Evan Emory Arrested & Charged with 20 Year Felony for YouTube Video that ‘Victimized’ Ravenna 1st Graders


Yet another foolish 15 minutes of fame YOUTUBE moment; however, this 15 minutes may translate into a 20 year felony. 

21 year old Evan Emory was arrested and charged with manufacturing child sexual abusive material on YouTube. The video has since been removed. However, the video showed Evan Emory sitting on a chair in front of a group of young children, playing a guitar and singing a song about having sex and doing sexual things. Good grief what would possess some one to do something so stupid?

Emory, 21, who authorities say “victimized” an entire Ravenna first-grade classroom on Jan. 12, was arrested late Tuesday, charged with manufacturing child sexual abusive material, a 20-year felony.

Emory thought the following would be cute and involved minors in the process. Mistake, BIG MISTAKE!

The video was made on Jan. 12 when Emory visited a first-grade classroom at Ravenna’s Beechnau Elementary School and sang two kid-themed songs to the children with the approval of the teacher, authorities said.

But without the knowledge of the teacher or school district, Emory then edited video to make it appear he was sitting on a stool singing sexual, provocative lyrics to the classroom full of Beechnau students and then posted it online.

It turns out that his so-called prank was also a criminal felony.

Muskegon County Prosecutor Tony Tague said what Emory did by posting a YouTube video of him apparently singing sexual explicit lyrics to a Beechnau Elementary School classroom last month is “disturbing.”
It was also criminal, Tague said.

Emory is free on a $5,000 family surety bond and a preliminary examination is slated for March 2, 2011.

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    2 Responses to “Evan Emory Arrested & Charged with 20 Year Felony for YouTube Video that ‘Victimized’ Ravenna 1st Graders”

    1. More breaking and entering on February 20th, 2011 4:18 pm

      [...] “Evan Emory Arrested & Charged with 20 Year Felony for YouTube Video that ‘Victimize… (scaredmonkeys.com) [...]

    2. Biff Wellington on February 24th, 2011 1:48 pm

      The thing is though… He didn’t sing those lyrics while the children were present. Granted, it is a little odd that he would do that, but he edited the video, he didn’t distibute the video for profit nor did he try to distribute the video to children. Unless they seize any other child offensive material from him, everything is purely circumstantial. Unfortunately, “theories” of a crime do not generally stand too well in court . The only thing he could use against him would fall under the Right of Publicity law, or some other copyright law along those lines. But seeing as parents don’t usually “trademark” or “copyright” their kids, and Evan wasn’t distributing the video with an intent to profit, all of it will soon fall throught the cracks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Evan does end up serving anything, it will probably be some probation or at max 30 days in jail. They’ll get him with something though, and that is what’s sad about Tony Tague. I’ll tell you something you don’t know because you’re not from Muskegon. This guys nickname is “TV” Tony Tague. You won’t see his name on anything unless it’s worthy of heavy air time. If the crime in question doesn’t make it to a state level… He won’t touch it. As a matter of fact, he sends his goons to do his dirty work unless the press is posted outside the county building. Do some research first. Even though I agree that posting the video was a bad mistake, Evan shouldn’t have such a severe punishment. 20 years is BS!

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