Thanks to Obamacare & Partisan Democrats … 53% of Americans Now Trust Republicans on Health Care Reform


Voters now trust Republicans on health care thanks to Democrats and Barack Obama’s unwillingness to listen to the American People.


Obama says he welcomes the Republican politician fight of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Really Mr. President, Don’t ask for things, they just might come true.

Barack Obama billed himself during the campaign as a moderate Democrats and a President who would reach across the aisle. That has proved to be a falsehood and with the recent passage of Obamacare in a partisan vote by Democrats against the will of the People, American voters now trust Republicans on the health care reform issue. By a 53% to 37% margin, the voters now trust the GOP on health care.

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on nine out of 10 key issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports, but the gap between the two parties has grown narrower on several of them.

Following the passage of the health care bill, 53% now say they trust Republicans on the issue of health care. Thirty-seven percent (37%) place their trust in Democrats. A month earlier, the two parties were essentially even on the health care issue.

Just last month prior to Democrats ramming Obamacare down the throats of the American voters, Republicans only had a 45% to 42% lead on the health care issue.  Poll after poll after poll show that Democrats are on the losing side of the health care debate and will pay dearly come the Nonmember 2010 midterm elections.

Obamacare  was never about health care reform, it was about controlling the people.

It’s not just health care … voters state that they trust Republicans over Democrats on 9 of the 10 Key Issues. Republicans now lead Dems on the following political issues, Economy 49% to 37%, National Security 51% to  36%, Iraq 47% to 39%, Health Care 53% to 37%, Immigration 47% to 34%, Social Security 48% to 36%, Education 43% to 40% and Taxes 52% to 34%.

There is a reason why the Tea Party movement is growing day by day and there is a need by the MSM and Democrats to tarnish it. Democrats know that they are toast in the upcoming elections and the only chance they have is to discourage the vote.

Democrats, see you in November.

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