Crist an Independent … Hardly …Bill Clinton Asked Democrat Meek to Quit Senate Run in Florida? Meek’s Says No


Democrat Primary elected candidates, back room Democrat deals and so-called Charlie Crist, OH MY!!! 

If you ever wanted to know why Americans are disgusted with politics and politicians … you need to look no further than the shenanigans and corrupt back room conversations and deals going on in the Florida US Senate race between Democrats and the Crist campaign. If Democrats get their way, they will have an individual in Charlie Crist become US Senator of Florida having never won a Republican or Democrat primary. With the Democrats actions, who really thinks Crist is independent? Come on Florida … Crist is beholden to the Democrat party … WAKE UP!!!

Did former Democrat President try and interfere in the US Senate race in Florida and ask Democrat Kendrick Meek to withdraw from the race to provide an advantage to so-called independent Charlie Crist? According to the Politico, Clinton did. At all costs the Democrats are looking to winthe Florida US Senate seat, even if it means throwing a fellow Democrat under the bus. Democrats will do anything to maintain power … that is what this about America … not WE THE PEOPLE, not your votes, but what back room deals they can do, usurp the process and maintain power.

Bill Clinton sought to persuade Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race for Senate during a trip to Florida last week — and nearly succeeded.

Meek agreed — twice — to drop out and endorse Gov. Charlie Crist’s independent bid in a last-ditch effort to stop Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee who stands on the cusp of national stardom.

So is Meek supposed to go against the primary process of disenfranchising Democrat voters who selected him to the Democrat choice to run for US Senate in Florida just because the Democrat political machine is more worried about beating GOP and Tea Party backed candidate Marco Rubio? Democrats claim that Meek cannot win the race so he should leave the race. Really?

As reported at NRO, Charlie Crist confirmed the story and there was Clinton involvement.

Crist’s campaign immediately confirmed the story, and he went on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” to say, “I had numerous phone calls with people very close to President Clinton.” On a later interview with Fox News, Crist said he spoke with “several” people at the White House, but would not say who.

However, in a CNN interview with Meek, he denied the rumors that he was asked to step down from the race to give Crist a chance of winning the Senate seat.

Rep. Kendrick Meek said it is “absolutely not true” that he ever agreed to any kind of deal with former President Bill Clinton to drop out of the Florida Senate race, in an interview shortly before 9 p.m. ET Thursday with CNN contributor Roland S. Martin.

“The president came down to do an event for me in Orlando and St. Petersburg. We talk politics all the time. He said I heard this thing about you getting out. I said, ‘I’m not getting out.’ I said Charlie Crist needs to get out of the race. And that was that,” Meek said.

Every one should find this offensive, especially Democrats who voted for Meek. A question to Democrats, are you really comfortable with this? As stated by Hugh Hewitt at Town Hall, you have the Democrat machine headed by a “white” former President asking a “black” primary elected candidate in Meek asked to fall on his sword for a “white” turn-coat once Republican, now amoeba-like independent Crist? REALLY! Where is the outrage from Sharpton and Jackson that a “black” candidate is being pressured by “whitey”? No wonder Obama has sent out Bill Clinton, the first elected black President to do his dirty work on this touchy situation.

In the end as seen in video at Hot Air … Meek says … “I am in this race until Tuesday.”

The following comment from Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio says it best and is what most Americans believe as well.

“Secret deals, special favors, and political kickbacks,”the Rubio campaign wrote. “That’s the problem with Washington today, not the answer. Government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers. And typical politicians shouldn’t be cutting backroom deals to hold power at all costs.”


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    3 Responses to “Crist an Independent … Hardly …Bill Clinton Asked Democrat Meek to Quit Senate Run in Florida? Meek’s Says No”

    1. gary on October 29th, 2010 4:08 pm

      They are scared to death of Marco Rubio, because he will be our next President in 2012, I.M.O.
      SM: I agree, but I was thinking more 2020. He would be 49 and have served 6 years in the US senate building a resume.

    2. 2010 Florida US Senate Race: Charlie Crist … Once Republican, Turned Independent will Caucus with the Democrats | Scared Monkeys on October 30th, 2010 8:57 am

      [...] the republican primary. Crist then became an independent out of convenience and have even tried to force Democrat primary winner Kendrick Meek out of the race so that he could collect the Democrat [...]

    3. vivian Willis on October 30th, 2010 5:16 pm

      I was FOR Meek..but at this late date, Meek SHOULD step down.. Crist has always been a Moderate. !… Please Vote for Crist!!!

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