Balloon Boy Hoax Dad Richard Heene Pleads Guilty to Felony Count of falsely influencing an Official … Could Get Jail Time


Justice is served for the “Balloon Boy” hoax perpetrated by the Colorado couple Richard and Mayumi  Heene. They wanted to be noticed, they wanted to be famous … well they got the bonus plan baby!  Richard Heene pleaded guilty to a felony count of falsely influencing the sheriff, while Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report.


Richard and Mayumi Heene plead guilty in balloon boy, tin foil hat hoax

Richard Heene appeared before a Larimer County District Court judge first, pleading guilty to a felony count of falsely influencing the sheriff who led the rescue effort during the 50-mile balloon chase that captivated a global television audience Oct. 15.

Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of knowingly filing a false report with emergency services. Prosecutors said she had a lower level of culpability and cooperated with authorities, telling investigators the balloon launch was a publicity stunt two weeks in the making.

But even as the Heenes entered their guilty pleas, their attorneys’ comments in court set off speculation of talk show appearances or other deals.

The question remains as to whether Richard Heene will actually serve jail time. Once thing is for certain, because of this terrible and shameful stunt for attention, there is probably no Reality TV show in their future. no one would be stupid enough to tough this toxic situation.

The plea deal terms are as follows; however, with out such a deal and the potential of going to trail, if found guilty of a felony Mayumi Heene could have bee deported. Mayumi Heene is a Japanese citizen who could be deported by being convicted of more serious charges.

Under terms of the plea agreements, Richard Heene faces up to 90 days in jail, probation and a fine. Mayumi Heene could get 60 days, likely to be served in a work-release program, and probation.

Richard Heene also could have to pay restitution for tens of thousands of dollars in costs incurred by police.

Without the deal, the charge against Richard Heene carries a possible sentence of two to six years in state prison and a fine of up to $500,000. The charge against his wife is punishable by up to six months in the county jail and a fine up to $750.

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    7 Responses to “Balloon Boy Hoax Dad Richard Heene Pleads Guilty to Felony Count of falsely influencing an Official … Could Get Jail Time”

    1. Tamikosmom on November 14th, 2009 11:29 am

      If this couple do not get more than a legal slap on the the wrist for this cruel despicable hoax that involved the entire nation and beyond and … are not held accountable for involving their children … are allowed to benefit financially … the message is loud and clear. Anybody who desires his own reality show … go for it! A precedent has been established in regard to the legal consequences.

      For crying out loud … a caring city came to a halt … an airport was shut down … manpower and attention of law enforcement was diverted …



      ‘Balloon Boy’ Parents May Get Jail Time, or TV Deals
      Saturday, November 14, 2009,2933,575122,00.html?test=latestnews

    2. Jayne on November 14th, 2009 2:38 pm

      I heard on lcal radio that the Henious Heene’s have a interview for a possible TV show. This weekend I think, have no link but it was reportd many times. They do not deserve anymore attention and should be shunned by TV producers.

    3. kitty on November 14th, 2009 2:49 pm

      What an insult to humanity and everyone’s integrity!

      They got exactly what they wanted… exposure, will not serve jail time (as of this morning’s news)… are not remorseful (his lawyer said that conversation was to be between he and his priest)… (apparently folks are pretty outraged)…

      Their kids have learned that anything goes… and the consequences are next to nothing…(it was all for a show)~ great… surely, they will NOT have to pay FINES… it’s a misdemeanor~

      I’d like see them have to pay restitution for the Black Hawk, what it cost for the emergency services, fire dept., police, FAA, etc… and hit em in their pocket hard… give them lots of community service ~ shoveling some stockyard…

      They should be banned from making $ on any movies or book opportunities on their outrageous hoax… and punished for taking the lives of those emergency responders and putting them in jeopardy ~

      last I heard, they were taking flights to CA & NYC for job opportunities… WT*

      If anyone rewards these bozo’s for this type of behavior, well ~ I say, they aught to send em up in a tandem hot air balloon and say, have a nice flight! now, that’s entertainment!

      (now, come on… nothing was said about releasing the ropes?)…(smile)…

      it could be an option!

    4. Tamikosmom on November 14th, 2009 3:21 pm

      Why were these two not prosecuted to the full extent of the law? They deserved to reap the consequences of their actions and … it would have sent a message of deterrent to others as well as their own sons.

      The Heenes took a huge risk and … in all probability … they will win big time … thanks to the wimp of a prosecutor. The networks will not travel the high road and turn their backs on these two when the almighty buck takes priority over values that dictate right or wrong.


    5. NewGirlBoston on November 15th, 2009 6:45 am

      Heeney= Whackjob who would stop at nothing to exploit his FAMILY for own financial gain (It’s called- Get a REAL job, Moron!)

      Heeney’s Wife= UTIOWJH

      “Under the Influence of Whackjob Husband”

      Makes the observer wonder—how could any MOTHER using sound judgement:

      A. Allow their Spouse & Family to appear on “Wife Swap”—-could there be a stupider show?

      B. Allow her Husband to influence her so strongly that she would use poor judgement, so dar as to cooerce her to putting her CHILDREN on NATIONAL TV to lie—create the havoc and cause great expense at the hands of local LE?

      We all mistakes, but this was a whopper. In the ends, kids cannot help being honest. When you throw up on a live TV interciew because you have been bombarded with the local/national media since you were FORCED to lie to authorities for days about NOT being in a balloon….that was a clue there that something was wrong. The admission on Live TV also was a classic! Not sure but shouldn’t Richard Heeney himself have his head examined by the proper Psychiatric professionals on this treatment of his children and Wife? As a Mother, I’m still preturbed that she didn’t have the backbone to stand up to him and say NO! YOU ARE NOT INVOLVING THE KIDS AGAIN IN ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR LAME-BRAINED SCHEMES! She should have been a better advocate for the health and well-being of her own children. Now & forever- that kid is always going to be known as Balloon Boy. Gee, thanks Dad for attaching that negative stigma to me for the rest of my life. Now—where the hell is DSS or Children’s Services when you need them? I think also that LE should file some type of a report for child endangerment…meaning—to expose a child to this and the mental anguish and trauma shows IMO a parent with a severe lack of good discretion.

      Agree with Tamiko’s Mom, Janet–you are so right! Both Mom & Dad Ridiculous should pay a hefty fine and also-I think someone needs to determine if MR. HEENEY especially- is really fit to be a parent in the first place. To devise and premeditate a plan like this for National exposure and financial greed really does make me embarrassed to call this Man an American.


    6. R.L.Haley on November 16th, 2009 9:35 am

      didnt his lawyer ask if Richard could go to New York and California for employment opportunitys..which I guess mean any cheesy morning show that will have him .Like an apology tour LMAO also known as the Heene shame tour T-shirts wristbands the whole thing then he does a motovational tour on American Forgiveness,and Mrs. Heene joins her local PTA.The family then become born again Christians,Richard gets his ministers license on-line then declares that he is the second coming of Christ….wait is something burning…

    7. Dolf on November 19th, 2009 5:08 pm

      they even poluted the news over here :(

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