New Gallup Poll Says that Only 37% Want their Congressman To Vote in favor of Obamacare, Opponents 82% say Issue Major factor in their vote in 2010


As the Congress returns to Washington, DC to work, the question remains as to whether they will listen to “We the People” and do the work of the will of the people? In the most recent Gallup poll, only 37% said that they would want their Congressman to vote for Obamacare. The polling in opposition against Obamacare is much stronger than for that in favor. House of Representative and Senators beware … it is up to you whether you wish to remain in DC after 2010.

The American people are no less divided on healthcare reform today than they were a month ago. A new Gallup Poll finds 39% of Americans saying they would direct their member of Congress to vote against a healthcare reform bill this fall while 37% want their member to vote in favor.


What Congress might really want to pay attention to is the Gallup poll that stated that 64% of Americans consider their member of Congresses vote on Obamacare a key factor in the next election. Do Democrats want to blindly follow a President’t agenda who is losing job approval daily? Vote at your own risk.

The new Gallup Poll, conducted Aug. 31-Sept. 2, suggests the issue could be politically potent in 2010. Sixty-four percent of Americans say their representative’s position on healthcare reform will be a major factor in their vote in the next congressional election; just over a third say it will be no more than a minor factor.

Opponents of reform have the edge in intensity here. Among Americans who want their member of Congress to vote against healthcare reform, 82% say the issue will be a major factor in their vote in next year’s elections.

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    One Response to “New Gallup Poll Says that Only 37% Want their Congressman To Vote in favor of Obamacare, Opponents 82% say Issue Major factor in their vote in 2010”

    1. maggie on September 8th, 2009 12:59 pm

      At least 23 House Democrats already have told constituents or hometown media that they oppose the massive healthcare overhaul touted by President Barack Obama.

      Most Democrats opposed to healthcare reform argue it costs too much, imposes a new tax and fines businesses that don’t provide insurance to employees. Some fear that the bill would subsidize abortion.

      WASHINGTON (AP) – A top senator is calling for fines of up to $3,800 on families who fail to get medical insurance after a health care overhaul goes into effect.
      The plan from Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana would make health insurance mandatory, just like auto coverage. It would provide tax credits to help cover the cost for people making up to three times the federal poverty level. That’s about $66,000 for a family of four, and $32,000 for an individual.

      But those who still don’t sign up would face hefty fines, starting at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. The maximum penalty on individuals would be $950.

      Baucus is hoping his plan can win bipartisan support. A copy of his proposal was obtained by The Associated Press.

      When did the govt. forget they work for us..We don’t work for them.

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