Massive Explosion at Kleen Energy plant in Middleton, CT … Two Deceased, 100′s Injured



This morning there was a massive explosion at an energy plant in Middletown, Ct. on the Connecticut River. The explosion occurred just before 11:30 am at the Kleen Energy plant on River Road. According to early reports from the Hartford Current, there were two confirmed deaths and more than 100 people injured. One witness to the explosion stated, “There are bodies everywhere.”

Initial reports from officials are saying that explosion caused by gas leak. The explosion was felt as far away as 15 miles.


More pics seen here

Pictures can be seen HERE.

Early reports were that a natural gas leak could have caused a devastating explosion Sunday morning that killed two and injured as many as 100 at a power plant being built south of the city on the Connecticut River.

Homeowners more than 10 miles away said the 11 a.m. explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems power plant on River Road created a shock wave so intense they mistakenly thought the central part of the state had experienced an earth quake.

Medical rescue personnel said two were dead at the site and, of 100 so injured, four were in critical condition.

“There are bodies everywhere,” a witness said. Another witness said many victims may be buried in rubble.

Video below from WTNH, Feb. 7, 2010 via The Raw Story.

Acording to Eyewitness News 3  WFSB, Gov. Jodi Rell activated the Emergency Operations Center after police said at least two were killed after an explosion at the Kleen Energy plant in Middletown.

The Deputy Fire Marshall in Middletown said one side of the building had collapsed. There are reports of people trapped under metal, concrete and steel and a search and rescue operation is underway. On Sunday afternoon, Gov. Jodi Rell approved the use of the urban search and rescue team to assist in the search and rescue operations.

St. Francis and Yale-New Haven Hospitals were on disaster standby to take in injured people from the scene. Surrounding states have also offered their help to assist in the rescue operations.

Fire departments from around the area are responding. Fire officials said it took more than an hour to put out the fire that was caused by the explosion.

Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the deceased and injured.

UPDATE I: The Kleen Energy building, currently under construction as a natural gas and oil plant.

Because the story is so new, details still are sketchy. Some reports say at least 300 people were in the Kleen Energy building, currently under construction as a natural gas and oil plant. The explosion occurred at roughly 11:30 A.M. local time.

UPDATE II: According to WTNH, at least 250 were injured. Two were dead and four were critically injured.

UPDATE II: Mayor Says that 5 dead and 12 injured

The Middletown, Connecticut mayor’s office is now saying at least 5 people are known dead in a Connecticut power plant explosion.

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    3 Responses to “Massive Explosion at Kleen Energy plant in Middleton, CT … Two Deceased, 100′s Injured”

    1. Norman Rogers on February 7th, 2010 5:35 pm

      Excellent pictures, thank you.

    2. Michelle on February 7th, 2010 10:31 pm

      God Bless those injured, killed & their families.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on February 8th, 2010 2:57 pm

      It now appears that some form of pipe testing with natural gas was being performed at the time of the explosion.
      If the integrety of the pipe was being tested, it should have been done with an inert gas such as nitrogen or with water. Nitrogen will also allow testing of pressure regulators, automated valves and other active components of the piping system.
      I am sorry that some people lost their life due to poor decisions, regarding safety, of someone in charge.

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