So Barack Obama, Who is the Government of “Unconscionable Ineptitude” … BP Oil Spill Meets Hurricane Katrina


When it comes to the BP oil spill, Barack Hussein Obama is on it … or so he says.  What lessons did he learn from the Hurricane Katrina response as he stated in the video below? It would appear none.

Barack Obama brings “Unconscionable Ineptitude” to new heights.

Hear what candidate Barack Hussein Obama had to say about the Bush Administration when the situation was Hurricane Katrina. Obama claimed he would rebuild the levies to withstand a 100 year storm by 2011. Hell Barack, you could not even prevent the 500 year storm and flood that hit Nashville, TN that caused nearly $2 billion worth of damage. As a matter of fact, you never even visited, but you did find time to play golf.

Video via Breitbart TV

Take a good listen to Obama’s words and his criticisms and compare then to his own action or inaction with the BP oil spill disaster and the pending ecological catastrophe off the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The oil now spreads closer and closer to the Florida white sanding beaches, bur wait President Barack Obama is on it … he is attending a tribute to Paul McCartney.

Welcome to the Obama BP oil spill hostage crisis, Day 44 … the leak may last until Christmas. I bet that will do wonders for the Democrats in the November midterm elections.

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    8 Responses to “So Barack Obama, Who is the Government of “Unconscionable Ineptitude” … BP Oil Spill Meets Hurricane Katrina”

    1. boohoo on June 3rd, 2010 1:19 am

      Oh right, because it’s his fault. As if they haven’t been trying to do anything about it. The system put in place (many, many moons ago) to drill failed and Barack Obama is supposed to know all the answers. What he’s realizing, as with the rest of the world is alternative energy will be more sustainable than oil.
      SM: It is his fault, he said he was responsible. Obama & you libs sure had diarrhea of the mouth when it came to criticizing GWB for Katrina. All his rhetoric is coming home to roost.

      Alternative energy is fine, but until that day comes that people can actually afford it and its not government subsidized, oil, nuclear, etc is the answer. But of course the enviro-whackos have no blame in this right? This disaster would never have occurred in shallow water or Amwyr.

    2. Roger on June 3rd, 2010 1:29 am

      There’s not a goddamned thing Obama can do to plug the hole. As I recall, before running for elected office Obama had a background in community organizing. I don’t remember him claiming to have any expertise in underwater oil exploration. How could anyone possibly believe Obama can do anything other than call BP execs every few hours for a status update?

      We should have figured out by now the government doesn’t effectively accomplish the tasks it’s supposed to. Expecting it to immediately find solutions to disasters no one has ever faced is just plain silly. But the truth is, far too many of us have unreasonably high expectations. We want the government to educate our children, create jobs, pay for our healthcare and retirement, etc. So when a situation like this BP oil leak presents itself, and it’s obvious government isn’t up to the task of solving monumental problems, some people can’t handle the truth.
      SM: He said he was responsible and he thinks about it from morning until night. That is when he is not golfing or taking in a Paul McCartney concert.

      This President is one of the most inept ever. He is small.

      Here is a President that tells America that government is the answer to all their ills and the oil spill shows just how useless govt really is.

    3. Buster on June 3rd, 2010 5:14 am

      The only thing this A-hole is president of is the lame duck society !!!

    4. super dave on June 3rd, 2010 7:44 am

      obama is incapable of even making himself a sandwich much less being president of our
      great country. he has reduced our greatness to
      embarrasment because of his stupidity.
      he allowed BP to drill without proper EPA
      permits so yes, the oil spill is his to own
      as is the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. he bought
      the chance to run and now he’s running away
      from his responsibilities and only knows how
      to piont the finger and blame like a little kid.

    5. Scott on June 3rd, 2010 8:00 am

      Alternative Energy is NOT and NEVER will be more sustainable than OIL. Give the leftist tree hugging bullshiz up!

      FACT is if the wacko environmentalists such as yourself wouldn’t have thrown a hissy fit over the places these oil companies could drill in the first place (closer to shore; shallower water); this disaster would have already been slowed OR fixed. Problem is; you libs morons do not know the facts….these methods have NEVER been tried a MILE down in the ocean; BUT these methods have been PROVEN to work in waters that are less deep. The wacko leftist tree hugging hippies have this mess on their hands!

      FACT is…Bush had things going right off the bat with Katrina saving thousands of lives yet the left MSM feed bottom feeders like you only the bad and the sucker that you are; you bit.

      FACT is…Obama was the single highest donor from BP during his election.

      FACT is…Obama has been President for almost 2 years now and its’ time to let the Bush mantra go…seriously…give it a rest…the majority of America doesn’t buy it…BOOOORIINNNG!

    6. Linda on June 3rd, 2010 9:23 am

      Yes, I am a victim to the 100 yr flood of Nashville….Although my loss is minor compared to many….I had a major mudslide. I did not have flood insurance because I am not in a flood plain, same situation for most people here in Nashville…Insurance will not pay because it is flood related and Fema says it is not flood disaster related, so no assistance. I have never taken assistance from the government anyway. Thanks Obama…I would like to know what is your definition of “Unconscionable Ineptitude”? 44 days later the oil is still spewing…30 days later Nashville has “for the most part” rebuilt itself….And yes, without your acknowledgement. Great Leadership.

    7. boohoo on June 3rd, 2010 12:00 pm

      LOLOLOL! Because McCain would have done a better job cleaning up. RIGHT!

    8. Scott on June 3rd, 2010 1:44 pm

      BTW, #7, moron…it isn’t about cleaning it up; it’s about showing leadership instead of showing cowardness…

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