WOW, Connecticut US Senate Race Between Blumenthal (D) & McMahon (R) … Moved to a Toss Up


Not so fast …remember when the Connecticut US Senate race was solid Democrat and a sure Donkey win, not any more. Just a perfect example why there is no such thing as a republican cannot win in any state, including Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

As the MSM and elitist establishment types are obsessed with the idea that a commoner and Tea Party backed candidate like Christine O’Donnell have the audacity to win the Republican primary in Delaware and take on liberal Democrat and Harry Reid’s pet Chris Cooms … a funny thing is happening in the Connecticut US Senate race, its now a toss up.

Before Democrats are so quick to call the Delaware US Senate race a victory, they might just want to check out what is happening in Connecticut. Blumenthal once had a 41% lead in the Quinnipiac poll, it is now only 6%. So much for a sure thing, eh?

Flying under the political radar, the once overwhelming lead for Democrat candidate Richard Blumenthal and a solid Democrat lock has now dwindled to single digits in some polls over republican contender Linda McMahon. Charlie Cook of the Cook Report is ready to make this race a toss up.

The contest between Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon has been gradually closing over the past few months, and is now in single digits, according to some polls.

A Quinnipiac University poll (September 8-12 of 875 likely voters) gave Blumenthal a six-point lead over McMahon, 51 percent to 45 percent. They were statistically tied among independents, with Blumenthal taking 47 percent to 46 percent for McMahon, and among men where McMahon had a one-point advantage, 48 percent to 47 percent. Blumenthal enjoyed a 56-percent to 41-percent lead among women voters. Blumenthal’s job ratings were 70-percent approve to 26-percent disapprove. As impressive as these numbers are, his ratings in January were 84-percent approve to 11-percent disapprove. Blumenthal’s favorable/unfavorable ratings were 55 percent to 39 percent while McMahon’s were 45 percent to 41 percent. This poll looks a lot different than a January Quinnipiac survey that gave Blumenthal a 41-percent advantage over McMahon, 64 percent to 23 percent.

Because we are supposed to believe a partisan Democrat poll over a non-partisan one. That is rather convenient. In today’s political environment where lying is not tolerated and the in power Democrats are an endangered political species, a no brainer, sure bet Democrat victory is now a toss up. 

Again, we are not dismissive of the Democratic poll that shows the race at 15 points, but the Quinnipiac poll, coupled with the trend line and the Republican numbers we’ve seen, suggest a competitive race that is now up for grabs. As such, the race moves to the Toss Up column.

A race that was considered a sure bet win in the Nutmeg state is now required to have the “golfer” in Chief Barack Obama go to Connecticut to campaign for the“misplaced words” challenged Richard Blumenthal. Is this really a wise move to have the most toxic President ever show up and have the reverse Midas touch?

The risks? Obama’s popularity has fallen in this reliably Democratic state. It could be a risk for the four-year veteran of Connecticut politics and the state’s attorney general to appear side-by-side with the president.  Thursday night Obama will hold a fundraising event with Blumenthal in Stamford, and then has a DNC event at a private home in Greenwich.

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