National Enquirer Reports OJ Simpson Beat To Bloody Pulp in Prison Attack … But Was He?


The National Enquirer reported in an exclusive that former NFL great and present disgraced felon, OJ Simpson, was beaten to a bloody pulp and unconscious in a prison yard attack. The Enquirer went on to say that a skin head pounded on O.J.’s head, shoulders and upper body until “The Juice” fell unconscious to the ground in a bloody mess. O.J. Simpson is presently serving a nine year sentence in Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center for his  involvement in an armed memorabilia robberyin Las Vegas.

Disgraced gridiron great O.J. SIMPSON was beaten unconscious in a brutal prison yard attack, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Inmates cheered as a muscular young skinhead knocked him to the ground, punching and kicking him to a bloody pulp and inflicting injuries so severe he secretly spent nearly three weeks in the infirmary before he recovered.

The humiliating beating left 63-year-old Simpson in agony – and threw him into a spiral of depression so deep that he’s now afraid to venture out of his cell, divulge sources.

However, did the attack really happen or was it just wishful and creating thinking on the part of The Enquirer? However, as reported at AOL.News …  the story was not true. Steve Suwe, the public information officer for the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada called the story,”totally bogus.”

Lovelock spokesman Steve Suwe told Surge Desk, “None of that happened. We’ve talked to him, we know where he’s at, he’s physically fine.” He added that Simpson “just does his time. He’s not a big issue for us and the inmates.”

I guess the Enquirer need to continue to focus on reports of former NC Senator John Edwards. They seem to get those 100% correct.

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    3 Responses to “National Enquirer Reports OJ Simpson Beat To Bloody Pulp in Prison Attack … But Was He?”

    1. NGBoston on February 17th, 2011 5:19 am

      No, being verified that he was not. Don’t we know the special little treatment OJ THE MURDERER gets in jail.

      Karma is a MOFO, though Brotha.

      Enjoy your stay. Amazing that he thought he would live the rest of his life a free man after killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

      What God giveth, he can certainly take a way.


    2. bigbiggityben on February 17th, 2011 9:59 am

      This whole sordid Simpson affair has become a tabloid event from the outset, with mainstream news endorsement. Screw the jury’s decision lets hear what the National Enquirer has to say about Simpson the murderer, after reading the story about the mother of birthing a Martian baby and the engagement of the Elephant Man to Madonna. The Simpson trial was manufactured by concealing exculpatory evidence and a new book at amazon dot com/ books points that out “Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial and its Hidden Secrets” leaves people who concealed information with a lot of explaining to do, including Johnnie Cochran, Fred Goldman, Lou and Juditha Brown, Bob Shapiro, and the whole damn LADA’s office. These Simpson investigaors really did their homework.
      SM: Actually, its called jury nullification.

    3. brie. on February 18th, 2011 10:19 am

      Is it true or is not not!!!!!!!!!!!

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