Barack Hussein Obama Drops to New Lows in Gallup Poll at 44%, 42% Three Day Rolling Avg … Obama Against the People on All Issues


How soon will it take before Obama’s job approval numbers are in the 30′s following his mosque being built at Ground Zero comments?

President Barack Hussein poll numbers are completely falling apart. Obama has reached an all time low in the Gallup poll at 44% for the week and a rolling three day average of 42%. OUCH! With Obama’s latest screw up and misguided and confused message regarding the mosque being built near Ground Zero, look for his approval numbers to be in the 30′s by the end of the week or into next.  When Obama’s numbers plunge into the30′s look for all the rats to scurry off the S.S. Obama. 

President Obama’s job approval rating dipped to 44% for the week of Aug. 9-15, the lowest weekly average of his administration by one percentage point.

The drop in Obama’s weekly average was driven by particularly low ratings near the end of the week, with record-low three-day rolling averages of 42% for Aug. 12-14 and Aug. 13-15 polling.Prior to this weekend, Obama’s three-day low had been 44%. Additionally, Obama’s disapproval rating reached 50% for the first time in the Aug. 13-15 average.

The president visited Florida’s Gulf Coast over the weekend as part of a vacation with his family, while his comments about the construction of a mosque near ground zero in New York City became a much-debated topic in the news media and on the Internet. As is usually the case, the impact of these or other news events on the president’s approval ratings is difficult to disentangle.

Independents are now at 39% support of President Obama and have all but abandoned the Obamamessiah.

RCP reminds us that Obama is in select company that no President wants to be heading into a midterm election.

Over the weekend, President Obama’s approval ratings hit a new low for his term, dropping to 43 percent approve/48 percent disapprove on Saturday and then further to 42 percent approve/49 percent disapprove on Sunday. If these approval ratings were to continue through to November, they would represent the third-worst net approval rating of any President heading into a midterm election since World War II.

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    2 Responses to “Barack Hussein Obama Drops to New Lows in Gallup Poll at 44%, 42% Three Day Rolling Avg … Obama Against the People on All Issues”

    1. rightknight on August 17th, 2010 2:25 am

      The cloak of misrepresentation and non-disestablishmentarianism
      is slipping off our man child. That thing about ‘when we practice
      to deceive’ is circling around to bite his…but then we knew it would.

    2. Barack Hussein Obama’s Approval Rating Hits New Low of 42% in Fox News Poll | Scared Monkeys on September 18th, 2010 6:38 pm

      [...] Use whatever metaphor you want when it comes to Obama job approval polls, the ship is sinking, the wheels have come off the car or the train has come off the tracks … Obama’s numbers are toast. It appears that Weasil Zippers is asking the very same question that we have for a month now, when will Obama’s approval rating go into the 30′s? [...]

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