RUT-ROH … Dem Congressman Barney Franks Present During Pot Bust at James Ready’s home in Ogunquit, ME



This is rich … Massachusetts US Representative Barney Franks was present at a police pot bust at the home of  James Ready’s home in Ogunquit, ME, according to reports. Oh, by the way, the bust for possession of drugs took place in August, 2007.

FOX25 has learned that Congressman Barney Frank was present during a marijuana arrest at James Ready’s home in Ogunquit, Maine.  Ready is well-known for his relationship with Congressman Frank.

According to a police report, police charged Ready with marijuana possession, cultivation and use of drug paraphernalia in August of 2007.  Ready admitted to civil possession and paid a fine.  The remaining charges were dismissed in 2008.

Sources tell FOX25 that when Frank was questioned he told police that he did not live in the house and that he only smoked cigars.

Ogunquit, ME eh, lol. Barney Franks told police he was smoking something else.

However, what is more telling of this as stated by Jammie Wearing Fool is how exactly is Frank’s present at a police drug bust and this story never hit the news? This story is two years old. Imagine if it was a drug bust with Republicans present?

More at Weasel Zippers and the dupicity of one Barney Franks.

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    15 Responses to “RUT-ROH … Dem Congressman Barney Franks Present During Pot Bust at James Ready’s home in Ogunquit, ME”

    1. St Stephen on November 7th, 2009 3:07 pm

      A non-story for me whether it was a Democrat or Republican present.

      Breckenridge, Colorado and other areas are leading the way to intelligent laws.

    2. Greg the Mongoose on November 7th, 2009 5:46 pm

      This explains Barney Frank’s poor judgment calls.
      A Pottyhead.

      All of Congress should be drug tested. Drug addicts should not be running this country. Should be stripped of their office!
      Pilots, and truck drivers can not be taking drugs.
      Why not politicians?

    3. NewGirlBoston on November 8th, 2009 9:12 pm

      Barney Frank is an ass. This news does not come as a shock. He’s in the very gay-friendly town of Oqunquit with a few of the boys and gets caught with in a 420 bust.

      This stuttering, blubbering idiot probably peed his sissy pants when it all went down.

      He’s so corrupt- such a crooked, evil liar and he is actually DESPISED in much of his home State. Go figure!

      St. Stephen- keep smoking the cannabis, my Friend. Apparently there is some truth that marijuana kills brain cells. DUHHHHHH.

    4. St Stephen on November 9th, 2009 8:15 am

      #3 NewGirlBoston

      Just stay in Boston, where you belong, as you are needed there…Mitt Romney is a good viable candidate for 2012, along with others, and he is from your state!

      “St. Stephen- keep smoking the cannabis, my Friend.” …right along with you?

      “Apparently there is some truth that marijuana kills brain cells. DUHHHHHH.” Yeah, you should know!;-)

      Anyway, your response to my observations defines you, not me.

      Barney Frank may be, as you put it, an ass, but you are not too far from him with your lack of intelligent input and myopic and outdated perceptions of yours truly. That Duhhh, by the way, did you learn that in school in Boston? I guess I should consider the source.

    5. super dave on November 9th, 2009 8:15 am

      i wonder if the democrat had his pants down ?

    6. Carpe on November 9th, 2009 6:57 pm

      Barney Frank is a biological weapon according to
      DOD specifications.

      I would not shake his hand even if supplied with a full body condom.

      If I looked like him, I would smoke a lot of pot too. It kills the PAIN.

    7. NewGirlBoston on November 9th, 2009 8:30 pm

      #4- St. Stephen…ok–so who I am to judge, right? You know what they say about opinions…..I don’t need to smoke that crap and IMO, laws in the works to legalize it are a bad idea. Go to Amsterdam and knock yourself out. Are you a family man, butthead? I’m raising children in this World like millions of other parents and I don’t condone drug use other than prescribed and necessary for medical conditions. Again, only my opinion.

      That was my only point. You don’t have to agree as we are all entitled to our own opinions so don’t get your britches all in a knot bc someone doesn’t agree with YOU. Piss off (and that’s being nice), and Yes, I learned that in an Ivy League College in Beantown–thanks for noticing.

    8. St Stephen on November 9th, 2009 11:02 pm

      #7 NewGirlBoston


      Amsterdam? No thanks, have no use for the Netherlands.

      B*tthead?…P*ssoff? Do you eat with that mouth?

      Oh well, good solid language to teach and raise your children with and I am quite sure they will learn much from you in that particular vernacular.

      Nor do I concern myself with what Poison Ivy League school you went to, your hysterical retorts seem to indicate that you or your parents apparently threw the money away.

      But hey, your opinion is as good or bad as mine so don’t get your…ahem, you know, in a knot either.

      And as you say p*ss off, I say to you…take a hike. ;-)

      …and thank you for your opinion.

    9. NewGirlBoston on November 10th, 2009 12:06 am

      # 4- P.S.—-

      Barney Frank is a fraud and he sucks, so doesn’t drug abuse. I’ve seen it first hand & it’s not a pretty sight. If the US becomes too liberal and legalizes Marijuana on the free market to start with…what next?

      You are absolutely correct about Mitt Romney being a viable candidate. Much of your political commentary is also very accurate, IMO but you didn’t have to become nasty and insulting (I simply returned the favor above)— bc I posted “duh” and didn’t agree with your liberal view about pot. Really, maybe you should chill out and go spark another one up.

    10. St Stephen on November 10th, 2009 1:20 am

      #9 NewGirlBoston

      Agreed, Barney Frank DOES suck, both literally and figuratively.

      Nasty and insulting? Yes, only when I am attacked. I didn’t start the name calling but I am game for it if one chooses.

      I would just as soon call a truce with you though as your views are conservative in nature and aside from calling me out of my name do come to valid conclusions as how our country benefits from a Conservative administration.

      I did not want reveal this but the strongest drug one would find in my system nowadays would be Coors Light and acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin for preventative measures that I take daily.

      I do not see the dangers in cannabis that alchol presents in terms of health and danger to others. That was my statement and I still stand by it. Alcohol and tobacco(which I do not smoke either) is far more destructive as has been proven.

      But I feel I lose this bout by antagonizing another conservative voice so I will cease my defense and just say, hey, call me what you will or may, it was only my opinion and I stand by it.

      I have read many of your comments as well and agree with most, almost all of them.

      No mas, NewGirlBoston, we seem to be on the same side of the table a lot. We cool?

    11. NewGirlBoston on November 11th, 2009 2:13 am

      #10- St. Stephen- You are articulate, intelligent, well- read and yes, I actually do agree with many of your postings and your political leanings as well.

      So, can we try this again? I apologize for the Duh thing, I only said DUH though- I think you started with the name calling. I was just as immature to retort in kind. I can be a big enough person to apologize and move on. This is not about winning or losing. As we sit behind these computer screens–much can be lost in translation over the written word at times and it’s easy to judge a total stranger by the same token simply by what they post on a public website.

      So, Yes, Sir-we are indeed cool. After just 4-5 exchanges between us- we can at least agree to disagree on some things and that makes niether one of us “right” or “wrong”. I’m sorry, but I do use some colorful language at times. Let me assure you I am very much a lady…a fiesty Italian one, needless to say. I am passionate about many things in life (as I observe from your comments you appear to be as well) and that is not a negative thing, IMO.

      Whatever our respective ages, we have to always remember to keep that twinkle in our wrinkle. Thanks for your last post, I appreciate it and respect anyone who stands up for themselves and the things they believe in. It’s all good.

      =) NG

    12. St Stephen on November 11th, 2009 10:05 am

      Thank you NewGirlBoston,

      But I guess I “ain’t” that smart if I mistook the DUH as a personal affront.

      My sincere apologies to you are hereby in order and I appreciate your spirit in defending what you believe is right. God knows that is what we need more of right now to put this beautiful country back on course.

      I’ll catch you on the other threads. Seems there is something new every hour and gets crazy trying to make sense of it all. I remember better days and we have the opportunity to regain them again but it takes drive and endurance. You look at your children and I look at mine and my grandchildren for all the moral support we need.

      We do not need to bequeath to them an albatross around their neck in the form of a debt never to be repaid in full to enslave them. 2010 and 2012 may not be the cakewalk that it seems to be so we have to be vigilant and choose our candidates well.

      A feisty Italian Mom is one of the best mother hens a child could have, by the way! They are truly blessed.

      Thanks again NGB, for your kind response and catch you on another thread.

    13. NewGirlBoston on November 11th, 2009 2:43 pm

      #12- St. Stephen…I look forward to reading more from you soon (&already have as a matter of fact)

      ;) You have a gift for the written word …enjoy reading….perhaps you have missed your true calling?


      @ ….”you are not too far from him with your lack of intelligent input and myopic and outdated perceptions”….. “Nor do I concern myself with what Poison Ivy League school you went to, your hysterical retorts” hahahah have to admit those 2 actually gave me that Chesire Cat Grin…you are quite gifted, “Saint Stephen”

      P.P.S—@ the Coors Light thing—ever tried a Sam Adams Harvest Moon or Summer or Winterfest Ale? Not really a beer drinker myself but they come in a “light” version and the Brewmasters here in Beantown have been known to be very very good at what they do. My husband & I have a business acquaintance that works for Sam Adams ~~ he says one the of the very best companies he has ever had the pleasure of earning a paycheck from…never hear that too much these days in this economic climate..

      Check it out sometime ! =)

      PPPPS=For real, hope I didn’t come off as some stick in the mud old fart. Please! I don’t even have Grandchildren yet…Babyboomer here! I’m a straight up Cabernet Sav/or Cosmo/Martini Girl myself who has been known to smoke a little sumpin sumpin’ back in the College days..come on—relatively everybody has at least tried it once.

      And of course, I still indulge in the proper Adult beverage consumption. Everything in moderation, I say. Who knows, if we had had a third child- most likely I’d be consuming more than Ibuprofen for headaches, too-and be asking my Doctor for something much stronger to alleviate some of the “stress.” Nothing wrong either with many who need temporary help to manage and get through life- that doesn’t make one a drug addict. Truly, I’ll be the first to admit I’m very opinionated and kind of black and white on some things,,,but please! If I wasn’t trying the hardest I could to be the best role model I possibly can be to my Children currently-who knows—maybe I’d still indulge in the wacky tabacky thing,,,I honestly don’t have an issue with any Adult (over 21) that smokes pot as long as they are responsible about it…WHO CARES–my problem is with all the Mexican Drug Cartel or the States/Entire country changing it’s laws to legalize ANY type of drugs other than what is prescribed. That just spells disaster to me, sorry. We all know that pot is actually the lesser of all evils (if not treated with anything—ever heard of CUSH? dangerous stuff out there now)…still I maintain that Pot should not be over-used in the adolescents age range anyway since it has been proven to be the”gateway” drug to others.

      TMI ! TMI !!??? Sorry for this rambling post.

      I’m sure other Monkeys in this cage didn’t really need to know all the personal info—but aren’t yah glad I’m sharing? If we were sitting in a Restaraunt or Lounge right now with the entire group of Monkeys…I would not only ask Red to give us all some extra ‘Nanners today–but I’d probably say—the next round is on me since you’ve all been putting putting up with me for so long! Only thing is… if Super Dave starts pounding down the shots,,,,,it could get real crazy in there. I have love for all people, except well- you know… BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL MOONBAT SYMPATHIZERS (Ugh)

      Please pass the Jose Cuervo! (lemon and salt)

      CHEERS !~

    14. St Stephen on November 11th, 2009 4:21 pm

      Hey, NGB, thanks for your input.

      My replies were, of course, based on ignorant misunderstandings of what I incorrectly perceived as assaults on my character(which is really not all that pristine to begin with, but what the hey, I’m in a learning process regardless of my age).

      Ahhh, Sam Adams, how I love that brew!(tear in my eye). I do drink it on special occasions to treat the palate and it is one of the best around(I stick with the Light, of course). Oh boy, to have the privilege of working for a company like that…

      I dunno, NGB, sometimes I feel that SuperDave and those of like dispositions are actually agent provocateurs cast to chase away potential conservative thinkers from this website.

      Sometimes I feel there needs to be certain parameters set to encourage people to engage in hearty and meaningful discussions where they can feel comfortable engaging in replying to posts. But what do I know?

      At any rate NGB, the drug problem is real and I do not see any benefit legalizing the destructive drugs that exist on the streets today. On that score we concur. But marijuana, for responsible people of legal age(ADULTS)…you know my take on it already.

      Anyway, I am glad to be part of this board as I do see it as a Conservative beacon of light and hope in an internet filled with the choppy waters of incoherent liberal drivel.

      Have a great day NewGirlBoston!

    15. NewGirlBoston on November 11th, 2009 11:21 pm

      Super Dave is pretty conservative actually. Pretty certain he is not a registered DEM. He makes me laugh, have to admit. Very blatant & to the point. (although a complete Sexist, sorry SD)

      FYI…some of our agent provocaters here would be:

      YoYo MuffinHead/Ceasu

      …to name just a few.. they are easy to spot…..So glad you joined us on the board…. While SM can certainly can run the gamut—-the Conservative beacon of light definetly shines here brilliantly.


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