OBAMA … OH MY, Gallup Job Approval Rating At All Time Low


Obama’s poll numbers sinking as his monolithic obsession continues on Obamacare reform. This will cost Democrats dearly in 2010.

The Obama Presidency is coming a part at the seems. According to the most recent Gallup poll, Barack Hussein Obama has hit an all time low job approval rating at 46%. Just one year ago, Obama had a 63% approval rating in the Gallup poll. My how The One has fallen.

Is it any wonder why House Democrats are starting to balk at voting for Obamacare and Pelosi cannot find the votes to pass Obama’s signature piece of legislation. What Democrat is going to lay their political career on the line for a President with a 46% approval rating and trending downward?

The Rasmussen Report has Obama at a 44% job approval rating.

What might be more stunning is many Democrats unwillingness to listen to the polls. As the Washington Post wrote today, “If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly.” Democrats, especially Obama have themselves convinced that the public supports their health care polices in the face of opposition at every corner.

First, the battle for public opinion has been lost. Comprehensive health care has been lost. If it fails, as appears possible, Democrats will face the brunt of the electorate’s reaction. If it passes, however, Democrats will face a far greater calamitous reaction at the polls. Wishing, praying or pretending will not change these outcomes.

Nothing has been more disconcerting than to watch Democratic politicians and their media supporters deceive themselves into believing that the public favors the Democrats’ current health-care plan. Yes, most Americans believe, as we do, that real health-care reform is needed. And yes, certain proposals in the plan are supported by the public.

Why is Obama’s poll numbers cratering? Other than the obvious, it’s health care and the economy (jobs & unemployment). Obama continues to push an unpopular health care bill on “We the People” where not one poll in the United States has American’s majority support.

The LEFT used to refer to GWB as rigid and unbending, what would they call Obama when it comes to Obamacare and the economy? The American people have stated overwhelmingly that they want Congress to scrap Obamacare and start from scratch. They do not support the present piece of legislation before Congress. Yet, Obama in his political brilliance goes out on a pep rally to staged appearances to one again promote the failure called Obamacare. The disconnect with the will of the American people is unbelievable. As a matter of fact, a majority of Americans think Obama’s health care will hurt the US economy.

All the while the American people do do consider health care to be an important issues. It is supposed to be about jobs, jobs , jobs.  President Obama stated in his State of the Union speech that his second year in office would solely concentrate on the economy and jobs as millions of people find them self out of work and unemployment is at 9.7%.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Americans consider health care a tie for 4th in importance behind the economy, government ethics/corruption and national security/the war on terror.

The latest national telephone survey shows that 82% of U.S. voters see the economy as a very important issue, down two points from early February. Just two percent (2%) see the economy as not very or not at all important.

The president is now trying to get his health care reform plan back on track in the Congress, even though most voters continue to oppose it. But 55% would rather see Congress scrap the original plan and start all over again. Fifty-seven percent (57%) think the plan working its way through Congress will hurt the U.S. economy.

Now tied with taxes and health care is Social Security, with 62% viewing it as a very important issue, up three points from last month.

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    4 Responses to “OBAMA … OH MY, Gallup Job Approval Rating At All Time Low”

    1. katablog.com on March 12th, 2010 9:43 am

      Gotta love the latest reveal of how $96,000 in Stimulus (better known as Porkulus) funds (remember, that huge boondoggle that was suppose to create or save over 3 million jobs?) were used to purchase Blackberry phones for police supervisors in Providence, RI.

      Now I admit, my Blackberry Tour (purchased with only my own hard earned money) can do a lot of things but it can’t save or create jobs. I’ve even looked over at Crackberry and can’t find a job saving/creating app.

    2. nurturer on March 12th, 2010 6:34 pm

      By 2011, the “Soul Brother President” will have a 10% approval rating. Generously awarded by the far left limousine theorists, and a billioniare Nazi collaborator.

    3. Dan on March 13th, 2010 1:02 am

      The last days of the American Empire? Judging by the intelligence of your comments its no wonder your country is going down the shitter. You’re a Nation of inbred idiots. See ya!

    4. Christopher Carr on March 15th, 2010 10:45 am

      New York Times columnist David Brooks recently presented a fair and even-handed picture of Obama as a center-left pragmatic reformer who is vilified in ideological terms by partisan hacks on the left and on the right, but these new poll numbers suggest America is not really ready for post-partisan politics. Is Obama’s reluctance to work within the bi-partisan political structure of Washington a strength or a fatal flaw? http://www.theinductive.com/blog/2010/3/15/david-brooks-gets-obama-america-right.html

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