Global Climate-gate: Global Warming Scientist Andrew Watson Calls Skeptic an A**hole Live on BBC TV


Hmm, Dr. Watson I presume? Tales for the tolerant LEFT …

Hypocrisy: Those that accuse global warming skeptics of engaging in character assassination of scientists engage in the very character assassination that they so strongly protest against.

Andrew Watson, a scientist at the University of East Anglia in the epicenter of the “climategate” scandal called a global warming skeptic Marc Morano “an a$$hole” on live television during a debate. NICE.

Once again we are witness to those folks that think that they are so much smarter than the rest of us peasants. This is what happens when a pin head scientist has to debate and defend the junk science of global warming … they resort to calling people names and character assassination.

All during the contentious debate between Dr. Watson and Climate Depot’s executive editor Marc Morano, you can plainly see the frustration from Watson that how dare anyone disagree with him.

“What an assh*le!” declared Professor Andrew Watson at the end of the contentious debate with Climate Depot’s executive editor Marc Morano. A clearly agitated Watson had earlier shouted to Morano “will you shut up.”

As NewsBusters adds, “Isn’t it fascinating to see how quickly folks that complain about character assassination jump to using it themselves when they’re losing a debate? I guess such hypocrisy isn’t exclusive to liberals on this side of the Pond.”

It is simply amazing how such an educated man like Andrew Watson can be reduced to such slurs. Why? Because once the e-mails were exposed in Climate-gate, the global warming agenda driven folks cannot defend their position. When you are being handed your lunch during a debate and your argument is fallacious and sounds silly at best, what else is there but to call some one as A**HOLE.

We are still waiting for the American MSM to cover this story.

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    4 Responses to “Global Climate-gate: Global Warming Scientist Andrew Watson Calls Skeptic an A**hole Live on BBC TV”

    1. Greg the Mongoose on December 6th, 2009 5:09 pm

      They really dig in with their false data. Correlation does not mean causation.
      This is 101 on reading such data.
      When numbers are change for a cause and
      excepted as FACT. People like Dr. Watson need to have their Doctoral thesis reviewed for plagiarism and false data. Then striped for being a fake scientist.

    2. lynne corbett on December 7th, 2009 2:21 pm

      Warming OR chilling is the natural evolution of the earth.

    3. Fred Ryno on December 8th, 2009 10:53 am

      FLASH: History repeats itself. 1937- Hitler called Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England and assh…e in German, recently Van Jones, Obama’s ex green jobs czar called republican legislators ass h—s and now Andrew Watson, scientist from East Anglia University calls global warning skeptic Mark Morana an ass h—e on live tv during a debate.
      Amazing how far reaching the liberal talking points really are. Discusting to say the least.

    4. Willie McDonald on November 21st, 2010 2:20 pm

      The Anatomy of Earth, and Global Warming.
      Earth’s Orbit around the Sun is Decaying.

      The real reason for global warming is the earth’s orbit around the sun is slowly decaying, in other words the earth is moving closer to the sun. The earth is a planet that functions like a machine. Like cars, trucks, aircraft, or rockets. The earth has a fuel system (crude oil/ methane gas wells), an engine system (the core), an exhaust system (volcanoes), and a cooling system (the oceans). A car’s engine system generates torque, an aircraft’s engine system generates thrust, and the earth’s engine system generates a powerful magnetic field.

      People take the earth’s magnetic field for granted, because it’s invisible, and silent. The earth’s magnetic field protects all life on the surface of this planet from the sun. The magnetic field performs several other functions. The magnetic field holds this planet together, and holds life, objects, and the ocean to the surface of this planet, it retains the air we breathe, and keep it from escaping into space. It protects life on this planet from sun flares, deadly radiation, and from poisonous gases, it acts as a force shield, and its responsible for thunder storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards

      The earth acts as a generator’s armature, it rotates at one thousand miles per hour, its magnetic field brushes against the magnetic field of the surrounding universe, and electricity is generated, just like in a common generator. This energy is trapped in earth’s atmosphere, where it gathers moisture from the atmosphere, and forms thunder storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, etc. These are all electromagnetic phenomena.

      The earth’s magnetic field also, keeps the earth at a safe distance from the sun, and the moon. The molten core of the earth is the engine that generates the magnetic field. The earth’s fuel system is referred to as oil wells/ crude oil reservoirs. They are actually self pressurizing fuel cells. Like any machine, if you were to shut off fuel to the engine, the engine will stop operating. The oil company’s crude oil extraction process compromises the earth’s fuel system, and shut off fuel to the earth’s engine (the core), by releasing pressure out of the earth fuel system (oil wells). Normally the pressure in a crude oil well/ reservoir is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds per square inch. These oil wells are located all around the planet for even heating of the core. Uneven heating of the core will result in a shift in the earth’s axle.

      Under normal circumstance the core (the engine) stays at a constant between 5000 to 7000 degrees celsius, and the pressure in the core is tens of thousands to hundreds of pounds per square inch. The oil is ignited long before it reaches the core, and enters the lower mantle, and outer core as flames, and heat. Crude oil, and its components are called hydrocarbons, and are capable of generating the temperatures, and pressures found in the core, and lower mantle, and in oil wells.

      1of 4
      The higher the temperature in the core the stronger the earth’s magnetic field. The cooler the temperature in the core, and the weaker the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s engine is being fuel starved, and the core is slowly cooling. As the core cools the earth’s magnetic field will weakens, and the earth will be pulled closer to the sun.

      Global warming has nothing to do with green house gases (Co2), holes in the ozone, CFC, R-12 refrigerant, the sun going nova, aerosol propellant, methane gases, or the earth going through a cycle, etc. Hydrocarbons such as coal are safe to use, its crude oil/ methane gas that should be left alone. If Co2 gases are responsible for global warming, why aren’t there reports of a spike in global temperature in the early twentieth century, during the industrial revaluation in America, and Europe? WARNING:

      1. The high temperature in the core of this planet is not sustained by decaying
      nuclear material, or nuclear processes. The radiation would escape during volcanic eruptions. No radiation has ever been detected after a volcanic eruption. Only crude oil, and natural gas by-products, such as the great pressures, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide gases, etc.

      2. Thousands of scientist, geophysicists, and environmentalist don’t believe in the green house gas theory, because it makes no sense.

      The only way to reverse global warming is for the oil companies to re-pressurize the earth’s fuel systems (crude oil/ methane gas wells). One way this can be accomplished is by igniting the methane gas in the fuel cell (oil/ gas well). The ignited gas will expand, and create the pressure need to force the remaining crude oil (fuel) into the outer core. This is the real cause for global warming, and the only way it can be reversed. It must be understood crude oil, and methane gas was not created to fuel our industries, or automobiles. It was created to fuel this planet.

      Volcanoes are the earth’s exhaust system, and was designed to rid the core (the earth’s engine) of spent fuel, debris, and they regulate the pressure in the outer core, which is generated by the combustion of crude oil, and methane gas. The pressure that’s release from volcanoes are provided by dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur, dioxide, carbon monoxide, and the facts are these are all crude oil by-product, including the pressure.

      These gases, and the pressure proves beyond a shadow of doubt, that crude oil, and natural gas are being burned in the lower mantle, and outer core of this planet, and lots of it. The materials ejected from volcanoes originate from the earth’s core.Volcanic eruptions in the pass were stronger, than present day eruptions. This is due to the core of this planet cooling. The more hydrocarbons that are burned in the lower mantle, outer core the higher the core’s temperature, and the stronger, and more frequent volcanic eruptions will occur. Green house gases are not responsible for global warming. It goes beyond green house gases.

      2 of 4
      Something is going wrong with the earth itself, and its obit around the sun is changing. These are not separate events they are part of the orbital decay.

      1. The earth is moving away from the moon. 1.5 inches per year

      2. The rotation of the earth is slowing down.

      3. The earth is shifting on its axis (40 miles per year). Twelve o’clock noon use to be the hottest part of the day. Now three o’clock in the after noon is the hottest part of the day. This is due to the earth shifting on its axis. The earth is also wobbling on it axis. This was discovered before the Chilean earthquake in 2010. I discovered it on the internet in 2008.

      4. NASA scientists have discovered that the earth is developing a breach in its magnetic field.

      5. Both polar ice caps are being melted, one at a time, during each polar ice cap’s summer season, and the oceans are rising, due to the melting ice.

      6. As the earth moves closer to the sun, the sun’s heat, and rays will continue to spread, and warm a wider area of the earth’s surface. It will warm areas of the planet that are in it’s winter season. The heat will spread to the polar ice caps, and will melt all of the ice.

      The events above were discovered by other geophysicists, astrophysicists, and environmentalist. These scientists believe that the events above will get worse in the following decades. The orbital decay, and global warming are in the beginning stages the worse has yet to come. If global warming isn’t reverse it is going to impact people, who has yet to be born. Don’t be confused by the fluctuation in weather (temperature) from year to year. Instead focus on the trends, and the trends are both polar ice caps are being melted, and the temperature on this planet is rising, and so are the oceans. Global warming has to be measured by the centuries. The earth’s orbit around the sun will decay very slowly.

      Written by: Willie McDonald (July-1983)

      3 of 4

      The Anatomy of Earth, and Global Warming
      References, and Sources

      1. The earth magnetic field protects all life on the surface of this planet. The molten activity in earth’s core generates the earth’s magnetic field
      Sources: NASA, and NASA Official: Dr. Tycho Von Rosenvinge. The U.S. Department of the Interior, and the U.S.G.S., and NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center.

      2. Source: Gold, Tom, “Oil from the Centre of the Earth”, New Scientist, p.42, June 26, 1986“Petroleum is saturated with Hydrogen” Hydrocarbons are a volatile gas.
      Source: Research Council in 1985, titled Oil in the Sea; National Academy Press cited in Jones, and Neuse (1995). The composition of petroleum.

      3. The Earth shifting on axis, and the earth moving away from moon, and the rotation of earth is slowing down, and a breach developing in earth’s magnetic field. These are not separate events. It’s due to the earth orbit around the sun decaying.
      Sources: NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center, NOAA, USGS, and the American Astronomical Society.
      Source: Richard A. Lovett, San Francisco for National Geographic News- (The Earth’s magnetic core- Earth Shifting on Axis) December 24, 2009.

      4. The pressure from is volcanoes are provided by the combustion of hydrocarbons such as crude oil, and methane gas. All hydrocarbons expand, and pressure is creates, when ignited in an enclosed vessel, such as the outer core, and the lower mantle. Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc are release. These are all crude oil, and methane gas by-product, and that includes the pressure.
      Sources: USGS.
      Reference: Blong, R. J. 1984, Volcanic hazards-A sourcebook on the effect of eruptions: Academic Press, Australia, 424p.
      Reference: Kenneth A. McGee, and Terrence M. Gerlach, 1995/ Volcanic Gas: USGA open file report 95-85, 2p.

      5. Thousands of scientists disagree with the green house gas theory.
      Sources: U.S Senate Environmental, and Public Works Committee/ Minority Staff Report (Senator Inhofe).
      Original Release: December 11, 2008. Presented at the United Nation Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland. Contact: Senator: Marc Morano (202) 224-5762, or Senator: Matthew Dempsey (202) 224-9797.
      Sources: (The global warming petition project). 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 scientists with PhDs denouncing the green house gas theory.

      6. Both polar ice caps are beginning to melting, and causing the seas to rise.
      Sources: NRDC, NOAA, and NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center, and the EPA.

      4 of 4

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