Year Two of Obamanation: Barack Obama’s Approval Rating = GWB’s in Year 5 of Presidency


Barack Hussein Obama likes to blame all the ills of his Administration on former President George W. Bush. Does Obama blame his poor job approval ratings on GWB as well? Presently according to Gallup, Obama has a 42% approval rating and a 49% disapproval.

How bad has Obama been as President? It took Barack Obama only two years to reach an approval level of GWB in the 5th year of being President. One has to try in order to accomplish such poor poll numbers so fast.

Wonder why there are some Democrats who do not want Obama to run in 2012? However, it would also appear from the rhetoric from Barack Obama that he in no way understands the will of the people from their votes in the 2012 midterm election.

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    10 Responses to “Year Two of Obamanation: Barack Obama’s Approval Rating = GWB’s in Year 5 of Presidency”

    1. NGBoston on November 15th, 2010 12:08 pm

      =)~ LOL Always look at the REAL numbers—they do not lie (unlike our Commander in Chief)

      ********* VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2014 ***********

      Attention All Libtards:

      “The One” is ONE AND DONE ! Buh Bye !

    2. Teresa on November 15th, 2010 12:59 pm

      Bo Bo I will be SO GLAD when you are OUT of office! You stink!!!!!

    3. Flippy on November 15th, 2010 4:55 pm

      Americans approve of the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives in the midterms, but only one in six say the election results were a mandate for the GOP, according to a new national poll.

      A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Monday also indicates that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has rebounded from an all time low in September, but is still below 50 percent.

    4. Flippy on November 15th, 2010 4:59 pm

      ********* VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2014 ***********

      Nice to see someone taking the long view….

    5. NGBoston on November 16th, 2010 5:42 am

      #4- Flippy—Perhaps my comment a bit premature since Americans can only take educated guesses at this point who will be running.

      Still, Flippy—-Check this Out:

      I’d vote for Powell should he run but he has never been interested.

      Now, what say you? Please don’t tell me you are going to vote for THE ONE again? lmao

    6. flippy on November 16th, 2010 8:46 am

      NGBoston -

      My “long view” comment was just a snarky attempt at your “vote 2014″ post, in which I assume you meant 2012.,,,as 2014 is both far in the future and relatively minor.

      But, since you asked an actual question that deserves and actual answer….I totally agree that we only have an educated guess as to who might be running. In a primary against a “Blue Dog” democrat, I would be inclined to vote for the “Blue Dog”….obviously depends upon the candidate. I consider myself strongly socially progressive yet on the conservative side fiscally.

      When it comes to hot-button social issues, and the regulation of industry, the republican party of today scares me. In the past I have voted republican for president because of the fiscal part, and I thought that they power of that office didn’t really have the pull to affect major social change. That was a mistake I learned during GWB.

      I now consider myself a democrat because the “right” has gone too far on the social issues. And at the end of the day, I would rather waste some dollars on ineffectual legislation than treat people poorly. I am a small business owner and I am directly affected by the tax debate and the medical policy, so I am putting my money where my mouth is.

      The traditional republican position is to limit government involvement, yet today they are not doing that. They are against regulation of industry (which spends money with the purpose of keeping the populace safer) yet they are for the judgement and regulation of love and personal relationships.

      For McCain. I would have voted for the historical McCain of old, but he changed during the election in ways that made be very uncomfortable.

      If the republicans field a reasonably center candidate, or if a democrat from the middle challenges Obama, I would be very interested in the debate. If the republicans field someone from the current crop of “stars”, then I would probably go with the THE ONE again.

    7. flippy on November 16th, 2010 11:40 am

      NGBoston -

      I would be very interested in an Obama/Powell race as well. However, I don’t think that the rising stars in the party would have him…wouldn’t he be painted a RINO?

      I think he would have a better chance running as a Democrat against Obama in the primaries….but we return to the fact that he probably doesn’t want to run anyway.

    8. NGBoston on November 17th, 2010 5:56 pm

      #6- Flippy-

      Thanks for the great responses. Obviously I missed the snark quotent, but it’s all good.

      I also consider myself strongly socially progressive yet on the conservative side fiscally.

      As far as the GOP today, if that scares you—what they heck happens to you regarding our current Administration? This is too far LEFT for me, and leans more towards Socialist-Marxist principals of governing for me to even be able to refer to it as “Democratic”. Why don’t you register as an Independent then and simply vote for the best Candidate you feel is capable of running our Country the most adequately? You certainly seem extremely intelligent, and I agree with and respect most all of your views.

      I too, am a small business Owner, and I tell you- even though my business is doing well, it still hurts—-really hurts us to have someone like Mr. Obama in the White House. I live in a State that has always thrived and had a huge surplus of good paying jobs. Things are tough all over. Unemployment highest it’s been in over 20 years here, and the Fed’s have dropped the Interest Rates to the lowest point they have EVER been since the 1930′s and the Great Depression. Of course, they have had to.

      So- what is my point? Not sure actually- rather I come back with the same question I ask all the time? We can all readily identify the PROBLEMS—what are the solutions? Can the LEFT and the RIGHT ever manage to work on them together, successfully? We do need unity and not as much divisiveness across the aisle. I honestly am stumped and have never seen it as bad as it is now.

      The only thing I vehemently disagree with you on is Obama. Period. He is not, and never has been qualified enough to be our Commander-in-Chief. It is so obvious the Man is in way over his head. This was a case of right person saying the right things to a very disgruntled and economically wounded America at the right time. He can also thank none other than Ms. Oprah Winfrey- who- without him- may have just been another young, bright US Senator making his way through politics. No one had ever heard of him. He literally came out of nowhere (Well, Chicago) but he wrote a few books, went on her show- Michelle Obama told us we have it all wrong and he is so wonderful, we will never see another like him in History, and we will regret it if we pass her Husband by.

      America has buyers remorse for many reasons we don’t really need to pontificate upon. GWB made his share of mistakes for sure (GB, Sr. was a better President than his Son, IMO or at least a little bit smarter one) but I still say that the days of blaming GWB solely for the economy and Sub-Prime Mortage Fiasco should be LONG OVER.

      GDB was NOT the worst President in American History. There were a few far more ineffective and disastrous than he. Both REP or DEM, doesn’t matter.

      But, I digress. So what do we as Americans do- and who or what do we have to look forward to?

      PS. While I do love her spirit and tenacity and find her to be the most effective Motivator of all time, should Sarah Palin decide to through her hat in the ring, she will not get elected. Two reasons why- she is too truthful and blunt. She is a female, she has far more who do not understand her and dislike her than those that will back her.

      Also don’t care what anyone says (and we have to skip over the integrity thing a bit here) but I know America would have been MUCH BETTER OFF NOW if Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected. Super-Intelligent, and really tough. America needs tough. Someone who has courage to tackle the difficult things and at least accomplish results from concept to COMPLETION. Hillary may be despised by many- but you cannot take that away from her. She could and would get the job done. Most who don’t like her- are fearful also bc they are afraid Bill Clinton would have too much influence. Which of course, he would. Today, as a former President- William Jefferson Clinton remains one of the most popular and influential Democrats in American Politics. Monica or not- who gives a crap- I did vote for him, and I did like him and think he was one of the most effective in office. Check out his numbers and how well our Country ran (fiscally) when he was President. Sure, we were not at in a full-fledged war then, but I state again, I think BC did a pretty good job. I will probably catch a lot of grief for posting that statement on here, but it’s only my view and opinion.

      //end of IMO only post//

    9. NGBoston on November 17th, 2010 6:01 pm

      #7- Flippy- and yes, techinically that would make him a RINO. He kind of is, anyway.

      And he will never run for another seat in Government anywhere. He is brilliant, IMO. And he was also correct about the WMD that everyone got their boxers in a knot about.

      There were, in fact WMD. Did that give us a right to go to War though against Iraq? Not sure. But it is what it is and Hussien needed to be taken out. Why is it always by the US though?

      We are the strongest Nation in the World for a reason, I believe. We have the courage and resources so many other countries lack. We better watch our backs though- or by the time my children have children of their own- it is very likely CHINA will then be the Superpower of the Globe. That is more scary than a Republican any day, isn’t it?

    10. Gallup: President Barack Obama More Polarizing in Year 2 Than Year 1 … No Kidding! Really? | Scared Monkeys on February 4th, 2011 9:58 am

      [...] Year Two of Obamanation: Barack Obama’s Approval Rating = GWB’s in Year 5 of Presidency. Once again the Politico shows just how Left-wing that they have become. Their title to Obama’s polarization, “Poll reveals striking divide on Obama”. STRIKING? What’s so striking? To most common sense people, the results are nothing more than would be expected. As much as the LEFT and MSM want to suddenly compare Obama to Ronald Reagan, an individual who the LEFT hated might I add, Obama is no Reagan. Obama’s signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, which has consumed the first two years of his presidency rather than jobs and the economy, is now realing as the courts have ruled it unconstitutional. There has never been a more leftist, liberal President ever. Is it any wonder why he is so polarizing. [...]

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