MA Senate Race:Public Policy Poll Has Brown Up by 5% Points Over Coakley



The most recent Public Policy Polling’sfinal survey shows that Republican Scott Brown is up 51% to 46% over Democrat Martha Coakley. The shift of Independents to Brown has become glaring. As Brown captures more and more of the Indies, it is showing that Brown represents the candidate of “uniting” rather than politics as usual in Washington, DC. After all, Brown is looking to win the  Massachusetts “Peoples” seat.

Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 51-46 in our final Massachusetts Senate poll, an advantage that is within the margin of error for the poll.

Over the last week Brown has continued his dominance with independents and increased his ability to win over Obama voters as Coakley’s favorability numbers have declined into negative territory. At the same time Democratic leaning voters have started to take more interest in the election, a trend that if it continues in the final 36 hours of the campaign could put her over the finish line.

The following are some truly striking numbers from the PPP via the Politico:

-Brown is up 64-32 with independents and is winning 20% of the vote from people who supported Barack Obama in 2008while Coakley is getting just 4% of the McCain vote.

-Those planning to turn out continue to be skeptical of the Democratic health care plan, saying they oppose it by a 48/40 margin.

Weasel Zippers could not have stated it any better … Hope & Change in Massachusetts.

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    6 Responses to “MA Senate Race:Public Policy Poll Has Brown Up by 5% Points Over Coakley”

    1. super dave on January 18th, 2010 2:08 pm

      the new democrat battle cry : pants on da ground, feets on da flo, hat turn sideways, gold in yo mouf,pants on da flo.

    2. dialectician on January 18th, 2010 3:09 pm

      Will someone please explain how Martha Coakley, supposedly born and raised entirely in western Massachusetts, speaks with an OBVIOUS French-Canadian tinged accent? There is absolutely no comment about this in the media, but the combination of her h-droppings and francophone liaisons and rhythms indicate that she comes from either Quebec or a francophone Acadian (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) background. I don’t care if this senatorial candidate is a naturalized American. The Governor of Michigan was born in Canada. I do object to being lied to, and this is certainly some very strange freaking story.

    3. Buster on January 18th, 2010 7:52 pm

      maybe she is from kenya as well ???

    4. dialectician on January 18th, 2010 8:39 pm

      On the jay tapper blog someone described me as a birther already.

      For the record, I am in no way a birther. I am only a person
      (registered democrat, btw), who has no stake in this contest. I am
      only a LISTENER. I have been to Springfield, North Adams, etc. and
      Coakley simply does not sound like she came from there. People dere
      seemply don’t ‘ave a tend-an-cy to speak any way like Coakley does.

      This intrigues me from a linguistic perspective. I studied UK, US and
      Canadian English dialects and I know Quebec and Acadia well, both FR
      and EN. I speak French well and I understand dialect mixing and other
      characteristics of language, so whenever I happen to hear Coakley,
      she clearly sounds like a person who speaks fluent but imperfect
      American English.

      She exhibits no Boston accent tinge, which suggests that she is
      resistent or a bit deaf to new accents. Henry Kissinger, for example,
      still speaks with a German accent, probably because he similarly has
      this “adjustment deafness.”

      It is not unusual for a person in western Mass to not sound
      Bostonian, and in fact many newcomers do not pick up the accent,
      because it is seen as non-standard and not all too attractive. In
      fact, Brown does not have much of the Boston accent, either, but he
      does speak with a clearly US Northeastern, New England-twinged
      dialect. This is not true of Coakley. It is not a native US English
      accent to drop initial h’s.

      If you would listen to the CBC via the internet, you will ‘ear many
      francophone natives speaking English the way that Coakley speaks
      English. This is not a political issue per se. Listen to her extended
      speech and tell me that
      you have ‘eard of other native Engish speakers with this accent. I
      ‘ope that you ‘ere today will see that dis is odd… Anyone ever ‘ear
      an American say “daxpayer?” She is tightly controlled, and she does
      not always drop h’s or say “daxpayers,” but she slips…. This is
      normal for a person who was raised in another language, but this is
      not in the Coakley bio, hence my curiosity.

      Maybe dis explains why she is not gachingon wid de beeple of
      Masachusettes, or owever you spell hit….

    5. enforcer on January 18th, 2010 9:15 pm

      Maybe she is from mars. Shouldn’t be nasty though. Truth is I stood up for her yesterday. Someone said she wasn’t qualified to be the dog catcher. “oh yes she is”, i wailed – just barely though.
      While 60% of people are having trouble these days in just running there own lives, you should still have some empathy for Martha. I feel certain she has trouble runnibg her own bath water without help. Probable sends someone into the bathroom ahead of her just to make certain those missing Taliban from Afghanistan haven’t hid there.

    6. Early 2012 Presidental PPP Poll has Mike Huckabee Leads Obama 45% -44% | Scared Monkeys on January 23rd, 2010 10:10 am

      [...] change and political landscape have Barack Hussein Obama in a world of trouble. Although too early, PPP nailed the Scott Brown victory in the Massachusetts special Senate election that caused a political tsunami in Washington, DC and [...]

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