Janet Napolitano Surprised by Al-Qaeda’s Determination & Tactics, Where Has She Been?



Wow, did you catch this comment by Obama Home Land Security Secretary Janet Napolitano? She says that she is surprised by the determination of Al-Qaeda and their tactics. WHAT!

President Barack Obama gives a speech of how he is going to be tough of terrorism and Al-Qaeda and we have comments like this from the person who is his Home Land Security Secretary … Good Grief!

Via the Gateway Pundit

America, do you feel safe with these people in charge? Where has Napolitano been since the attacks on September 11, 2001? It is almost incomprehensible that this individual is in charge of the safety of the United States from terrorism.

From The Founding Bloggers …  The is the death of preemption personified and put into words as seen below spoken by Brennen. Its a policy of reaction not preemption. GREAT!

Transcript from The Chicago Sun-Times:

Question: What was the most shocking, stunning thing that you found out of the review? And, Secretary, to you, as well.

MR. BRENNAN: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is an extension of al Qaeda core coming out of Pakistan. And, in my view, it is one of the most lethal and one of the most concerning of it. The fact that they had moved forward to try to execute this attack against the homeland I think demonstrated to us — and this is what the review sort of uncovered — that we had a strategic sense of sort of where they were going, but we didn’t know they had progressed to the point of actually launching individuals here. And we have taken that lesson, and so now we’re full on top of it.

SECRETARY NAPOLITANO: I think, following up on that, not just the determination of al Qaeda and al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula, but the tactic of using an individual to foment an attack, as opposed to a large conspiracy or a multi-person conspiracy such as we saw in 9/11, that is something that affects intelligence. It really emphasizes now the renewed importance on how different intelligence is integrated and analyzed, and threat streams are followed through. And, again, it will impact how we continue to review the need to improve airport security around the world.

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    9 Responses to “Janet Napolitano Surprised by Al-Qaeda’s Determination & Tactics, Where Has She Been?”

    1. super dave on January 8th, 2010 10:04 am

      she’s really surprised that more attacks haven’t come due to her administration’s weak stance on security. almost as if the obama administration can’t wait until the attacks become more frequent.

    2. Michelle on January 8th, 2010 10:06 am

      More ineptness from the Obama administration. What are they waiting for another 9/11 before they do anything? How can they not take these terrorists serious? They need to get their heads out of their butts before more people get killed.


    3. nurturer on January 8th, 2010 11:01 am

      She’s an airhead.

      Oh, by the way everybody. Have you heard?

      WE’RE AT WAR!

      And the enemy is

      AL QUEDA!

      There’s more.

      They are FAR REACHING!

      You know how I know all that?? Because President Obama told me.

      Uh-huh! That’s right!

    4. rightknight on January 8th, 2010 11:29 am

      If we take a look at the spectrum of incompetent
      people Barry has picked to surround (H)imself with,
      we are confronted with a collection of mismatched
      ‘droids’ not suited for the support of our Constitution.
      Among this troupe of actors we find outright self-acclaimed
      Communists, criminals, and programable pawns
      harboring the gleam of power in their sallow eyes.

    5. super dave on January 8th, 2010 1:26 pm

      obama refers to the underwear bomber as a”suspected terrorist”. why would you even embarass yourself in front of the whole country by
      stumbling stupidly on your own words ?

    6. Jayne (on the left coast) on January 8th, 2010 1:26 pm

      Nappy is surprise because she thinks that Conservatives,gun owners,Church going and returning Military are the real terrorist.

    7. rightknight on January 8th, 2010 11:47 pm

      The panty bomber is a Radical Islamic Terrorist.
      He may or may not be an al-qaeda member per se.
      All of the Radical Islamic Terrorists (numbering
      about 100 million) are threats to civilized society.
      The war on Terrorism that we are fighting is the
      war against Radical Islamic Terrorists. None of
      the Radical Islamic Terror acts are isolated incidents
      unrelated to Radical Islam are they?

    8. Brenda in Virginia on January 9th, 2010 9:48 am

      #5 SuperDave, it has to be difficult for Obama to call anything or anyone a REAL as there is NOTHING “real” about him in the first place.

      As in does he have a “real” birth certificate showing he’s an American-born citizen…or are we to simply “suspect” he is? :>) We know he’s not a “real” president…or a “real” MAN for that matter. Too sissy for my taste.

    9. Teri on January 9th, 2010 9:02 pm

      Where has she been?

      I’m guessing she’s been busy recycling ornaments to represent Mao Se Tsung for the White House trees, heading the so called tightened White House security proud that just a few uninvited guests made at through and now she’s back on task being worthless on a much larger platform! OMG!!!!

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