Daily Commentary – Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 – Swine Flu-Panicked Nurse Hospitalizes Child


* In two cases in New York, swine flu vaccines administered without parental knowledge or consent in public schools have resulted in hospitalization due to possible allergic reactions.

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    7 Responses to “Daily Commentary – Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 – Swine Flu-Panicked Nurse Hospitalizes Child”

    1. Carpe on November 3rd, 2009 3:06 pm

      I will never be jabbed with a vaccine made by a company that has been given immunity to all lawsuits. FOR THAT POINT ALONE.

      Which covers all of them for H1N1.

      If someone gave you a pill and said “there’s a
      great chance it might make ya better, but it
      just might kill you and you have no recourse.”

      Would you slug it down?

      I hope not. It’s suicidal.

      All of the media hype sell job sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me: wah wah wahhhh
      wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      H1N1 Vaccine – if you get the shot, you have no legal recourse. That was all I needed to hear.

      in a crick, buddy. Save your breath. You are the weakest link.

    2. Susan on November 3rd, 2009 5:55 pm

      I’ve asked my daughter not to have my grandchildren vaccinated against H1N1. The vaccine is still in the testing phase, last I heard anyway. I’m not getting the damn thing! I haven’t gotten a flu shot since 1980 and don’t plan on starting any time soon.

      I’d say the school is in for a big time lawsuit! The vaccine should have never been administered without parental consent, period!

    3. Carpe on November 4th, 2009 1:39 pm

      The Govt thought police are at it again…

      “Add long lines to the aggravation at places where the shots are available, and temperatures are up across the land. Not from the flu. From behavior that some are calling FLU RAGE.”

      This is where you get pissed standing in line waiting for your toxic chemical injection that
      you have no legal recourse to sue over… and
      you get so enraged that you are such an idiot…
      the next person who sneezes, you punch them right
      in their corn muffin!

      We asked FLU RAGE expert Dr. Richard Persimmons, how the term flu rage got started. He said it used to be called throwing a tantrum, but that term was not emotionally charged and viral enough. They needed to jazz it up with something catchy that everybody would want to get in on. It needs to sound like something you can insert into a rap song and then post on YOU TUBE, that way everybody can get it, even those that cannot read or write.

      FLU RAGE has been exploding all over Canada and I fully expect it to be catching on in America within the next few days because it too IS A
      PANDEMIC VIRUS, you see.

      The World Health Organization, WHO?, says the only
      way you can protect yourself from flu rage is to open all of your borders… and Greta said Obama
      is INCLINED to believe them. Please be expecting it soon. If you can sit around and fret over it
      all day, and perhaps even roll around in
      bed all night and worry about it coming to your
      neighborhood soon, ALL THE BETTER!!! We need to
      remain vigilant about this at all times. :)

    4. Carpe on November 6th, 2009 1:12 am

      This is both interesting and worrisome.


      President Yushchenko, in an address to citizens on November 4, 2009 may have declared a state of martial law in the Ukraine:

      (he didn’t say martial law – but read what he said.)

      We must change the system. We must change the entire system of government in Ukraine.

      But now, in this moment there is no time for waiting or remonstrance.

      (an earnest presentation of reasons for opposition or grievance)

      National Security and Defense Council should become the center of decision-making.

      Failure to comply with its orders will immediately result in application to the law enforcement authorities.

      I remind all the responsible persons and draw attention to all of my orders, made in Lviv four days ago. In three days the deadline for compliance with these orders expires.

      With my decree I put Minister of Health and Chief Sanitary Inspector of Ukraine into the Council for National Security and Defense.

      Ukrainian News Agency “Fraza” reported that, according to informed sources, “it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine”.

      The Agency asserts that “the head physician of the medical institutions has sent out an informal disposal – not to sow panic, to refute the information about the plague, and to speak only of swine influenza”.

      It is also required to distribute masks at health facilities with 8 levels of protection and anti-plague protection costumes. There is also an informal order not to allow any visitors to see the patients.

      Author: Mac Slavo

    5. Carpe on November 6th, 2009 3:19 am

      Just who WAS “Joseph Moshe of the great MOSSAD?”

      “Mossad” is the Hebrew word for institute or institution.

      The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, and covert operations including paramilitary activities. It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security), but its director reports directly to the Prime Minister. Its role and function is similar to that of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

      …and just what was he (Moshe) dying to tell Obama on August 13, 2009 in Los Angeles?

      Will we ever know?

      2009 – A great year for plagues.

      Number 9 represents the intensified judgment of the Nine Plagues

    6. Carpe on November 6th, 2009 4:01 am

      On 10-29-2009

      Wal-Mart adds caskets and urns to their product lines.

      (quality crafted in China, no doubt)



      “Blessed are the people whose leaders can look destiny in the eye without flinching but also without attempting to play God.”

      -Henry A. Kissinger

      “The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously,” Kissinger responded. “You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.” -Kissinger

      Posted: January 06, 2009
      9:07 pm Eastern


    7. Carpe on November 10th, 2009 4:45 am

      What is happening in Ukraine right now, is deeply troubling.

      They’ve exploded to over 1 million infected in just about a week’s time.

      In just 2 days, there was a doubling.

      If “Ukraine” was a hit record, they would have gone from almost nothing to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, basically overnight.

      Something has mutated.

      Either a flu/ARI bomb was set off somewhere, or they are just a bunch of sickly immunosuppressed
      son of a guns.

      Something of this nature, would have been the lead story of newscasts all over the world
      just 1-2 short decades ago.


      Martial Law in effect.

      “The Ukrainian Health Minister Wasilij Knaizevicz also said the country’s top prosecutor should open criminal proceedings against anyone opposing the implementation of mass flu vaccination campaigns.”

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