Ohio Coroner’s Office Confirms that 6 Bodies Found at Rapist’s Anthony Sowell Home are Female Homicide Victims (Was Nancy Cobbs a Victim?)


Latest in bodies found at Cleveland rapist Anthony Sowell’s home.

According to the Ohio coroner’s office, the 6 bodies found at the home of convicted rapist Anthony Sowell home were all females and all were homicide victims. A spokesman for the coroner’s office stated that four of the victims had been strangled; however, two others were too badly decomposed to determine how they died.

None of the victims has been identified, Caesar said. Two victims were black, but race hadn’t yet been determined in the other four bodies, he said.

Women claiming to have been attacked by Ohio convicted sex offender Anthony Sowell came forward to share their horrifying experiences, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Two women told Fox 8 Cleveland that they believe Sowell, 50, would have killed them and said they feel lucky to be alive.

“He was gonna kill me,” one alleged victim said.

None of the six victims have yet to be identified; however, two of them were determined to be black females. The races of the other four murder victims have not been determined.

One has to wonder whether missing Cleveland mom Nancy Cobbs will be identified as one of Sowell’s homicide victims. Cobbs went missing on April 24, 2009 when she left her home to go to a neighborhood store. She only lived one street away from Sowell’s house of horrors.

It would appear this is yet another case of a POS convicted rapist being allowed to live amongst us. Why should any of us be shocked that this animal re-offended and escalated his crimes to murdering his rape victims. There is no such thing as a one time rapist and no such this as a cure to a sex offender. Other than the death penalty.

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    One Response to “Ohio Coroner’s Office Confirms that 6 Bodies Found at Rapist’s Anthony Sowell Home are Female Homicide Victims (Was Nancy Cobbs a Victim?)”

    1. NewGirlBoston on November 2nd, 2009 1:55 pm

      ANTHONY SOWELL= The Devil alreadys owns your soul, and you will meet your maker sooner than later!!!!

      Here’s hoping that maybe one day the six original victims may be identified. Scumbags like this usually won’t talk right away once caught & convicted. Perhaps LE will be able to piece together more parts of this puzzle and finally bring some victims home to their families where they belong.

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