Joran van der Sloot – in Handcuffs


Video of Joran van der Sloot being handed over to Peruvian authorities:

UPDATE I: Now that Joran is in the hands of the Peruvian authorities…

What can Joran expect from the Peruvian police?

Peruvian police officers are itching for the opportunity to grill Joran van der Sloot, a Dutchman accused of murdering a young woman here earlier this week.

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    66 Responses to “Joran van der Sloot – in Handcuffs”

    1. gail on June 4th, 2010 9:20 am

      finally in handcuffs . get use to them scum

    2. Shannon on June 4th, 2010 9:36 am

      Klaasend, please do a story on what prison is like in Peru. Specifically, I would like to know how many years he will get if convicted. Does the heinous nature of the crime factor into the number of years jailed? Also, do they release early for good behavior as is done in the US? What is prison like there?

      Thanks so much! I am terribly sorry for this new victim but also relieved justice will finally be served, though indirectly, for Natalee

    3. Buster on June 4th, 2010 9:59 am

      A friend of mine went to prison in Santiago, He went in @ 190 pounds and five months later he was down to 140. Early parole is standard because the prisons are so crowded and escape is very easy but then so is death !!! If urin is expedited to the US he will be in a country club opposed to the peruvian system.

    4. Miss-Underestimated on June 4th, 2010 10:13 am

      He looks good in cuffs. I love it

    5. Pat in Alabama on June 4th, 2010 10:32 am

      How wonderful he was extradited so quickly! Lets hope justice is just as swift and that the trial doesn’t drag on like it would in the US.

    6. whytegirl on June 4th, 2010 11:05 am

      That phone call was very hard to understand, but it seems the reporter was either witnessing the transfer herself, or was waiting at the other end. She said there were dozens of reporters and journalists from SA and over the world, and she was impressed with the coldness (frialdad) in which he conducted himself at all times, he never answered any questions of reporters

      (I don’t know if in SA the law is the same as in the US, where anything you say may be held against you)

      I am gonna watch it over a couple of times more, it’s not only the breaking signal but the Spanish accent that is making it difficult for me to understand. Also, very repetitive.

    7. FL on June 4th, 2010 11:09 am

      @Shannon: 25 years. Prisons in Peru are almost like hell: very overcrowded, rape, violence, corruption, tasteless food, diseases, hot, smells terrible.
      Have a look at (with 5 other episodes on the right column)

    8. Darleen on June 4th, 2010 11:09 am

      It’s really great to see him in handcuffs knowing that he really is going to be convicted this time. Of course, this will also be, as this girl’s father has indicated, justice for Natalee. I think it also proves that the Scared Monkeys were correct in their unfailing case against him, as well as the fact that the Aruban officials were involved in a cover-up of the greatest magnitude.

    9. flippy on June 4th, 2010 11:11 am

      You gotta wonder on the motive in Peru though. Maybe he figured out the extortion thing was a sting and flipped out?

      They are saying he might have broken her neck with his hands…..not that this guy is sane to begin with but it implies a large amount of rage.

    10. whytegirl on June 4th, 2010 11:15 am

      I listened again for a couple of more times, but you know what? The best bet would be Univisión. I bet their website has this all over the place.

      So he was in a police ride to a city that sounded like Arica; lots of traffic-the reporter was delayed getting there she was stuck in traffic. Stated that the time in Chile was 8:32 AM, while in Perú was 7:32 AM. Insert here the how amazed everybody was at his coldness that this 22-year old had all the time, when questioned about (I believe she said) family, friends and this murder. He was silent all the time, and handcuffed. One hour trip between cities and because of high traffic, it could take a bit longer than an hour to take him where he was supposed to be.

      Klaasend check they speak very clearly there; it is nauseating the illegal immigration crap b/c they are FOR it, perhaps sound is better.

    11. Darleen on June 4th, 2010 11:16 am

      Oh, and another thing–I doubt it’s a coincidence that he murdered this girl on the very anniversary of the date on which he murdered Natalee (I don’t think many people are willing to believe any longer that she died accidentally and that they simply covered it up); I think the authorities of every country he was in on that date for at least the past five years ought to review all of their missing persons or unsolved murder cases. He’s so arrogant; I hope (and believe) that he will be executed by the Peruvian authorities.

    12. Anneke on June 4th, 2010 11:23 am

      I’m SO glad that Joran’s finally caught! I do hope he’s guilty so that they’ll lock him up for a very, very long time! Like Joran I’m also Dutch and I hope that his days will be numbered in jail!
      It’s just too sad that another girl had to die…

    13. whytegirl on June 4th, 2010 11:25 am

      Klaasend, this video is way better…he could spend 35 years in prison in Perú!!!! Still going over debate of extradition and Chile’s Supreme Court rules over situations like this.

      Still in Spanish, but watch below; you can make out stuff that’s been said before.

      Jorge Ramos’ TV show (a.k.a. Anderson Cooper’s Latino version) should have a transcript in Spanish. This was taken yesterday.
      SM: Thanks Whytegirl, I switched it out to this better video! Good to see you! Nice to see the “sporter” in handcuffs huh? (klaasend)

    14. Greg the Mongoose on June 4th, 2010 11:28 am

      Chile handled this with such professionalism. They even gave Joran his first visit from Netherlands representatives sfter the police grilled him. That would be the Netherlands embassy.

      Within 24hrs handed Joran over to the Peruvian authorities. Takes longer in states from other states.

      Justice is SWIFT in South America!

    15. A Texas Grandfather on June 4th, 2010 11:36 am

      The FBI case of extortion in Alabama may get Beth and Dave some answers. Maybe now that he is going to face justice in Peru,he will finally come clean about what happened to Natalee.
      A little starvation and daily questioning may get those answers. At least he will not have help from the Corrupt Aruban/Dutch courts.
      The fact that the prisons in South American are so primitive may make him want to come to the US and face the American charges.

    16. Blonde on June 4th, 2010 12:01 pm

      Joran I pray you will be tourchard for the rest of your life, Like you did to Natalee & Stephany

    17. Rusty Bridges on June 4th, 2010 12:05 pm

      He can be tried here in the states and then turned over to Peru for the capital crime.

      Not so smug are you little delicious sporter?

      Hope you find what you’ve been longing for in prison, I know your cellmate will.

    18. Darleen on June 4th, 2010 12:14 pm

      Texas Grandfather, that’s a very hopeful attitude, but, unfortunately, nothing he says can be believed unless there’s physical evidence to back it up; maybe he will give the location of her bones. I can’t think of any other way that anyone could believe a word he says.

      And, Aruba should worry about a backlash; they’re going to get one. This is going to reinforce for everyone who doubted their commitment to tourist safety and justice that it’s not only an unsafe place, but a deliberately criminal place.

    19. Carpe on June 4th, 2010 12:16 pm

      Joran needs to stay in jail in Peru.

      We need to run our jails more like Peru.

      They are a most unpleasant place to be.

      …and I am good with that.

      It`s what people like Joran need to get in touch

      with their *inner sweetness*

    20. NGBoston on June 4th, 2010 12:20 pm

      #13-Whytegirl—35 years in Peru wouldn’t be enough for the SPORTER, don’t you agree? Why should he potentially be a free man again and released into Society to kill again? My heart breaks for Beth Holloway again that VDS also attempted to extort money out of her for information on Nat’s body. Talk about victimizing one of his victims families more than once? That poor woman and what all of these families have had to endure is so, so sad.

      I sure hope VDS is never let out again and that all of the authorities, combined- prosecute the hell out of him and never let him see the light of day again. What do you think is going to happen?

    21. NGBoston on June 4th, 2010 12:25 pm

      #14—Yes, justice is South America is so much different than anywhere else, isn’t it?

      Good points you posted—so is there is hope for true justice after all? Hate to get too excited about this news after the travesty of justice on prosecuting him in Aruba but you are so right. Things are done much differently there.

      Why does it seem as Joran is on camera that he is so casual and doesn’t have a care in the world—as if he is not even remotely worried? Sign of a true Narcissitic & psychiopathic deviant, I guess? Blows me away- he has no expression. None. Like he is going to play another poker tournament.

    22. NGBoston on June 4th, 2010 12:31 pm

      Where is Anita in all of this? Not a WORD from her? She better move from Noord & get a new address. . Call me heartless, but I feel not one ounce of sympathy for her. Not one. I only have sympathy for Joran’s victims and families- and maybe some for his own innocent siblings. Imagine knowing that your Brother is such a henious Murderer? It’s not their fault their Mother and Father let the little Sporter lead a life of such horrible crime and secrets.

      WAKE UP ANITA! Give your other children up for adoption while you can before they are adults & while they still have a chance because


    23. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 12:36 pm

      HLN news is reporting was said Van Der Sloot stole $5,000 that Stephany had won in the casino that night.

    24. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 12:50 pm

      Peru police and justice will treat him fair and right. They don’t want to make it so anyone can interfere and claim, he was mistreated or tortured, so he could be set free. Peru will never turn him over to the USA to be tried first here. I heard 30 years for murder in Peru, and up to 20 for extortion in the USA. Made it sound like it was someone related to Natalee that he tried to extort. It said they paid 15 grand to a bank in the Netherlands, which Joran got then he provided false information to the person. Was extorting someone suffering a loss.

      I also read on Greta’s forum that John Q. Kelly had been to Aruba twice in May..and she didn’t know why yet..stay tuned for more. is what it said.

      Also read this on yesterday.

      Earlier today, Flores’ cousin said he had spoken with a friend about van der Sloot about a month ago.

      “She had seen a special about the crime that he committed, or allegedly committed, five years ago. And she was shocked by it,” Rafael Vertiz said on NBC’s “Today” show.

      Vertiz said it was “unbelievable that this was happening to our family with the same person.”

    25. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 1:03 pm

      This is the greta link about John Q. Kelly.

      WHY WAS HOLLOWAY FAMILY IN ARUBA 2 times in last 30 days?: As you know doubt know, I have been making…

      10:30 AM Jun 3rd via Perl Net::Twitter

    26. Blakerin on June 4th, 2010 1:05 pm

      That was the reason he hooked up with her he must have seen her win and knew she had money so she was the perfect target!

    27. Kevin on June 4th, 2010 1:19 pm

      Well if a certain somebody—would not have tried to entrap him by sending him 15 thousand dollars….maybe just maybe he would not have the money to travel to peru and kill another young woman….
      SM: Typical attitude from an either an Aruban or Venezuelan who is likely a friend or relative of the MONSTER Sloot (klaasend)

    28. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 1:46 pm

      A NEW GIRL, that is the sad part of this entire case.

      Paulus if he was any kind of man(lawyer) and Anita would’ve instructed their son to come forward and tell the truth. Lying, hiding and denying did nothing to help Joran. What can a mother and father expect when you put a young 15 yr. old in his own apartment to run the streets, gamble, drink, do drugs, bring girls home all night? After watching the Holloway/Twitty family they are very forgiving people. Sure it would hurt them, but nothing like what the hellish nightmare they have suffered for 5 years now from the Sloots, Kalpoes, police, spokespeople and those in power in Aruba. All those people who went out to trash Natalee and her family, paid spokespeople, Renfro.. sick, sick, sick. Sending a family with money on wild goose chases with false tips to crack houses for information. Renfro telling them they found Natalee another wild goose chase. Never seen such sick, sickening people. Why did Deepak want to throw off an investigation before there was one? Why did they all meet at the pool before it was even known Natalee was missing.. to frame 2 black security guards.. Why did Paulus lead them on a wild goose chase to a casino away from the house for over an hour only to see Deepak and Joran dirty and in shorts at the house when they returned. Not dressed for a casino. Why is there a internet chat session with one of them saying the fact the girl is dead is not good? Why are they gonna see that S$*t if they find Natalee? They all know why. Straten, the sloots, friends, godfather, Dompig, the Kalpoes, Shippers, Guido.. Jacobs..Straten seen going in his office after he was taken off the case. Digging thru the rotten trash in the heat for your child, Why wasn’t the cops doing this? More than likely it bought them time, they already knew what happened to Natalee. Why is Jacobs asking the Kalpoes about the fisherman’s huts on the night all three gave the alibi that they dropped Natalee off at the Holiday Inn. They weren’t thinking of Joran’s best interest, none of them, just their own. He would’ve done 15 years..probably not all of it..and been out.. Stephany wouldn’t have lost her life if he indeed commited this murder.

      Aruba didn’t even hold his father accountable for taking his underage son to a casino leaving him to gamble or Joran for gambling underage. They gave him a special pass to get in Carlos n Charlies. Aruba didn’t just fail Natalee, they failed Joran too.

      BLAKERIN..not sure if that is true about the money, was reported, but not sure on that one.

      Why anyone still goes there is a mystery to me. None of these people gave a damn about Natalee the victim.

    29. Carpe on June 4th, 2010 1:51 pm

      I made money just the other day.

      I didn`t have to extort anybody.

      I didn`t murder anyone.

      It can be done.

    30. Blakerin on June 4th, 2010 1:54 pm

      What is so very sad about this is that this young woman would be alive if Aruba had done their job. I hope that every single person who covered for him feels guilty all the rest of thewir lives, but somehow I do not think so. so sad

    31. Blakerin on June 4th, 2010 1:59 pm

      Kevin he would have killed someone sooner or later, she just happened to be in his [ath that night. When I heard the news first I was not the least bit surprise. He would have killed someone else it was just a matter of time.
      But your insinuation, and blaming other people ( If they had not entraped him then he would not have done it….. That is one of the reasons Aruba let him go, it was everyone elses fault.
      Joran Van Der Sloot is the only ONE guilty of this crime no one else.

    32. Miss-Underestimated on June 4th, 2010 2:13 pm

      Kevin, it that you Renfro?
      What an idiotic statement. You will and have blame(d) Beth for everything. I bet you even blame your parents for your lack of intelligence!
      Go look in the mirror and get a barf bag ready!

    33. Miss-Underestimated on June 4th, 2010 2:18 pm

      BTW Kevin, none of this would have had to happen if Anita would not have engaged in relations with Paulus, How’d you like that!

    34. loca on June 4th, 2010 2:19 pm

      thats so true klaasend
      what a warped sense of thinking from kevin!

    35. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 2:23 pm

      Kevin, are you home alone again?

    36. Melissa on June 4th, 2010 2:34 pm

      Entrap him? Seriously? He has been torturing her for years with his false confessions.

    37. Melissa on June 4th, 2010 2:40 pm


      Do you think there hasnt been a girl in between all this? The way that Stephaney was killed was AWFUL. I have no doubt there are bodies that nobody knows about.

    38. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 2:43 pm

      Kevinnnnn, are you HOME ALONE again..

      Blakerin was just reported again that Joran had 5 thousand on him when caught and that Stephany won 5 grand that night and it was not found in the room or on her.

    39. gail on June 4th, 2010 2:50 pm

      i cant believe people still defend this piece of crap of a human being, and his aruba helpers, still trying to make it the victims fault. typical

    40. paulus was guilty of murder too on June 4th, 2010 3:30 pm

      Remember back…..

      Video from the casino on the night she died shows Paulus hitting on Natalee Holloway. Yet Aruban officials refused to identify the card player as Paulus Van Der Sloot.

      Paulus sprinting from the media with a jacket over his head — not the kind of conduct you would expect from a high ranking justice official from Aruba.

      Paulus was the only person charged with premeditated murder (remember, Guido Wever received the ‘Heavy Battery’ charge….you have to have evidence to charge ‘Heavy Battery’….what was the evidence Aruba?). Why would Aruba charge Paulus for this? Some claim it was to pressure Joran. I think it was the fact that Paulus had to arrange for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

      Natalee Holloway was severely injured by Joran and his crew. She was probably the victim of equally rough treatment that the Peruvian girl received as evidenced by the bloody disposed matress found just days after and the furniture truck delivering new stuff to the Sloots just weeks after her disappearance. All evidence that disappeared or intentionally ignored by Aruban officials.

      While Joran is an accomplice to the murder in Aruba, Paulus had to do the final dirty deeds to protect Joran and the false assumption that it would protect Aruban tourism.

      The original plan was to have her show up at a crack house after a few days…beaten, bruised, but alive. She would allege that JVDS beat her and raped her….he would state he dropped her off at the Holiday Inn and that everything was consensual prior to that. With every television camera in America flying down to Aruba to cover within 24 hours of her disappearance, Aruba’s elite changed the gameplan.

      It was a cover-up from the start…..and it still is one today.

      Paulus died knowing what he did was wrong – sealing another human’s fate on this planet in order to protect his castle. Don’t think that as he was clutching his chest on the tennis court that he didn’t have some thoughts about what he did and how bad it was.

      God works in mysterious ways.

    41. Andy on June 4th, 2010 3:33 pm

      For all we know, there may be other victims — possibly murder, even more likely abuse or rape of women ignorant of who he was or foolish enough to party with a killer. He was greedy for money from his notoriety and was under the impression that he was legally untouchable.

      The Kalpoe brothers need to be re-investigated; it’s quite possible they may finally turn tale and blame big bad Joran for the murder “while they looked on in horror” or some other BS. At least disclose what exactly happened to Holloway and make some attempt to locate her remains.

      There are also allegations that VDS was trafficking women while he lived in Thailand; at the least it should be investigated to see if the allegations are credible. I can’t imagine Joran enjoying a Thai prison anymore than his upcoming long term vacation in Peru.

    42. Melissa on June 4th, 2010 3:53 pm

      BTW Kevin – check out the new reports. JVS contacted Beth, not the other way around. That is in fact extortion (and torture IMO). Your precious Joran is not a good kid. He is the Devils spawn.

    43. paulus was guilty of murder too on June 4th, 2010 3:54 pm

      Oh…and let’s not forget Paulus filing with the Aruban courts not to allow the FBI any jurisdiction over investigating this case. Why would someone want to impede quality investigative work assisting the Aruban keystone cops?

      Or Paulus’ award for ‘false imprisonment’ of $20,000 given to him because they arrested him and took him in for questioning. Meanwhile, Paulus never filed for ‘false imprisonment’ benefits for his son who sat in the pokey a lot longer than Paulus.

      Or Karin Janssen stating that he has consistently interfered with the investigation (against the law in Aruba….but no one touched him).

      Geez….the list could go on. I just wish he could’ve been waterboarded before his ticker went out.

    44. whytegirl on June 4th, 2010 4:03 pm

      This link goes to my Puerto Rico’s newspaper, El Nuevo Día but the news agency is foreign. It gives a better insight on the funeral itself.

      Will translate and post it here shortly.

    45. whytegirl on June 4th, 2010 4:18 pm

      Young victim buried, allegedly murdered by Dutchman Van der Sloot

      The alleged criminal was deported to Chile

      Trade / GDA

      Lima- In the middle of scenes from pain and sorrow, Stephany Flores Ramírez, 21-year-old remains were buried in the cemetery Jardines de la Paz in the District of La Molina. At the funeral attended the young lady’s relatives, friends and schoolmates, as well as a large number of Peruvian and foreign journalists.

      The coffin with the remains of Stephany was taken from the Holy Name Of Jesus Church in Chacarilla, Surco, where the wake was held from Wednesday night. Shortly afterwards they got the news that Joran van der Sloot, alleged murderer of the young woman in Santiago of Chile was apprehended. Flores stated later on that the young American Natalee Holloway, allegedly killed by Van der Sloot, will finally rest in peace.

      As ABC, Fox News and CNN, media arrived in Perú to report on the last farewell to the Lima girl, whose killer would be the same that killed an American in Aruba in 2005.

    46. Lisa in Maryland on June 4th, 2010 4:22 pm

      I wonder if Stephany knew who she was dealing with? I’ve seen pictures of him with girls all over the place in his travels. I can’t imagine the attraction. I thought the whole world knew who he was. It is so very sad that another young sweet life was taken and I agree with former comments that these are just the ones we know about and there are probaly more.

      I was very superized this morning to see Stephany’s Brother and his wife on the Early Show telling Maggie that when they got the name she looked him up on the internet on google and then the whole family went crazy!

      I know the family is devistated right now my heart just aches for them.

      It would be nice if SM would do a memorial for Stephany like they did so long ago for Natalee.

      I don’t believe there is enough justice in the world to deal with this monster.

    47. whytegirl on June 4th, 2010 4:23 pm

      You know I wrote this yesterday (or the day before) and I will say it again. Peruvians are extremely tough, very kind people, who won’t show their mourn, cry, and genuinely good people.

      For Mr. Flores, in the middle of her daughter’s funeral, the sole mention and thoughts of Natalee in that moment, claiming that justice has been done breaks my heart to a million pieces.

      No parent should bury their child; but what is breathtaking to me, is that while this is going on with him personally, that he thinks of another family, way up north that went through a similar circumstance.

      My hat’s off to Mr. Flores and his family. Que Stefanie descanse en paz, y que Dios les dé consuelo a sus familiares y amigos.

    48. gail on June 4th, 2010 4:38 pm

      i hope peru just gives him the worst treatment he has ever imposed on a young girl. what goes around comes around, he just gives me the creeps, he is so
      arrogant, and looks so much like his creepy dad.
      i hope the people on here blaming anyone but joran can sleep at night, oh i forgot the people of aruba do not have a conscience. Hope i spelled that correctly, hoping the flores family gets justice for their daughter and for all of the U.S. daughter our beloved natalie. why have we not seen his mommy coming to his defense?

    49. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:09 pm

      @Shannon: 25 years. Prisons in Peru are almost like hell: very overcrowded, rape, violence, corruption, tasteless food, diseases, hot, smells terrible.
      Have a look at (with 5 other episodes on the right column)

      Sounds great! Just the place for the son of a lawyer.


    50. Greg the Mongoose on June 4th, 2010 5:27 pm

      Stefanie won 5000 dollars at the casino that night. Joran robbed and murdered her. No act of passion. How many missing females in Aruba? Joran Van der Sloot is a Serial killer !

    51. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:36 pm

      There has been much speculation on how Natalee died, but for some reason, we all finally settled on some form of strangulation or garrote as the cause of death, and Joran alludes to this when he describes her death, with the seizure and all.

      I’m afraid that Natalee might not have been the first, or the last. It somehow ties in with Joran’s idea of a good time.

      For people with a normal mind-set, it just doesn’t make much sense, but to Joran, it must. Remember the pictures of the kid with the belt around his neck, and the look of total glee on Joran’s face? He was enjoying it, way beyond any normal understanding.


    52. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:38 pm


      #50. That makes sense. How do you know?


    53. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:41 pm

      How could Joran possible get out of this one?

      There is just no way. The boy is going down for the count.


    54. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:44 pm

      Daddy sloot was not there to hide the body.

      How many others did he hide?

      Could Joran get death? This would be good, great.


    55. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:52 pm

      Maybe that is what happen to Natalee, Joran took her to a room and strangled her, just like a programmed killing machine.


    56. Waterboy on June 4th, 2010 5:58 pm

      Why oh why didn’t Aruba do something? We warned, we pleaded, we begged. They just kept covering up evidence and scarring and deporting witnesses.

      They knew he was sick. Why didn’t they lock him up with others like himself, and save other families so much grief.

      They make me sick.


    57. Maggie on June 4th, 2010 7:02 pm

      I always thought Natalee was drugged and they attempted to assault her and she fought back. That was the entire point of 3 guys going out at closing time to a bar and moving in on 1 intoxicated girl. Satish is walking around in Carlos n Charlies, Joran is getting the girl and Deepak has the car running. The Kalpoes make me as sick as Joran does. Remember when they were asking Joran questions the first night at the Sloots and Deepak yelled you don’t have to tell them nothing. Satish has always been very suspicious to me. Figured they were all waiting for the Kalpoes big pay off from Dr. Phil.(big joke)If the Kalpoes were really offended, why didn’t they sue Gerald guilty as hell Dompig or Joran for saying Deepak raped and buried her.?

      I hope Joran don’t speak Spanish. Now they will know how Natalee felt in the car with them when they were talking in a language Natalee didn’t know.

      Everything that was collected disappeared or they claimed was doctored, tampered with, all the witnesses were liars or disappeared.

      I just watched Jane Velez Mitchell..and Wendy Murphy said she would be willing to trade in this case to get answers in Natalee’s case. Perhaps even that he do his time in the USA if he would tell the truth about Natalee.. My guess is if Joran ever did tell the truth , will be more than him that he implicates. I think this group had been operating awhile in Aruba.. going after intoxicated girls at closing time. Even Gerald Dompig’s son was seen at the hotel going after young female tourists. Two of them fled Aruba fast and hired very high price attorneys.

      I am guessing that if Beth had never watched that security tape in Aruba.. 2 black security guards would’ve been doing time for Natalee’s death and her body may have been turned over.

    58. Keri on June 4th, 2010 7:08 pm

      Since the Aruban officials are responsible for the murder of the young Peruvian woman, they should try to make things right. First things first, pick up the Kalpoe brothers and scare the crap out of them. Tell them that Joran has already told Beth they did were responsible and now that he is going down in Peru he is going to sing like a bird. No Paulus, no joran …the Kalpoe brothers will talk.

    59. Pat in Alabama on June 4th, 2010 7:58 pm

      Joran wont last long in prison in Peru. He’s a prima donna who thinks he is some kind of big operator. Now he will find himself in the hands of Stephaney’s countrymen. I’ve also heard most people in prison don’t think much of those who murder or abuse women and children. He will end up like Jeffery Dahmer.

    60. karen on June 4th, 2010 9:17 pm

      This dude Joren aka Urine should have been in shackles that friggin slimebucket. And they gave him a bullet proof vest to get through the airport ? That is a shame. Let someone pop him off or better yet let the girls families beat his ass to death and stab him like and eye for and eye right ? His father must be cursing him from HELL !!! No one can really say if he did kill Natalie or she died from drinking too much but he took her dead or dying body somewhere and hide it like a rat. So we should close our eyes and let Peru do what they feel they must do but never let him go keep him in overcrowded cell where he belongs for the rest of his life.

    61. on June 4th, 2010 10:25 pm

      Can’t really add anything to what you all have said. Yes, my heart breaks for the Flores family just as it broke for Natalee’s family. No family should have to go through this. Not as a comparison, but I still cannot get over how very cruel many in Aruba were to the Holloways. They merely wanted (and still do) their daughter’s body so she could be near them in the USA.

      The Holloway family have been taunted over and over again and then someone like scum Kevin has the audacity to attempt to blame the Holloways one more time. Kevin can’t possibly have kids (or even feelings) that he would suggest that a parent is at fault for trying to buy the information that would put their daughter to rest respectfully. EVERYONE deserves that.

      I did read somewhere that Stephany had talked about scum bag murderer a month or so before her murder. Why on earth would she be aware of him and go with him. Though people at the hotel said that Stephany and Joran were arguing. He probably conned her into his room to steal her money.

    62. NGBoston on June 4th, 2010 11:49 pm

      @#28- Maggie—-Absolutely ! Everything you posted is spot on. Couldn’t agree more.

      20/20 had a feature story tonight, re-capped Joran’s story. It was reported that Beth Holloway did end up paying $15k for false info from Joran. Guess the original attempt was to extort $225k, but $15k was what was actually paid.

      To re-victimize the original victims family- heartless, sick–beyond cruel that greedy little demon! When Stefhany’s Father spoke yesterday when interviewed—how strong he was, filled with such wisdom and grace. Amazing how there can be such inspirational and humbling humans who inspire you on one hand—and then an evil MONSTER on the complete opposite end of the spectrum like JVDS.

      Appears Joran did specifically target Stephany in the Casino– as as soon as Stephany won some money gambling—the Sporter slithered up to her, started talking and invited her to celebrate together. I bet he tried to rob her when they went back to the Hotel room, she fought him off and ended up paying with her life. To have been beaten so violently—God, why? Why? Joran has only stated that he did not kill her. When the press was hounding him he made no comments, of course. Someone please get Joe Taco out of my face, though. Time to throw the nerf ball at the TV again, aaargh
      Whytegirl posted—-For Mr. Flores, in the middle of her daughter’s funeral, the sole mention and thoughts of Natalee in that moment, claiming that justice has been done breaks my heart to a million pieces.

      ….Felt exactly the same again and was amazed by his strength and grace. What a class act and I wish we could reach out to him from here and give him a million hugs. That really got to me, too.


    63. Shannon on June 5th, 2010 11:22 am

      Thanks Waterboy and FL! I am all up to speed now on prison conditions in Peru. Rat tails and rat chunks as occasional protein in the soup…….classic! No toilets and just a poop hole in the floor….. beautiful! He will live with the stench of his own feces for the next 35 years. It’s so fitting for such a monster. Cement floor and no bed. Great! The best part of all; the rapes he will endure from hardened criminals who will have no appreciation for how he brutalized Stephany.

      My only hope is that they do not kill him; rather, he should regularly experience torture and near death experiences every day for 35 years. When Peru is finished with him, we’ll have 20 more years awaiting him in an Alabama prison. He’ll be 78 when he is finally released, if math serves me. 35 years in Peru followed by 20 years in the US.

      Prison in Aruba would have been like a country club compared to what he is facing now. God really does have a plan after all. For the last five years we have suffered the injustice of what happened to Natalee though little did we know there was a greater plan in store for him. Patience really is a virtue.

      Thank you God for this beautiful day and for justice.

    64. gail on June 5th, 2010 12:22 pm

      i got all choked up watching natalies aunt on nancy grace, the flores family want to talk to natalies family. just makes me want to cry.

    65. Baseball Bat Used in the Murder of Stephany Flores in Peru by Suspect Joran Van der Sloot | Scared Monkeys on June 5th, 2010 12:55 pm

      [...] Van der Sloot has been returned to Lima, Peru from Chile where he was apprehended and arrested while on the run from Interpol. Joran Van der Sloot is the prime suspect in the murder pf 21 year [...]

    66. A Texas Grandfather on June 5th, 2010 7:04 pm

      It would appear from the comments made by the Flores family that they not only intend to get justice for their daughter, but will take steps to get answers for what happend to Natalee.

      I would chain the POS to a wall and feed him bread and water until he comes clean. He may need a little help in that regard and that would be ok too. Maybe a cane that is cut into strips and applied to his backside.
      The international police and the FBI need to take steps to investigate everything the Aruban,s have regarding Natalee. These people need to be exposed and made to pay for the cover up.

      I also pray that because of the publicity, school trips from the US will not be outside the country and they will include a sufficient number of chaparones to keep the children safe.

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