Gallup: Obama Gets Poor Marks on Healthcare as Near Majority Oppose Obamacare


More bad polling number for Obama and Obamacare …

Not only are most Americans against Congress passing government run health care, according Obama_liarto a recent Gallup poll, Barack Obama gets poor marks in his handling of Obamacare. Presently, 49% of Americans are against Congress passing health care legislation, while 44% say they would advocate a vote in favor of the bill.

Despite every effort of partisan Democrats, Barack Obama and the MSM, Americans continue to show that they oppose Obamacare. The end result is not only health care opposition, but also Obama’s job approval numbers have taken a hit as well. News Busters points out that the opposition numbers have been staggering about-face in less than two months. Most glaring with these poll numbers is how Independents oppose Obama.

“Independents oppose passage of a bill by 53% to 37%.”

Republicans are nearly unanimous in their views of Obama’s work on healthcare, with 89% disapproving and 6% approving. Independents are nearly twice as likely to disapprove (58%) as to approve (33%).


The Gallup poll finds that be 53% to 40% that Americans disapprove of how President Barack Obama has handled health care. This is even more negative that September 2009 where Americans disapproved of Obama’s job handling health care 52% to 43%.

Over time the support for health care passage among political parties has gone down since early October 2009 highs.

Support among all three party groups has declined since the early October high — falling by 6 points among Democrats, 8 among independents, and 12 among Republicans. However, Democratic support recovered somewhat from early November (71%) to late November (76%).

The bottom line from Gallup says a mouth full. The more Congress and Obama put forth their message of health care so-called reform to the American people, the more they are in opposition of it. The trend is to oppose Obamacare the more details “We the People” learn. Is it any wonder why Obama and Democrats looked to pass this legislation ASAP before any one knew what it was about?

Despite the considerable efforts of Congress and the president to pass health insurance reform, the public remains reluctant to endorse that goal. Over the past month, Gallup has found more Americans opposed to than in favor of healthcare legislation, though at least one in five say they have not made up their minds. Proportionately more independents (27%) and Democrats (24%) than Republicans (14%) are undecided, which at least improves the odds that legislation could wind up getting majority public backing. But the recent trend has been in the opposite direction, with opposition growing.

Hot Air makes an interesting, yet obvious comment regarding to contact your Congressmen and let your self be heard on this issue. However, according to these poll numbers politicians are going against the will of the people.

Are our elected representatives listening?  They’ll listen a year from now, but if these numbers are any indication, that will be far too late.

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    3 Responses to “Gallup: Obama Gets Poor Marks on Healthcare as Near Majority Oppose Obamacare”

    1. Obama Daily Presidential Tracking Poll at -14 as Opposition to Obamacare Weighs Down The One | Scared Monkeys on November 30th, 2009 3:15 pm

      [...] recent Gallup poll showed that 49% were against the Congressional health care policy, fondly known as Obamacare. However, according to Rasmussen 53% [...]

    2. NewGirlBoston on November 30th, 2009 8:25 pm

      Anyone remember when Obama made his big “push” for Government Health Care Reform to millions of Americans on Prime Time TV, telling us all—that the “cost of our health care will not rise one red cent”.

      Oh, PUHLEEZE! Those of us with common sense knew there was no way in hell this could be true. In fact, we stated here on the SM board that if voted into Federal Law- Americans would in fact receive LESS HEALTH CARE SERVICES and end up PAYING HIGHER (MORE) COSTS THROUGH HIGHER PREMIUMS. This was not Rocket Science.

      Check this out by Bloomberg today:

      President Barack Obama and his minions LYING to Americans through their teeth again?!?!

      Say it isn’t so! All this, and I may not even be able to get the cost of a Mammogram covered now either.

      BULLSH*T! Complete & total horse poop!

      Mostly EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN PROMISE and other RHETORIC “THE CHOSEN ONE” has given the American people who voted for him (not me! that’s for damn sure!) most EVERYTHING he has not delivered, completely lied about or not followed through upon.

      He is JUST NOW making his monumental “decision” about Afghanistan this week—-isn’t this the man who millions cheered when he vowed and promised he would “end the war and withdraw troops within 90 days”. More BS! Oh, DUH Obama and VP Joe. They have finally realized—this promise was not even vaguely possible. But, what the hell—they just lied to the American public once again to get votes.

      Had enough yet, America?????? Can’t say we didn’t warn you of this or predict most (if not all) of what is currently happening.

      2012 cannot get here fast enough and I don’t mean the new movie either!

      When my new statement/bill from BX/BS comes in next year and my premium has skyrocketed and jumped a MINIMUM of 13% overall—when I write out my check for out of pocket expenses not covered on the CRAPPY NEW GOVERNMENT plan—God help me then bc I will be even more po’d than I am now.


    3. Michelle Smith on December 2nd, 2009 11:05 am

      To the current administration:


      That should be simple enough for even the dumbest of dumb to understand.

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