More MSNBC Civility: US Rep. Cohen (TN-D) Compares Mike Pence to Goebbels, Ed Schultz Agrees


Oh that liberal civility …

The liberal hate continues from US Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-D) via the airwaves of MSNBC. Cohen went on to MSNBC and was interviewed by Ed Schultz following Cohen’s hateful comments where he compared Republicans to Nazi’s. As stated by NewsBusters, the interview began as some what of an apology from Cohen; however, it wound up being something much different.

The interview actually started out seeming to be an opportunity for Cohen to apologize for his Tuesday comments, with Schultz asking: “Congressman, did you go too far there?” Cohen seemed hesitantly remorseful: “Well, apparently so because a lot of people, I guess, hold a strict liability rule on mentioning the Holocaust or anything….I’ve learned that lesson, I guess.” However, he quickly added: “But everything I said was true and I think people agree that it was true. That there’s been a message. It’s been given over and over and over and it’s a lie.”

Shultz followed up: “But do you feel like you, you know, brought us to a point where there should not have been a comparison, because the Holocaust was so horrific, as opposed to a repeal on health care?…Are you sorry for making the connection?” Cohen was more affirmative in an apology: “I definitely am. And I’m sorry any Jewish people, my Republican colleagues, or anybody, got the wrong impression….I hate if I participated in anything that made my congress, which I’m greatly honored to be a member of, or my district, which I love, have any problems.”


The irony of it all or is it just pathetic liberal, moonbat journalism. As Hot Air points out, during the MSLSD interview  there was an “over the line” graphics up, yet never did Ed Schultz challenge Cohen.

It would appear that Steven Cohen has become the new Alan Grayson for the Democrats. He continued his hateful rhetoric and lack of civility after saying that he has learned his lesson, Cohen went on to compare Pence to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and receiving no resistance from Ed Schultz.

Where is the Ed Show in the ratings?

THURS. JAN. 20, 2011

FOXNEWS SHEP 1,786,000
FOXNEWS BECK 1,780,000
CNN PIERS 1,025,000
CNN COOPER 740,000

With Keith Olbermann now a thing of the past on MSNBC, I would be awfully careful if I were Ed Schultz as he just might be next. with such low cable news ratings, Ed Schultz might want to watch his P’s and Q’s as who else would ever hire him if he loses his MSNBC gig.  

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    4 Responses to “More MSNBC Civility: US Rep. Cohen (TN-D) Compares Mike Pence to Goebbels, Ed Schultz Agrees”

    1. paula on January 23rd, 2011 12:54 pm

      My husband and I tried to watch him once just to educate ourselves on views opposite. OMG!!!! We couldn’t believe how obnoxious he was without being the least bit informative. He may even be worse than Olberman, Maddow and Matthews and that ain’t easy.

    2. Steve on January 23rd, 2011 4:35 pm

      Schultz asking: “Congressman, did you go too far there?”

      Shultz followed up: “But do you feel like you, you know, brought us to a point where there should not have been a comparison, because the Holocaust was so horrific, as opposed to a repeal on health care?


      during the MSLSD interview there was an “over the line” graphics up, yet never did Ed Schultz challenge Cohen

      It is impossible to believe the “lack of challenge” charge as true after reading the prior facts about the actual interview questions quoted above.
      On a separate matter, suppose one concedes the point that Cohen’s broad and imprecise use of a Nazi comparison is inappropriate. However, the main point of Cohen’s argument was not Nazi-related. The main point is that lies were stated over and over again, as substantiated by the references included in the transcript from NewsBusters (CBO, Politifact, etc.)

      Cohen exposed the propaganda approach taken by the conservative and republican forces to fool the susceptible public and avoid a factual discussion about the issues. What about this act of dishonesty that was fed to the American people?
      SM: From the transcript:

      SCHULTZ: And I think a lot of liberals in this country admire you for calling them liars because the numbers are what they are. And this is hurting a lot of people if it were to ever go to a repeal, 32 million people. Plus the CBO conversation that we’re having in this country. But you’re talking about a messaging machine that they definitely have followed to get their point across about health care, which you think is having an effect.

      COHEN: I think it started with Karl Rove and I think it started with weapons of mass destruction and then it went to government takeover of health care. And yesterday on the floor, Mike Pence talked about government takeover of health care and other people did. And Michele Bachmann was talking about socialist. And those are all – those are the buzz words that are false and shouldn’t be used, but they continue using them. And I think Mike Pence said he’s often – he wants to be concise, careful, and consistent. Well, that’s somebody, who I will never mention again, who lived in a previous century who worked for bad people, that’s what he did.

      SCHULTZ: Sure. Congressman Cohen, I appreciate your time tonight. Thank you so much.

      COHEN: Thank you, Ed.

      Read more:

    3. Steve on January 23rd, 2011 6:23 pm

      sm – Sure, these new quotes were also in there too; as the linked transcript (which I had already mentioned) shows.

      However, as I commented, you clearly said “yet never did Ed Schultz challenge Cohen.” Well, that is not true, and that is all I was showing.
      The comments still fail to mention the main point Cohen was making, and that I focused on; that of repeated lying by conservatives and Republicans in order to make a political point. Hmmm.

      p.s. – I do admire when liars are called out, as they think the American public is too stupid to figure the facts out for themselves, and for that I do admire and thank Cohen.

      Also, the final reference to Mike Pence is comparing his actions regarding what he says to an unnamed (but predictable) historic figure, who also used these actions with words. It isn’t a reference to who either of these people are, but what they have done with their words.

      It rings true to me, but I’m open to any facts that say otherwise.
      SM: The fact of the matter was, Shultz ended the interview by agreeing … sorry, thats the take away. Cohen also began the interview with an apology and then went right back to his Nazi BS. That is the take away. Sorry, this is why MSLSD is the nutbag network.

    4. Steve on January 24th, 2011 8:28 am

      “Nutbag” – “civility”; got it.

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