Obama’s Misguided Hypocrisy: Proof of Health Insurance But Not Citizenship


Misguided, eh President Barack Obama?

The other day President Barack Hussein Obama claimed that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was “misguided” for signing into law the toughest illegal immigration law in the United States. Misguided and irresponsible? How could it possibly be considered misguided to protect the border and the citizens of Arizona by following the rule of law? Last time I checked it was “illegal” for some one to be in the United States if they did not follow the proper immigration process.

It is Obama that has made it necessary for the IRS to contact American citizens and state … show me your insurance papers.

So let’s get this straight … Obama thinks it is misguided to make it mandatory to ask individuals for proof of citizenship, but the Obamamessiah thinks that it is perfectly fine to make Americans show proof of insurance or be fined and potentially worse by the IRS.

AMERICA … which one do you think is unconstitutional and attacks American citizens rights?

Misguided? One might actually find the President’s comments rather comical, ironic and then those with conspiracy theories find it fitting that Barack Obama be complaining that “proof of citizenship” be an issue. Don’t Americans have to carry their passports at all times when traveling abroad? I have worked in foreign countries and had to show my work papers and renew them or face a one way plane ticket back home.

Misguided? One might call it misguided, irresponsible and criminal for what Obama and Democrats did with the health care reform by claiming it would lower costs only to find out once it passed that Obamacare would do just the opposite and raise health care costs.

In the end, WE THE PEOPLE will deem what is and what is not misguided and irresponsible this November during the midterm elections and again in 2012. As it presently stands 70% of Arizona voters support the new tough immigration laws.  The American voters trust Republicans more than they do Democrats on the issue of immigration.

Once again Barack Hussein Obama and Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of the issue, an all too common occurrence these days with the people. Is it any wonder why now even the NY Times is discussing the carnage that is going to take place this November and Democrats are swept out of office.

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    14 Responses to “Obama’s Misguided Hypocrisy: Proof of Health Insurance But Not Citizenship”

    1. super dave on April 26th, 2010 1:18 pm

      i say obama needs to provide proof of his
      citizenship ! as of now, he is as much of an
      illegal as the rest of them.

    2. Rusty Bridges on April 26th, 2010 1:26 pm

      From MSNBC “PHOENIX – The conflict over a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona intensified Monday as vandals smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the state Capitol’s windows.

      More protests were planned Monday after thousands gathered this weekend to demonstrate against a bill that will make it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona.

      Opponents say the law will lead to rampant racial profiling and turn Arizona into a police state with provisions that require police to question people about their immigrant status if they suspect they are here illegally. Day laborers can be arrested for soliciting work if they are in the U.S. illegally, and police departments can be sued if they don’t carry out the law.”

      Is it racial profiling to say that angry Mexicans will smear beans on your windows if they don’t get their way, or is that just an old stereotype?

      Wow, we would have to sue a police force for not enforcing laws. Can we sue the FED?

      Barry, just show your papers and you can pass.

    3. Rusty Bridges on April 26th, 2010 1:28 pm

      BTW ICE, this would be a good opportunity to nab a bunch of illegals in one svelt swoop.

      If they resist arrest, oh well….

    4. super dave on April 26th, 2010 3:19 pm

      Day laborers can be arrested for soliciting
      work if they are in the US illegally. now
      democrats, what is wrong with this statement ?
      come on now, surely you could figure this out
      without my help.
      hint: arrested,soliciting work, here illegally.
      if you are here illegally, you should be arrested

    5. Pat in Alabama on April 26th, 2010 8:03 pm

      If legal citizens of the US will have to show proof of insurance, what about the illegal aliens? Do they have more rights than the citizens?

      #4 dave: While we are ignoring these illegal workers they are taking jobs away from the unemployed citizens. “But no one want to do those jobs” someone will say… however, when the job doesn’t get done and the pay goes up out of deperation to get it done, someone will step up and take the job. The free market system works when it is left alone.

    6. A Texas Grandfather on April 26th, 2010 8:57 pm

      Barry and company are hiding the fact that he is an illegal alien. The Democratic party is complicet in continuing this charade.
      What about the 39 social security cards that have been found with his name on them? The use of anothers social security number is identity theft and carries a class C felony charge if found to be true. Lets see, 39 x 10 equals 390 years in prison.
      I am glad that the state of Arizona has the guts to move forward with legislagtion to get the illegal alien problem under control. Now, all the other border states should follow suit.
      Put the troops on the border and make the federal government do the job it is currently not doing.

    7. rightknight on April 26th, 2010 10:24 pm

      As it presently stands 70% of Arizona voters support the new tough
      immigration laws….and the remaining 30% of Arizona voters ARE
      the Illegal Aliens by my estimation!

    8. nurturer on April 26th, 2010 10:33 pm

      The Governor of Arizona, A WOMAN, has bigger balls than this imbecil. Go figure.

    9. Buster on April 27th, 2010 1:09 am

      It’s all bullshit and will pass just like it’s not legal to talk on the cell phone while driving !!! Still everyone does it !!!

    10. super dave on April 27th, 2010 7:09 am

      #5: I work several jobs. one of them is mowing lawns on the weekends, so i have already taken
      one of the mexican jobs.
      one of my customers (an electrical contractor)
      goes by the post office to get 5 mexicans to
      dig a trench for power service. they don’t dig
      for less than $12 per hour. it’s a shame that they are here illegally and can demand these
      wages. i would have turned them in that very minute to the ins, they raid the post offices here
      on a regular basis taking as many as 80 per sweep.

    11. katablog.com on April 27th, 2010 12:13 pm

      Anyone of us can be stopped and questioned already if there is suspicion that we committed a crime. That’s all the Arizona law is requiring. It is ILLEGAL to be in the USA without citizenship or papers allowing the temporary stay in the USA.

      No AZ police won’t stop you for walking down the street if you are a Latino (or any other race). You have to be doing something suspicious (like carrying 15 people stuffed into your car or drunk driving) to be stopped and questioned. And at that point, yes, they can ask you about your legal status and demand proof.

    12. super dave on April 27th, 2010 12:42 pm

      now there’s proof that obama lied under oath
      about contact with Blagojevich about filling
      the senate seat.
      obama is a liar and a fraud. he needs to be removed from office and deported back to kenya

    13. pammalou on April 29th, 2010 1:35 am

      In Chicago where he came from they want the National Guard on the streets to fight crime.The incompetent Mayor Daley is such a fool or crook that the crime gets exponentially worse as the years go on like a crack whore who spends everything on crack and cries for money to feed the kids .This is where Barry Boy learned EVERYTHING he knows about politics.Kitty Kelley’s unauthorized Oprah biography has Ms Kelley Blacklisted in th US by Barry Soetreo’s chubby cheerleader who stumped for him went to Barry’s church.Oprah was a teen prostitute and did cocaine admittedly in the 90′s and her relatives told Kitty what a pig she is.Oprah endorsed this weirdo.Reverend Manning has exposed Michelle is the only woman in Barry’s past but he has two dead gay men in his past.Barry like the other O oprah admitted he did cocaine but he stopped! But he can’t quit cigarettes? Yeah sure.These are fools and people talk about them as they were legitimate authorities.The only place he is President is on corporate TV.He’s a laughable poseur.Everything he does wrecks the country.Can you understand that? Everything he says is irrelevant.Who cares what Barry the Usurper,and his whore media says?
      See the You Tube Video the Obama We Know.

    14. Sanity on December 1st, 2010 5:33 pm

      Please for the love of God, educate yourselves. Don’t just regurgitate the talking points of others. Do you own research and come to your own conclusions. Further, at least you might consider staying on topic. Your rant seems to be that of someone who is just so blinded by their blind hate, that you can’t cohesively defend your position.
      SM: Do yourself a favor and put down the Obama Kool-aid. We do research and put forth our own opinion. What typical ignorant and self-serving liberal talking points. You have used the words talking points, hate and criticize anothers opinion. How obvious are you? For some one who has been in the healthcare industry for 20+ years, I think I know what I am talking about. Do you?

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