

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    3 Responses to “UNREAL, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Sees Devastating Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster as an ‘Opportunity’ for Obama to Remind People He Was Born in Hawaii”

    1. Steve Holloway on March 12th, 2011 3:42 pm

      Just because you say something does not mean it is the truth. You can say it a million times and it will not make it the truth.

      Open up your records Mr. “O” and this will all GO away the next day “IF” you are the Real Thing and
      we will have egg on our faces, but “IF” you are proven to be a “FRAUD” then all you Chris Matthew types need to be fired from your jobs bccause you never did your job in the first place. And the people that defended this man needs to man up and tell the rest of us how wrong you were and that you are sorry for not reporting only the facts, except when it comes to some one you did not like then you tear them to pieces.

      You serve a master that will kick you to the curb when he is done with you. Enjoy it while you can, it will be over soon when this system will go under with you wandering “what happen” but you can’t see that, because you are also part of the problem.

      Their is hope and its not in the government but only in Christ Jesus. Lord forgive us for not being the people we need to be.

    2. Greg the Great on March 12th, 2011 3:53 pm

      He should be fired. Mental illness has taken over. Is Chris Matthews high on Charlie Sheen?

    3. skat on March 13th, 2011 2:56 pm

      Matthews, on a nightly basis, comes across like he’s about three drinks in. He’s the only news anchor/pundit I’ve ever seen who can’t be bothered with sitting up straight.

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