Janet Napolitano Not Pleased with Criticism From Grieving Terry Family & Media


Napolitano tells family of critical and grieving fallen border agent that Obama’s done more in two years than any president.

Home Land Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was not a happy camper when she and President Obama were criticized by the Terry Family who lost their son during a shootout near the Arizona border this week. The arrogance of the Obama administration is sickening. They actually believe that they do not have to answer to the families of fallen heroes.

Yet another cluless, over their head Obama Admin

The must see VIDEO of the grieving Terry Family giving the Obama Administration an earful.

Janet Napolitano thought she was going to just walk into a funeral for a fallen hero and not have to take flack for the lack of any border security policy on the Mexican border.  The grieving family said that Napolitano’s words were empty. The Terry family told Napolitano to, “wake your man up in the White House”, to which she responded back to the family of a fallen border security hero, that Obama’s done more in two years than any president. What class.

How arrogant are these folks, Napolitano chided reporters for reporting the news.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, leaving the funeral of a murdered Border Patrol agent Wednesday, scolded a reporter for asking her to address the victim’s family’s concerns that not enough is being done to secure the southern border.

The family of agent Brian Terry had complained that Napolitano had offered them “empty words” when she called to express her condolences. Terry’s father, Kent Terry, in an interview with ABC affiliate KGUN, said he told Napolitano to “wake your man up in the White House,” to which she replied that he’s done more in two years than any president.

Napolitano attended the Detroit funeral Wednesday where she vowed “swift justice” for Terry’s killers. But asked about the family’s concerns outside the service, Napolitano said “now is not the time to talk about all that has been done.”

She said more agents and technology are on the border than ever before, but told the KGUN reporter it’s time to remember the fallen agent and not start picking fights.

Who was politicizing the death of a fallen border agent Madame Secretary?

More from KGUN9 and the family. The Terry family is not buying any of Napolitano’s or Obama’s words or crocodile tears.

Bag pipes and a somber procession with murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry’s flag draped coffin; they’re all the accoutrements for the funeral of a federal agent shot and killed while on patrol in Arizona’s southern desert.

But, not so typical was what Brian’s family had to say to KGUN9 the night before he was brought to his final resting place at Michigan Memorial Park. “I understand that Janet Napolitano called (Tuesday night). What did you say to her?” 9 On Your Side reporter Joel Waldman asked Brian Terry’s father, Kent.

“‘I said you gotta wake your man up in the White House,’” Kent responded.  “And she said, ‘He’s done more in the last two years than any other president.’”

But the Terrys told Waldman that they don’t buy it. Kent, step mom Carolyn, mom Josie, older brother Kent Jr., sisters Kelly and Michelle are all angry that their son and brother, Brian, died the way he did.  They’re not shy about blaming President Obama’s administration for not doing enough, taking aim directly at Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

She spoke with us and they were empty words today when she spoke,” said step mom Carolyn Terry.

“Why so empty?” Waldman asked.

That question prompted a flurry of comments from the Terrys:  “They had no meaning to them.”

“She’ll have Christmas.”

“She’ll forget about it tomorrow.”

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    6 Responses to “Janet Napolitano Not Pleased with Criticism From Grieving Terry Family & Media”

    1. IBE on December 24th, 2010 1:56 am

      elitism |??l??tiz?m; ??l?-|
      the advocacy or existence of an elite as a dominating element in a system or society.
      • the attitude or behavior of a person or group who regard themselves as belonging to an elite

      No matter how you say it, it still looks the same!

    2. southernsue on December 24th, 2010 6:18 am

      closing the border? that would keep out obama’s buddies and his plan to bring the US down. what i can’t understand is the people in his administration that go along with his policies, don’t they live and have family in the USA also? oh yes, i forgot, they live in protected areas, and they are rich enough to have body guards.

      a lonely border guard with his gun. this woman arrives at the funeral with a tirage of body guards.
      she could give a rip.

    3. Waterboy on December 25th, 2010 11:15 pm

      This is what happens, when an inexperienced know-it-all, who is not qualified for an office, appoints another inexperienced, unqualified, know-it-all to run an office where incompetence gets people killed.

    4. Waterboy on December 25th, 2010 11:36 pm

      Why does Obama have a fixation on appointing these weird-do women? Do weird-do women do a better job? Why doesn’t he just appoint someone who is competent and normal?

    5. Priceless, Napolitano Visits Afghanistan to Discuss Afghan Border Security, but Back Home Refuses to Secure USA – Mexico Border | Scared Monkeys on December 31st, 2010 2:24 pm

      [...] she has failed miderably to secure let alone address the issue of the border.  Just ask the  family of deceased border agent Brian Terry whether Napolitano is doing a good job at securing the border? We have an Obama Administration that [...]

    6. Fjord Prefect on March 7th, 2011 10:16 am

      The video that was posted above has been removed. Hmmm.

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