Obama Tells Democrats Running for Re-Election in Midterms … He Will Help By Staying Away from Their Districts



President Barack Hussein Obama, the emperor not only has no clothes, he has no coattails either.

What a difference 18 months and a socialist agenda makes. Barack Obama’s “Hopey, Changey” Presidential election in 2008 was supposed to be the end of the GOP and the beginning of changes in how the business of politics was done in Washington, DC. However, in less than two short years, Obama has managed to do what it took GWB to do in eight years, become persona non grata with his own party. Last Friday Barack Obama met with Democrats stating that he  would do anything he could to help them survive their fall elections, including staying away from their districts.

As lunch was served in the Roosevelt Room of the White House one day last week, President Obama assured the nine Democratic members of Congress sitting around the table that he would do anything he could to help them survive their fall elections.

Even, he said, if it meant staying away.

“You may not even want me to come to your district,” Mr. Obama said, according to guests, nearly all of whom hold seats that Republicans are aggressively seeking.

Three months before the midterm elections, the president is stepping up his involvement in the fight to preserve the Democratic Party’s control of Congress. But advisers said he would concentrate largely on delivering a message, raising money and motivating voters from afar, rather than on racing from district to district.

The once crowd drawing candidate Obama now says that it may be best that he stays away from the districts and doe

s his helping from afar. Amazing. As Weasel Zippers refers to him as “the radioactive man”. How bad does it speak to Obama’s policies if the leader of the party feels the best asset he can be to a politician up fro re-election is to stay home? Actually with Obama’s lack of success in endorsing and campaigning for candidates in NJ, VA and MA in 2009, all Democrat loses … maybe the best thing Obama can do is campaign for the GOP.

The White House has tried to continue to put former President GWB on the ballot and using the blame game while taking no responsibility. Yet, by having to stay away from districts and have the “campaigner in Chief” not campaign for Democrat in 2010 is telling.

Is it any wonder why many Democrats who are up fro re-election in the 2010 midterms would not want to be seen as attached to Obama? Obama’s job approval rating has tanked. However, just because Obama does not appear personally in a state or a district for a senator or House Rep hardly means that these politicians are going to be able to explain away their votes for Obama’s policies. Nor will it be able to explain away their support for uber-libs Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The reason why Democrats are in trouble in the 2010 midterm elections is because the policies they have put forward for the economy. health care and illegal immigration have not worked and are overwhelmingly unpopular by the American voters. Barack Obama, the toxic President, has driven the Democrat party into the ditch and in fact over the cliff. However, Democrat House and Senate members have no one else to blame but themselves as they directly went against the will of the people with the economy, bailouts, federal deficitsObamacare, Cap & Trade and  illegal immigration.

If Obama and his advisers think the best thing Obama can do is to stay away and distance himself in 2010, what will Obama do in 2012 … distance himself from his own re-election?

UPDATE I: Texas Dems Distance themselves from Obama.

However, how will these Democrats be able to exlain away that a vote for them is a vote for a Democrat party run by Obama, Pelosi and Reid? The answer is, they cannot. In other words, would they be running as if they were of “the party of no”?

When President Barack Obama visits Texas on Aug. 9, the state’s top-tier Democratic candidate, gubernatorial nominee Bill White, will likely be miles away, reaching out to voters in Johnson County near Fort Worth.

Another Democratic hopeful for statewide office, Austin attorney Hector Uribe, says he’ll be focused on his bid to unseat Republican Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Barbara Radnofsky, the Democrats’ nominee for attorney general, says she too will be preoccupied with campaigning and has no plans to attend an Obama event.

In red-state Texas, many Democratic office-seekers don’t seem inclined to cozy up to Obama when he makes his third presidential visit to the state — and some, in fact, may feel more comfortable moving away from him.

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    3 Responses to “Obama Tells Democrats Running for Re-Election in Midterms … He Will Help By Staying Away from Their Districts”

    1. rightknight on August 2nd, 2010 2:21 am

      Obowma goes to these states to promote Obowma.

    2. brie. on August 2nd, 2010 12:28 pm

      Can you imagine your districts telling you not to come because you are bad news. Of course I don’t think it matters much to Obama, he’d rather spend his time playing basketball anyway. A lot of this may have to do with him afraid to visit the districts. He knows the amount of dislike the Democrats have for him not to mention the Republicans.

    3. Obama Economy Loses 131,000 Jobs in July 2010 … We Are Heded in the Right Direction As Per Obama | Scared Monkeys on August 6th, 2010 10:47 am

      [...] direction“. What say you Mr. President after these pathetic job numbers? Some thing tells me that Obama was just scratched from a couple more House and Senate campaign stops for [...]

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