Yet Even More Bad Polling Numbers for Incembent Democrat Controlled Congress from PEW Research


Democrat Polling Numbers … P. YOU! The PEW Research finds that there is an anti-incumbent sentiment heading into the 2010 midterm elections and Obama continues to flounder on pretty much every issue. This coupled with a recent Gallup poll can only spell trouble for Democrats in 2010.

The mood of America is glum. Two-thirds of the public is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country. Fully nine-in-ten say that national economic conditions are only fair or poor, and nearly two-thirds describe their own finances that way – the most since the summer of 1992. An increasing proportion of Americans say that the war in Afghanistan is not going well, and a plurality continues to oppose the health care reform proposals in Congress.

As Democrat polling numbers continue to slide, what can be looked at as a contributing factor? Can you say Obamacare and the fact that not just Republicans are against it, but many Independents as well. As stated at Hot Air from the polling data from the PEW poll, Among independents who say they support the Republican in their district, 56 percent are excited to vote next year; among indies who support the local Democrat, it’s 32 percent.

Although Obama’s overall job approval rating is hovering above 50%, every issue that The One is handling is like the federal deficit, foreign policy and the economy are all in the 40’s or lower. A couple more months of poor polling numbers and Obama’s overall job approval rating will fall like a house of card.

Obama’s overall job approval rating tends to exceed his performance ratings on specific issues. For example, while 51% approve of his performance overall, 44% approve of Obama’s handling of the nation’s foreign policy; 38% disapprove of his handling of foreign policy. Roughly four-in-ten (43%) approve of Obama’s job performance on health care policy; 47% disapprove. And just 42% approve of the way Obama is handling the economy, while a majority (52%) disapproves. His job rating for handling the federal budget deficit is even lower: 31% approve and 58% disapprove of his job performance on this issue.

Is it any wonder why Obama, his minions and the state run media refuses to call the Ft. Hood shootings an act of terrorism? According to the PEW Research poll, handling terrorism is one of his highest rated issues. Imagine what the first act of terrorism against the United States on American soil would do to that number.

Obama gets his highest issue-specific ratings for handling terrorist threats and energy policy. A narrow majority (52%) approves of the way Obama is handling terrorist threats; 34% disapprove. Obama gets comparable ratings on energy policy (50% approve, 34% disapprove).

Obama and the liberal LEFT’s push for socialism will result in their total destruction in 2010 and 2012. The fire is burning and the American electorate is angry as hell.

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    2 Responses to “Yet Even More Bad Polling Numbers for Incembent Democrat Controlled Congress from PEW Research”

    1. Jayne on November 12th, 2009 12:07 pm

      Working on getting Babs “call me senator” Boxer out of office. Will be real difficlut but she will get the run of her life come 2010. DeVore or Carly don’t care. Anyone but Babs.

    2. southernsue on November 13th, 2009 1:45 pm

      be at the polls in 2010! we need to get everyone we know to vote out these horrible democrats and rino republicans.

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