Harris Poll: President Obama Heads into Midterms at 37%, Lowest Approval Rating of Presidency


As we head into the 2010 midterm elections, the Harris Poll has Obama at 37% positive opinion of his job performance. 37%!!! That being said, 70% of Independents have a negative opinion of Obama’sjob performance and even 34% of Democrats  and 33% of  Liberals give him negative ratings. Remember when Obama gave himself an “I” for his job performance … it would appear that WE THE PEOPLE give Obama an “F”.

President Obama is spending the next week crisscrossing the country in support of Democratic candidates before this year’s midterm elections. While the president may do a great job of energizing the base, he may not be able to convert any Independents who have yet to decide for whom they will vote. Currently, two-thirds of Americans (67%) have a negative opinion of the job President Obama is doing while just over one-third (37%) have a positive opinion. This continues the president’s downward trend and he is now at the lowest job approval rating of his presidency.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 3,084 adults surveyed online between October 11 and 18, 2010 by Harris Interactive.

It’s perhaps not surprising that nine in ten Republicans (90%) and Conservatives (89%) give the job the president is doing negative ratings. What may be surprising is that one-third of Democrats (34%) and Liberals (33%) also give him negative ratings, as do seven in ten Independents (70%) and six in ten Moderates (60%).

Republicans Hold 10% Lead in CNN Congressional Ballot Which Can Explain … Rasmussen Has GOP Leading in 6 of 7 Toss Up Senate Races

Just days away and more disastrous polling data for Democrats …

With just two days to go before the long awaited 2010 midterm elections, according to the most recent CNN/Opinion Research poll, Republicans hold a commanding 10% lead in the Generic Congressional ballot over Democrats at 52% to 42%. Also in the poll, Obama has a 48% – 48% favorable/unfavorable rating. One might think that is promising compared to other Obama job approval polls; however, that is down from down from September’s polling when Obama was at 53% favorable and 45% unfavorable. The rending is headed in the wrong direction.  Full pdf polling results can be seen HERE.

The GOP’s 10 point advantage in the “generic ballot” question in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national survey released Sunday is slightly larger than the seven point advantage Republican candidates had on the eve of the 1994 midterms, when the party last took control of Congress from the Democrats.

“But unlike 1994, when polls indicated the public had a positive view of the Republican party, a majority of Americans now do not have a favorable view of the GOP,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

According to the poll, 52 percent of likely voters say they will vote for the generic Republican in their congressional district, with 42 percent saying they will vote for the generic Democrat, four percent saying neither and two percent undecided. The GOP’s 10-point lead is up from a seven-point advantage in a CNN poll conducted in early October.

At Real Clear Politics the GOP leads Democrats by 7.8% in the Generic Congressional Vote.

As stated at the Political Wire, the 2010 election is about saying “NO” to Democrats and “NO” to the Obama, Pelosi, Reid socialist agenda change. It is not a vote of confidence to the GOP. However, this is the reason why when Republicans are reelected to office, they will be on probation and best listen to WE THE PEOPLE.

It gets worse for Democrats and the US Senate might just be in play after all. As reported at the Gateway Pundit, according to Rasmussen, in 6 of the 7 toss up US Senate states … Republicans are ahead in the polls.

Rasmussen Reports has Republicans leading in 6 of 7 senate seats just two days before the midterm election. West Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington all show the Republican candidate leading their liberal opponent. In CaliforniaCarly Fiorina is still in striking range of unseating far left Senator Maam.


Think about how much of a drubbing Democrats are about to take in the 2010 midterm elections when it comes to the US Senate. There are 37 seats up for reelection in 2010. Democrats will win 8, Republicans will win 22 and 7 states are toss-ups … with the GOP ahead in 6 of the 7. Imagine if all Senate seats were up for reelection like in the House, the GOP would be looking at a 70+ seat majority.

MSM Liberal Bias … CBS Affiliate KTVA Caught on Voice Mail Conspiring Against Alaska Republican Senate Candidate Joe Miller

MSM liberal bias at it again … this time trying to affect an election … UNBELIEVABLE!

For any one not to believe that their is a liberal slant to the MSM would have to have just fallen off a turnip truck. Up in Alaska, the 49th state, the media has long played favorites in their coverage of the Alaska US Senate campaign between entitled, write-in, Republican establishment candidate Lisa Murkowski, Republican  Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams.  However, as stated at Conservatives 4 Palin, there is bias in the media and then there is at outrageous and unethical behavior of try to affect the outcome of an election.

Enter CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA caught with their hand in the media bias, election altering, making up stories cookie jar. As reported at BIG GOVERNMENT, the KTVA reporters were caught on audio trying to conspire and smear Joe Miller’s campaign by making up stories to purposely harm his campaign. SICK!

The following voice mail message was inadvertently left on the cell phone of Joe Miller campaign spokesperson Randy DeSoto.

The voices are believed to be those of the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discussing creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller.

The following is a transcript of a call recorded after CBS Alaska affiliate KTVA called Joe Miller’s Senate campaign spokesperson. The call failed to disconnect properly. It was later authenticated by McDermott, who sent a text to Randy DeSoto stating, “Damn iPhone… I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”

The transcript can be seen here:

(click on the 4 arrows box for full screen pic of transcript.)

Audio KTVA

Clearly the reporters were conspiring to set up some type of smear of Joe Miller. With glee, they even cite a recent controversy over an incident involving the Rand Paul campaign, while discussing how they would spread the story via social media after whatever incident they had in mind came off. It also brings to mind another recent episode that ended with Jerry Brown’s California gubernatorial campaign being caught up in controversy when someone from Brown’s camp called Brown’s opponent, Republican Meg Whitman, a “whore.”

 Listen to the audioof the MSM trying to adversely affect an outcome with false reporting and making up controversies. 


President Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Hits New Low of 41% … Obama’s Approval Rating in the Ditch

Obama closing in on an approval rating in the 30′s … It would appear that it is Obama’s approval ratings that are in the ditch.

Obama’s approval ratings in the ditch

And so it begins … with less than a week before the 2010 midterm election, President Barack Hussein Obama’s approval rating has hit an all-time low of 41%. According to the most recent Fox News Opinion Dynamic poll, Obama has a 41% approval rating and a 50% disapproval. Also, two-thirdsof Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in America. Can you say the avalanche is gaining momentum?

Two-thirds of voters are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today, and more than not think Barack Obama’s presidency has made the country weaker (45 percent) rather than stronger (37 percent).

 The president’s job approval among registered voters is currently 41 percent, a record low. This compares to 43 percent in mid-October and 46 percent in early September. Half disapprove of Obama’s performance. Among likely voters, negative sentiment is even stronger: 40 percent approve and 55 percent disapprove.

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Death of Anna Nicole Smith: Howard K. Stern & Dr. Khristine Eroshevich Found Guilty of Conspiring to Provide Drugs Using False Names … That’s It?

After all this time and litigation … boyfriend Howard K. Stern only found guilty of conspiring to provide drugs using false names. UNREAL!  Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was acquitted on all charges. Talk about a clueless jury. Shame on you all. How could any one knowingly acquit others who supplied a drug addict with massive quantities of drugs?


Because this is the type of individual who should be provided 1500 pills a month to kill the pain

Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend-lawyer Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich were found guilty Thursday on charges of conspiring to provide drugs using false names.

Another defendant in the case, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, was acquitted on all counts against him.

Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose on February 8, 2007 when she was found unresponsive at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. However, is an overdose really ever accidental when one is enabled by others and when one is kept in a vegetative state in order to control them? Howard K. Stern was acquitted of seven other charges involving Smith and is free pending an appeal.


Accidental? How could one have so many drugs in their system and there not be negligence on some one’s part? There is nothing accidental about providing this many drugs to one person and circumventing the law to do so.

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